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A Guide to the Chakras

Chakras are centers of spiritual/magickal energy, found along the midline of the body. There are seven major chakras, and hundreds of others located all over and around the body. Here is a quick yet in depth guide to the seven major energy points.

The first chakra is called  the Root Chakra. This particular energy field deals with our survival, and the way we have developed our beliefs about this. These beliefs are primarily issues about food, money, rent, shelter, natural disasters, man-made disasters-anything that affects your personal sense of safety in the world. It is in this chakra that we ‘ground’. A healthy Root Chakra creates and supports a feeling of safety on the planet. You feel grounded and your life flows along easily. Out of balance, this chakra cannot support our feeling safe and secure about many of life’s issues.  RED

The second chakra is called the Sacral Chakra. This particular energy field deals with our stored memories, emotions, and info about how you deal with others. It is a very demanding chakra, often filled with drama when imbalanced. Relationships issues, addictions, violence, deception, emotional upset, hurtful gossip, & creativity are some of the things that operate from this chakra. When this chakra is imbalanced, many of your interpersonal relationships can be filled with drama and negative excitement. When in balance, you maneuver easily through deep and even superficial relationships.  ORANGE

The third Chakra is called the Solar Plexus Chakra. This particular chakra deals with control, power and boundaries. When this chakra is imbalanced feelings of helplessness, anger, resentment or victimization are present. Our personal use of power, or lack of it is highlighted here. The burning, tightening sensation of being ‘kicked in the stomach’ is an indication of actually having been (on an energetic level) kicked in the stomach. Eastern belief places your ‘chi’ here. It is where harmony, balance and grounding are. When this energy is blocked you may experience criticism and judgment. When this center is in balance, you’re in touch with your heart and have great compassion.  YELLOW

The fourth chakra is called the Heart Chakra. This is the center of your being. It is the bridge and support for the lower three and the upper three. This is where Heaven & Earth integrate. As you open and balance this center you begin to open yourself to your Higher Self. You begin to truly love yourself and truly love others. A heart chakra out of balance can display too much love and being to mothering or protective. This is draining and can feel painful. This center is also connected with identity…all healing takes place in this center, so your newly emerging self transforms here. Trouble with emotional expression can indicate imbalance in the Heart Chakra. Bringing this center into balance asks that you explore your self and identity, and learn to love freely with gentle boundaries and awareness of your won needs as well as those of others.  GREEN

The fifth chakra is called the Throat Chakra. This particular energy field deals with communication, personal expression and speaking your truth. This is also where your ‘inner voice’ speaks through to you, enabling you to hear & identify the truth. Indications of imbalance include sore throats, mouth ulcers, swollen glands, and laryngitis. Taking a moment to see if you have any of these symptoms, as a chronic condition will help you notice an imbalance here. Thinking about how easily you speak your truth or how difficult it is can help to shed light here as well. This is the energy center where you speak as well as listen. Being an active listener is a sign that this center is closer to balance.  BLUE

The sixth chakra is called the third eye or brow chakra. This is the energy centered associated with clairvoyance, higher mental wisdoms, personal vision, intuition and visualization, insight and imagination. This area is always in danger of being judged by ourselves & others-when we express our ‘feelings’ or a sense of knowing about something, it may seem hard to trust this. If when we were children, creativity and imagination were not encouraged, then there can be imbalances here. Do you give yourself permission to see things clearly? This is the center of clarity. This chakra can influence how you see yourself in the world, how others perceive you, or how you think they perceive you.  VIOLET

The  seventh chakra is called the crown chakra. This is the center associated with your free will: your Higher Self, Divinity, consciousness and higher consciousness. If this chakra is not open and balanced, the other chakras will not find balance. This is the first chakra to develop in an infant, the first chakra being the last to develop as the baby enters the physical world. Through the seventh chakra we get our Divine inspiration, our Divine creativity. It is our visionary center. This is where everything comes together. This is where pure intention manifests, and where the purity of all things are felt and recognized. When this chakra is balanced you are at peace and you feel connected. When it is out of balance fear and disconnectedness can occur.  WHITE

Information within this article was gathered from various sources.

39 Days of Prayer – Day 38

Day 38 – Freeing the Heart and Mind

You know the desires of my heart better than I, Goddess/God/Spirit

Help me to recognize and separate the things I want from the things I need.

I pray now to be aware and accepting of the things I need

to make my life one lived in happiness, charity and peace.

I pray for the faith and strength to release the things I want

if they do not serve the divine path you have laid for me.

May the wisdom of Goddess/God/Spirit guide me and comfort me.

Blessed be.

A Ritual to Heal a Woman’s Heart

The Goddess is the Divine Feminine energy, the Infinite Spirit that drives this universe.  The Earth is Her bones, the wind Her breath, the heat of the sun and our bodies Her passion, the blood in our veins that flows like water is her essence. She has many names and many faces, and Her divine spark lives within each of us.

We as women are Her daughters, a reflection of Her grace and strength. We are the manifestation of the Goddess upon the earth. And when we stand together, women of every ethnicity, of every shape, size, and age, we give a voice to that feminine energy.

We can come together in love and trust, and stand together, supporting one another. And when women support each other on their spiritual paths, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

Our bodies, like the seasons, travel in cycles. And now upon the earth and within ourselves it is the dark time; winter, when the earth sleeps and heals itself in preparation for spring. As springtime is a space of new beginnings, growth, of rebirth, now is the time to ready ourselves for the future.  It’s time for us to prepare to plant new seeds so that they may grow and blossom in our lives.

As women, our hearts are the soil of our soul, and whatsoever we plant in our hearts takes root. It grows, nourished by our thoughts and actions, and our beliefs. Many times in our lives we inadvertently plant negative seeds in the soil of our hearts.  We go through harsh experiences, we deal with unevolved people, and our foundation of love and trust becomes tainted.

Today is the day to ask yourself what negative seeds, what weeds you have planted in your heart. Have you planted the seeds of anger, depression, of self doubt? Have you allowed others to dig up your soil/soul? Winter is the perfect time to uproot those negative things, and to gather the positive seeds to be watered with love instead of doubt, to be nourished with righteous action instead of self defeating movement.

Today is the day to begin again, to invite in your desires and the life you deserve.

I have chosen to quickly share a ritual that can be completed as a solitary practitioner; however it is best performed within a group setting, so that as a group we can help each other release those things that no longer serve us and move into the divine plan for our lives. We all feel alone and lost at times, like we are the only ones going through our particular trauma or drama; performing this ritual with a group of encouraging women is ideal so that you all can support one another with smiles and loving energy, and no that whatever you are releasing, there is someone within the circle who can support you in it. Performing the ritual with others allows your sisters to stand in agreement with you, that your combined energy and grace may feed all everyone’s needs.


*A large bowl or gourd, filled with planting soil

*A variety of wildflower seeds  (you can find these at any home improvement store, and occasionally at Walmart or Target. Wildflower seeds are best as you can plant them any time of year, and they will grow and flourish in spring and summer.)

*Decorative cloth bags (optional – the 99 cent store is always good for things like that)

Fill the bowl/gourd with the planting soil. The bowl represents the womb of the Goddess, the womb of the earth where all things are created.  You may want to energetically prepare the soil by charging it with love and acceptance before the ritual. Also, you may color coordinate the bowl for the purpose (green, brown, or white).

The participants should gather in a circle, with the bowl in the center next to the container of seeds. Have each woman take a moment to go within, to be honest with themselves about what negative seeds have been planted in their hearts and they would like to uproot, and the positive they wish to plant. Then go around the circle, and each participate will step forward, say their name, and the seed they wish to uproot. Take the time to support the speaker energetically while they verbalize their needs.  Then have the speaker will take a handful of the wildflowers seeds, and state the new positive ideas and energy they are planting into their heart. The other participants should continue honoring and supporting their sister with energy. At that time, the speaker will place the seeds into the bowl, representing the planting of their desires into their heart, and the heart of the Goddess.

Go around the circle until every woman has had her turn. At that time, as priestess of the rite, you can take the bowl of soil and seeds and plant them somewhere where they will flourish (during the ritual or at a later time). Or you can get some pretty little cloth bags and fill them with the soil/seed mix, and give one to each participant. If you choose the latter option, be sure that every woman understands that they not only hold their own positive seeds in their hands, but the happiness of the other participants as well – and that the seeds must be planted. The participants can be holding the light and energy of the circle while you are filling the bags. Then close the ritual in your usual way.

If you perform this ritual as a solitary, follow the same order but be sure to add in a period of meditation before you speak the new seeds to be planted.

May your winter be transformational, and your spring flourishing!