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Ancient Calendar: Goddess of the Vegetarians, Kronia, & Goddess Month: July 11, 2010

Ok, here’s a bit of interesting history for everyone, that I, myself, had no clue about. Apparently, Vegetarianism is not a new deal and was alive and active in the Ancient World. In fact, Vegetarians had their own Goddess, or so sayth the Greeks, who called her by the name of Theano.

Theano was the wife of Pythagoras, and apparently was not a silly and mindless twit. Nope, this Goddess had brains and even added to the wonderful world of Mathmatics. She is credited with having discovered the concepts of the Golden mean, ratio, and rectangle.

And while the Greeks are honoring her today, they would have also had a festival for their God Cronus and the Goddess Rhea.





Sunday is all about the Sun God Hellios, Apollo, Ogmios and, Mithras or Phoebe: The Sun Goddess


Sunday is a good day to deal with matters or magic concerning:

Your creativity—or be creative. Maybe someone else? How about matters of hope or personal money issues? What of victory, anything agriculture, perhaps healing, or a career? Do you have or need ambition and or most importantly, self confidence?


Sunday represents the Sun and the element Fire.