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Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holiday : November 21 : Where did all the Different Races of People Come From?

On November 21st, we are honoring…

Cailleach Bheara & Hathor


In Celtic Tradition, they would have been celebrating an Observance for Cailleach Bheara. She is one of the three aspects of the Goddess, Today, she is  the Crone, of the triple Goddess Cailleach. It is said, she carries a huge hammer—the very tool she used to pound, shape, and mold the world with when it was nothing more than primordial chaos.

 In her youth, she had fifty children and seven husbands.

Ever wonder where all the different races of people came from? Well it just so happens they came from the children Cailleach.

It is also said that she outlives her husbands, all seven, even the God Lugh.

The Scots have their own version of Cailleach. They say she is a hag with blue skin, who only appears during the winter months. At the time of Imbolc, she is driven off by the Goddess Brigit.



In Ancient Egypt today, a Feast for Hathor is held. She is the Goddess of Love & Happiness. Above is a painting of her and the God Seth. She is also the keeper of the Eye of Ra and the Goddess of the Sky.



Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: July 24th: Hathor

It’s all about Hathor today as Ancient Egypt would have been throwing a Festival just for her.

While Males identified themselves with Osiris, in Roman times, Hathor was so widespread, females related with her. Patron of Love, Happiness, Music, Dancing, and a ton of other awesome things.





Ancient Calendar: June 13, 2010

In Ancient History, the Irish would have been kicking off this Sunday with a feast for their Goddess Epona. Epona’s roots are Celtic, as she was a patron of everything concerning horses including their fertility.

The Greeks will be running a close competition with the Irish as they would have been throwing their own festival in honor of Athena.

Rome will not go quietly into the day without something from their culture….so keeping up with the Greeks, they offer up a festival for Minerva, which also happens to be their version of Athena.

And my favorite…Egypt *swoons over their customs* would have been having a ceremony of Hathor the Beloved.

We wished Hera good-bye yesterday and bid welcome to Rosea on this day for she represents the new Goddess Month beginning.


C.H. Scarlett


39 Days of Prayer – Day 8

Day 8 – To Embrace the Good Things

Hathor – Egyptian Goddess of Love and Music. The embodiment of success and abundance, Hathor rules all aspects of beauty, wealth, and the arts. She is the patroness of dancers and musicians, and rules all aspects of womanhood and femininity. A benign deity, Hathor bestows happiness and joy on Her followers, and is often worshiped with fragrant perfumes, songs, and dance rituals. She is depicted as a beautiful woman with the ears of a cow, carrying a sistrum. Her traditional offers are two mirrors and myrrh.

Hathor, Goddess of Blissful Things

I am learning my lessons in anger from your mirror, Sekhmet

And I come to you to learn pleasure.

I freely and fully release all things that keep me from happiness, love, and prosperity

And those things freely and fully release me.

I make room in my life and heart for your blessings.

Teach me to anoint myself for pleasure

to adorn myself for passion and creativity

Prepare me for the dance that leads me to joy.

Blessed be.