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New Review for The Perfect Match by Raven Starr

Howdy, its been forever and a day since I’ve been here. I’m loving all the wicked new changes and all the cool faces on here.  I just wanted to stop by and drop my new release and it’s brand new review.

My New release is called The Perfect Match

here’s the blurb:

Kiora Webb is a typical Pisces woman. Independent, creative, and romantic, but she just couldn’t meet the right guy. Working at Caper’s New and Used book store; was the perfect place for her. For an early birthday present her friends treat her to a girl’s night out to Club Fusion where she meets slick talking Donovan Black. From his self-assured stance to his lame, run-down pick up lines, she dismisses him swiftly.

Donovan Black has never been turned down before. When beautiful Kiora Webb doesn’t fall head over heels for him, he’s crushed. Taking his failure as a game Donovan’s buddies persuade him into thinking he could never have a woman like her. Donovan set out to prove them wrong. But what started out as a ploy turns into something that not neither one of them could foresee.

Here’s the link to the review. Leave me a comment and I’ll hit ya back.


Blessings to all,


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Words of Wisdom

Edits! Edits! Edits! Okay now as a author, I know these blasted things are apart of my job. But I have had three different editors in not even a two year time span. Each one was different. I thought I was learning from them, which I did but now with my latest one, I’m finding I’m doing so many things wrong. I feel like a nweb. I’m confused and frustrated.
I’ve had that authors need to have thick skin. I don’t know if that is true or not. I don’t know what to think. I love writing. I love learning different things but now I’m swimming in a pool of self doubt.

Maybe it’s because I thought as I grew as a writer the edits would come easier. I was wrong? Now I don’t know what to think.

Sel;f doubt is NOT something an author should dwell on. Help y’all I need some words of wisdom today. I was looking forward to blogging again. The women here were so kind to even offer to give up days of their own. Then I got the edits and my heart sank.

Will anyone out there answer my call for help?
I hope so.

Big Hugs,

Poetry Korner by Raven Starr

Hi, I’m Raven Starr some folks know me as an interracial romance author but I’m also a poet and pagan. Today I wanted to share a few poems I’ve written over the years.
I started writing poetry as a lost teenager wondering about my identity, my sorrow and my confusion. Some poems contain the grief of when I lost my mother and then my father s few years afterward.
Poetry has helped to me express all the emotions I had to hide from the world. Now, as an adult I am glad to have overcame the darkness and to be able to share my poems with you.
The first one is called Invisible. Have you ever loved someone who never saw the real you? Read on then…


You look at only her
And right through me
It is like men are blind
And can not see anything but my behind
Invisible me
Trying to be
Seen by you

But it doesn’t matter what I do
A big heart, beautiful smile.
Nothing is all worth while.
My heart hurts but I will just let it be
I am invisible
Just invisible me

I wrote this next one for my parents:
Each passing day is just like another
all blending in with each other.
But on these special days I remember.
I remember my pain
my family under so much strain, so much to handle I feel like I suddenly went insane.
I remember I was lost in my worst fear.
I remember wishing and wanting my parents to be here.
But I can remember their smiles
and the laughs we had once in a while. I knew that I loved you both, the same but different from one another.
On this day and everyday I will remember them.
Feel the love that they do send, from heaven above.
I love and miss my father and my mother.
Rest in peace.

The next few poems I’m going to leave ya with are just different ones contemplating the uncertainty of life and what our true purpose on this planet is really about. I hope you enjoyed the poetry today. Leave me a comment and I’ll hit ya back.

Cry of the Empath by Raven Starr
lonely and ashamed
playing the same ole game
feeling the pressure of being unwanted
visions in my brain and always being haunted
fleeting feelings of happiness
growing out of feathery earthen nests of
dreary sadness sinking upon me
can not swim no longer have the will
heart that beats the sounds of defeat but my eyes still seek a vision that is unclear
year after year of giving of myself
is it worth it but I have no one else
plodding thru this life of mine
wondering when it is going to be my time
will it come or will I still have this feeling of being unwanted
constantly haunted by the demons in my head
visions of Christmas angels that I know are dead
happiness is something out of reach
since I can not feel it maybe I am just to teach
That shit is unfair for I have feelings too
Where is my hero? My rock? What am I to do?
Standing tall for everyone else but me
falling apart so endlessly
Strength is my weakness sensitivity my crutch
maybe I care a little too much
I take pain from others who can not bear it. They give it over to me so willingly. But it is killing me, why cant they see.
I hate feeling this way the pain in my heart never truly goes away
music in my ears drowning out my eternal fears
wanted to be left alone but not really
Deserted by my family and even friends
but I am to smile until the end
shouting inside for my soul is torn
a light of happiness can be reborn
but the empath feels the weight of the world
A world not of my choosing a world full of pain
The cry of the empath
is the cry of the insane.

Romance by Raven Starr
Romantic is
is what romantic does
I dream of fairies flying on white silken doves
I spill my heart to you right now
in hope that you will know my vow
to stand right here with open arms
always awaiting your precious charms
even though a ocean keeps us apart
I willing to give you my heart
Don’t forsake it just tell me are you willing to take it?

Last but not least,
Translation of the soul by Raven Star

Translation of the soul
from young to old
does not weaken or so the story is told
Find your path that is right for you
Follow it clearly no matter what you do
your faith may strain, your ego maybe drained
but who you are as a person will always remain.

Strive to love someone besides yourself
take wisdom from the elderly
apply the knowledge to all you see
What kind of heart is truly in your chest?
Something that makes you think that you are better than the rest
Try not to criticize open your heart and empathize
then you may realize that we are all human beings.
No one race is better than the other
each has suffered losses from father, sisters, brother and mothers.
End this hatred you will understand

The goal of your soul is to live in love
not die in hate or in a war mongers oil’s debate
Stop this now and turn over a new leaf
stop hating someone for their beliefs
Understand to love is to grow and that
is what your soul already knows.
This is the translation of the soul.
Be Blessed, my friends,