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Ancient Calendar: June 5, 2010

Ok, hold on to your knickers because I have some interesting stuff about a certain mystery which has baffled the minds of many for how many flippin’ centuries? And who knew, I would be the one, to rock the foundations of that and solve it for all generations to come…

But first, lets get down to some Irish-goodies. On this day, back in the Ancient day, Ireland made all things sacred to their Goddess named Domna, who was patron of sacred stones and cairns. The center of all her worship was said to take place in Ballybourney. And of course, the day would have been kicked off with a ritualistic walk around her sacred grounds.


Now, who here has heard of the Mythical Atlantis…that many far and determined have searched for? Theories are countless concerning this could-have-existed place, as are locations it could have been in. Theories are not only stapled to how Atlantis found it’s end, but even as to how, it may once again rise one day.

Let it all be solved now…

According to those of Classical Greece, Atlantis DID exist, and today marks the moment when Zeus got ticked off and sunk it. According to them, the year was 8498 BDE.

In all actuality, Zeus is not the only god who was credited with sinking the very cool Atlantis. Many cultures gave their Gods credit. In fact, many cultures claimed to be descendants of…such as those in Scotland, Ireland, Rome, Norse, and many more.

Even the Mayans told of a people who may have been from Atlantis…

A Mayan myth tells of perfect people, made out of cornmeal, who became too proud. The gods put a mist before their eyes to weaken their understanding .Source

To read more about the fabulous stories concerning Atlantis, check out:

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Pagan Holidays for March 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 2010


Hoping this new system of doing the Pagan Holidays is working for everyone…doing them ahead of time so YOU can plan ahead. Let me know if its not.


Now, let’s break the silver and step back through time to see what our Ancient Pagan Ancestors were doing….


Monday March 15, 2010

Of course the Greeks will be starting off the week by having a Festival for their Goddess Rhea, who happened to be the daughter of Uranus and Gaea. Rhea was said to be the mother of Zeus. Priests of Rhea were called Curetes and her rituals and rites were made up of noisy dances, feasts and so forth. Why? Because when Rhea gave birth to Zeus, there seemed to be trouble amongst the gods. She had to flee to an island named Crete in order to hide from the God Cronus. While giving birth to Zeus, the sounds were covered up by her aids, Curetes–demons who beat on their shields with their swords in order to prevent any of the Gods from hearing her child bearing screams.

Rome will not be without their version of Rhea either today, whom they renamed and called Cybele. Cybele was their Mother Goddess and today, the Romans would throw her and her lover Attis a great festival. All Pagans will be allowed sexual freedoms on this day…only to be followed by 9 days of abstinence and fasting!

It is also the Ides of March in Rome.

Tuesday March 16, 2010

Romans and Greeks will be having festivals for Dionysus today. In Rome, today will kick off a two day festival called Bacchanalia–for their God Bacchus (their version of Dionysus) while the Greeks kick off one for Dionysus AND his counterpart Hellenic.

Now, while the Greeks will be having orgies among other things…

Prisoners are also to be set free on this day and any Debt owed, may not be seized.

And in Rome, any young boy which has reached his manhood, will be allowed to wear the toga virilis—a white toga of course symbolizing his manhood.


Wednesday March 17, 2010

In many Pagan traditions, we will see the rebirth of the Green Man. He represents the forces of Nature and the forthcoming of Spring!

The Celtic Tree Month of Nuin Ends today.

The Babylonians will be having a festival for Astarte today!

The second day of the Roman festivals that began yesterday, will keep going today under the name of Liberalia–in name of their God Liber while the Greeks also keep going with their festivals for Dionysus and Rome’s Bacchus.

Thursday March 18, 2010

We get to peek in on Ireland today who will be having their festival of Sheela-na-gig : their Goddess of Fertility.

The story goes that many, many suns ago, on this very day, Sheela-na-gig decided to wade into a secret spring. But while doing so, she released the sacred waters causing them to spread all across Ireland-she is the womb which springs all life.

The Celtic Tree Month of Fearn Begins


Friday March 19, 2010

The Greeks will have what is called a Lesser Panathenaea for their Goddess Athena.

In Rome, they will have a day called Quinquatrus, a great festival for their Goddess Minerva.

And the Celtic Goddess Nemetona will have her sacred day as well, who is also called Blodeuwedd in Wales. Give thanks to her for watching over our outdoor places of worship.

The Goddess Month of Moura Ends.

Saturday March 20, 2010

SPRING EQUINOX Note: (How Easter was Born!)

The Druids will be having the EVE of their soon to be Festival of Alban Eilir. The symbol is a 3 leafed Shamrock–symbolizing the 3 aspects of the awakening of the Goddess. 1. Spring at Imbolc, 2. the growth and beginning growth at Alban Eilir, and 3. the peak of summer at Beltane. Alban Eilir is a time when Day and Night are equal—a time of balance.

Today is Ostara or in ancient times known as Eostre. Ostara is a goddess who protects children but is also the deity of growth and rebirth. Interestingly enough….The Goddess was famous for the ways in which she would entertain small children—one of which by hatching bunnies out of chicken eggs…Ostara gave rise to Easter.

The Norse will also be having something for their Goddess Idun, their Goddess of youth and fertility. Idun keeps the apples of life—which is what keeps the Gods young. She is the ONLY Goddess allowed to pick these apples.

Once, Idun was kidnapped by the Norse storm giant Thiazi, who sought to have the apples for himself and deny them to all the other Gods. So, the other Norse Gods sent Loki to rescue her. Loki used Freya’s falcon cloak to rescue her from Thrymheim. Thiazi turned into an eagle and chased them but was soon defeated by Aesir gods when they set his wings on fire.

The Goddess Month of Columbina Begins.


Sunday March 21, 2010

Today is the Vernal Equinox, the sun is directly over the equator today and so marks the beginning of Spring.

Today is the Druid Festival of Alban Eilir.

Today is the observance for Ostara.

The Irish said that their city Tara was founded by two princesses Tea, and Tephi today.

And Egypt will be having a coming forth of the Great Ones from the House of Ra.


Well that’s it for this week! Wishing everyone a fabulous Spring!


C.H. Scarlett



And thanks to Pagan Days for all the help with the holidays!

Pagan Holidays for November 11th, 2009

Wednesday November 11th, 2009

Wednesday is the day of the God Woden. Woden is the Angelo Saxon God of knowledge, enlightenment, and of war.

Some say that Woden is the same as the Norse deity Odin.

Wednesday represents Mercury and the element of air. it is a good day to tend to matters and or invoke spells concerning business, communicating, debt, fear, a type of loss, money, work, education. This is also a good day to travel.

On November 11th…

The Irish celebrated Lunantishees

The Scottish celebrated Old November Day & Quarter Day

The Romans celebrated Vinalia

The Norse held their Feast of Einherjar


Today is the day that the Irish would celebrate their Observance for the Fairies called Lunantishees. These were Fairies of the Blackthorn Bushes. That meant you better not muck with or pick the Blackthorn bushes on this day, else wise you would make the Lunantishees very upset. If you defy them then they will bring down upon you horrible misfortune.


In the Old English Calendar, today was the Scottish Old Novembers Day & Quarter Day. That meant that Winter begins on this day.


Today Rome celebrated Vinalia. it was to honor Bacchus, their God of Wine.


The Norse held their feast of Einherjar on this day. This day was for the Warriors who died bravely and heroic in battle.

These warriors are expected to fight as boldly in the future battle of Ragnarok—the final battle that will bring about the end of this world so that the birth of a new one can begin.

So on this day, those deceased Warriors are awakened by the crowning of Gullinkambi. The Warriors must then fight and test each other until sunset. After which, they will be called to stand before Odin and have their wounds healed.

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