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We have loads of new stuff coming your way at The Pagan and the Pen. First, let’s get the regular goodies out of the way, shall we?

I am very excited to announce that we have an interview today called:

The BDSM Lifestyle: An Interview With Author Dena Celeste by Rie McGaha

This concerns a Lifestyle that is very controversial because many people write or say they live it, representing it wrongly. So, as we took on a new writer sometime ago who actually lives the Lifestyle of BDSM, I was very happy when she decided to correct the wrongs, throw us some rights, and even a little glossary by allowing our FABULOUS Rie McGaha to interview her.

BIG BIG NEWS–Dena has agreed to do a monthly column with Pagan and Pen. Think Taboo with Dena C.


If you dig the (Free) Desktop Wallpapers, then June’s is ready!

Free Desktop Wallpaper Calendar June 2010


Free Desktop Wallpaper by Tom Brown

Don’t miss June’s Pagan Artist of the Month either that Brandi Auset did the interview for. I am thinking Brandi has a true talent for this…

June: Pagan Artist of the Month: Willow Arleana

Now, some announcements & free stuff from our Authors:


Angela Brown has a new release HERE. The title is Forever and it’s a Paranormal erotic, not erotica, romance short story.


Ancient Blood releases on May 31, and there’s still time to get in on the contest and win copies of Blood Line, Ancient Blood, an Ancient Blood T-shirt, and poster signed by the author! Go to Rie McGaha’s Website for an excerpt, contest rules, and how to enter!


Lost Bards and Dreamers s

Brynneth has a poetry collection coming out – very druidy in tone – Lost Bards and Dreamers. Cover art by Tom Brown, and it’s coming out very shortly with Alpheratz as an ebook first, and then on paper.


Noble Wyntress Nyght 200x300

C.H. Scarlett’s book Wyntress Nyght’s Supernatural Crack: Exes & Hexes (Book One)is set to be released on June 14th, 2010 by Noble Romance Publishing. The book is a zany, supernatural shot for those who need their Paranormal fix. If you adored shows and characters like The Addams Family, Munsters, Elvira, Buffy the Vampire Slayer– then this series may just be for you. I warn you, though, no two bones about it…Wyntress Nyght can be a handful…and she knows it!  For more information click the title or check out C.H. Scarlett’s Website!


Now, for some more good stuff concerning the blog!!!!!

Because so many readers have contacted us or have posted , we now have COLUMNS!!!! BASED ON THE SUBJECTS YOU WANT!!!!

Writers have set out to bring you the articles you crave, concerning the issues you desire, and hopefully, in the end, we will leave you happily stuffed!.

  • Daily Columns


  • Bi-Monthly Columns

  • Monthly Columns

  • Click on the links above to discover what to expect from those Columns. We are trying to cover all of the issues–Ancient celebrations, Women, GLBT, Pagan, Druid, Divination (Dear Spirit), Movies, Religious, Abuse, Controversial, the life experiences of William Maltese (who can entertain the masses easily), Men and Women relationships/differences, etc–  that you find interesting. If we are missing one, then please, by all means, let us know and we will see if we can find an Author to cover it.

    Dear Spirit: Friday, November 27th, 2009

    Request #1:

    Dear Spirit,

    How can I approach my educational goals successfully? Thank you, CEA (Las Vegas, NV)

    Dear CEA,

    Congratulations, you’ve embarked on a long, often difficult journey, but the rewards will be great once you complete your higher education, I swear! As a mother of two kids in college, I salute you. You will deal with many distractions and temptations, but keep disciplined, goal oriented and focused on your achievements and you will succeed. That being stated, the cards pulled as followed–9 card-The Emporer; 1st initial, reversed Page of Swords; 2nd initial, reversed Two of Rods; 3rd initial, Five of Pentacles.

    The 9 card is the overall indicator of the forces at work around you. The Emporer has a two fold purpose, the drive to manifest desires on the physical plane and a representation of a potential role model to assist you in those efforts. To find the success you seek you must first learn to take responsbility for your own life, meaning self discipline and self-dominion. In other words, if you approach your studies haphazardly the success you want will not manifest. Your education is your stepping stone to your adult life, I feel, you must treat it with respect and responsibility. Develop good study habits, become an actively participating student willing to learn at all times and take advantage of every opportunity i.e., study groups, tutors, etc. if necessary. Take good notes, turn in your assignments on time, tend to your health, save the party animal routine for the weekends. The Emporer also represents a strong mentor. Search for a teacher or counselor that can guide you appropriately to take advantage of the opportunities your university has to offer to aid you in your goals.

    The Page of Swords advises there are hidden matters you may not be aware of at the moment that may challenge your goals, therefore be prepared, just in case that hidden matter is an extra fee you weren’t expecting or you can’t get the class you want this semester, have an alternative.

    The Two of Rods can also be an indicator of sudden events that test you. If they happen, do not overreact, stop and think of your options. This card vibrates to the number 2, a number of decision making. As it is reversed, it can be an indicator of a lack of discipline, failure to do homework, not putting in enough effort. You’ve take on a huge task, that of pursuing higher education. What you put into it, you’ll receive. In all matters, be organized and diligent in your pursuits and you won’t go awry.

    The final card is the Five of Pentacles. This card vibrates to the number 5, the number of Temprerance. It’s all about combining your abilities with right timing. This card may be an indicator that you are not able to see the help which is available to you, hence it is even more important to find a competent guide or counselor to assist you through the college process. This card can also indicate a loss of faith in oneself, do not give in to the temptation to self-criticize, you have enough on your plate to deal with as a college student, tearing yourself down will only worsen the stress you place on yourelf. Again, I say finding a mentor will help you when you are feeling lost or confused about your next step. Also, discipline with money may be an issue for you as it would appear finances are tight at the moment. Learn to live frugally as your education will require a great deal from you financially as well as intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Good luck in your future endeavors! I believe with hard work, you will be a success!

    Request #2

    Dear Spirit,

    I am recently married. All my husband and I do is fight. Will we be ok? Any advice you can give would help. Thank you, KBP (Abilene, TX)

    Dear KBP,

    First, you don’t mention it, but I have a strong feeling you are very young. Marriage is a full time occupation that requires consistent effort from both parties in order to be successful like a garden that must be tended to constantly to harvest its earthly abundance. Second, you’ve each made a commitment to honor and cherish another human being for the rest of your lives, through good and bad times. That’s a lot to ask from anyone, let alone from young people still learning about themselves while in the process of learning about their partners. The stress can be enormous and lead to arguing easily.

    That being stated, the cards pulled as follows–9 card-The Close (Death); 1st initial-Ten of Pentacles; 2nd initial-reversed The Tower; 3rd intial The High Priest.

    First, I must say, there’s a sense of violence with The Tower and The Close/Death card together. Not necessarily anything physical mind you, but perhaps your arguments descend into name calling or other vengeful words stated in anger to hurt and wound one another. If this is the case, STOP immediately. Once a bell is tolled it can’t be untolled. The words may be forgotten but not their impact and it will eventually decay the foundation of your relationship.

    The Close/Death card is representative of the potential for enormous transformation. There are big changes ahead for you. You may experience a new phase of love with your spouse or you may decide to separate before it gets any worse between you. In any event, be prepared to meet fresh ideas, new people and possibly new opportunities for you are in the midst of reconstruction which will bring a period of great happiness if you make wise decisions in your relationship.

    The Ten of Pentacles is an indicator of very positive aspects of your relationship. It is telling me that you aren’t having financial issues or family issues adding extra stress, in fact, money, jobs, etc. are going well for the most part for you both. I tend to call the Ten of Pentacles the family card as there is often wealth associated via family. This isn’t just financially, but good relationships with family members who you can turn to for advice; you have access to strong family support and you are utilizing family traditions you learned as well to help make your marriage work, more plusses on the side of your marriage working out. I believe you are fighting because you are two young people learning to be grown-ups, slow down and remember how much you love one another, neither one of you always needs to be right, learn to compromise, pick and choose your battles.

    The reversed Tower sends a warning…see the writing on the wall and do what is right…if you keep arguing destructively your relationship will end, is that what either of you want? It is also representative of a narrow escape from disaster or injury. While I make no assumptions, if there is any physical violence in your relationship, seek assistance NOW from certified professionals before you spiral out of control toward potential tragedy.

    The High Priest sends me a signal of peace. Again, this card vibrates to the number 5, in all things Temperance, abilities combined with appropriate timing. If one spouse is better at balancing the checkbook and the other spouse is better at mechanics, then by all means each one takes responsibility to do what they do well and advising the other of what is happening so both parties are constantly informed. This card is also an indicator to seek guidance from a marriage counselor. This isn’t a bad thing. You may learn some wonderful tools to help you navigate through the world of marriage. In the process you may learn some more about not only yourselves, but each other. Good luck to you both!

    That’s all from Spirit this time around folks! In light of Thanksgiving, I just wanted to thank everyone in my life who’ve helped me through good times and bad. I want to thank our troops for their sacrifices, rescue workers for their aid, and thank you to my readers for helping to make my writing career a reality instead of a dream!

    Until next time,

    Erin Sinclair

    “For love that’s out of this world!”


    Book Review: Cupid’s Folly by Erin SInclair


    Title: Cupid’s Folly

    Author: Erin Sinclair

    Author Site

    Buy Link

    Publisher: Devine Destinies

    Genre: Myth, Lore, Legend, Paranormal, Romance, Urban Fantasy,


    Length 82 pages

    Other: some M/M

    Card Rating: 4 Tarots

    Reviewed by: Valora Morgan

    Continue reading Book Review: Cupid’s Folly by Erin SInclair

    NEW!!!Free!!!Dear Spirit!!!!!

    Ever hear of Dear Abby? Well The Pagan & the Pen is pleased to announce that we have our own version. This is totally free, so join in!


    Announcement below:


    Welcome to Dear Spirit, a weekly spiritual advice column from me, paranormal romance author, Erin Sinclair!  Almost every Friday, I’ll pick two readers to perform a mini-tarot reading in response to a question sent to me.   I’ll post the responses to The Pagan and the Pen for the querent selected to receive a reading.

    With that stated, here’s what to do!

    Think of one question, keep it simple and keep it clean.  Please provide no detail other than the question as I have found cold readings where there is little input to be the most effective and unbiased way to read for a querent.

    Sign your email with ONLY the initials of your name, the name you currently vibrate under, for example if you are a married woman Jane Smith-White, those initials would be JSW.   If you are a married woman who does not hyphenate her name as in Jane Marie White, those initials would be JMW, followed by your city and state.  I pull a spread known as The Initial Spread.  It is a highly informative way to read the tarot and provide you with a suggestion to your current inquiry.   The initial spread consists of three cards that represent immediate past, present and immediate future.   It is topped by what is called a ‘9’ card which provides an overall indicator to the state of being, mind, and energies around the querent.

    Send your question to



    Depending on the volume of emails, I can’t promise I’ll be able to respond to everyone, but I will promise to send good energies to you in your quest for resolution to a situation or problem you may be experiencing.

    ABOUT ME:  I’m an actively practicing psychic/medium.   I’ve been reading the tarot since I was seventeen and have helped many people along my path.   The tarot is a powerful, symbolic tool to aid one in a quest for answers when it seems no solution can be found to an issue.   What the tarot CAN do for you is offer possible resolutions to your question based on the ambient energies surrounding YOU, the inquirer.    What the tarot CAN’T do for you is dictate your path and neither will I.   That is a journey inherently sacred to the individual through Choice.   The future is not set.   Your future becomes a product of moment to moment choices you make on a daily basis from the mundane to the important.   I WILL NOT willingly take on another’s karma, dharma, or life path by usurping the one gift all of humanity has been graced with, the gift of Free Will.   YOUR DESTINY AND YOUR LIFE PATH IS YOURS TO MAKE OF WHAT YOU WILL.   Consider the responses posted to Dear Spirit as a road sign that gives you pause, asking you to consider another option before you make your decision to resolve an issue.

    DISCLAIMER: I offer the following disclaimer.   THIS IS A COLUMN FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.   The Pagan and the Pen is the forum to which Dear Spirit is posted, but I perform the tarot readings.   No staff member of The Pagan and the Pen intervenes nor interjects and are therefore not responsible in any way, shape or form for the content of the answers posted.    I am not a physician, attorney, psychiatrist, or law enforcement.   IF YOUR ISSUE IS ONE OF A SERIOUS NATURE, I RECOMMEND ACTIVELY PURSUING THE APPROPRIATE PROFESSIONAL CHANNELS AS MENTIONED TO RESOLVE YOUR PROBLEM.   I will not offer any advice for which I’m not fully trained and licensed.   All commentary will be limited to what is indicated in the cards.   I only practice with the highest of intentions and the whitest of Light.  I have a gift that I cherish and use to aid those in need and would never deliberately, willingly and carelessly cause harm to anyone with what I do.

    I DO NOT condone nor will I sanction causing harm to any person, place or thing, including yourself with the information provided to you through this art.   LIFE IS PRECIOUS AND ALWAYS WORTH DOING NO MATTER HOW DARK.   THE LIGHT WILL SHINE AGAIN, IT’S ALL IN THE WAY ONE WALKS THEIR PATH.   KEEP THE FAITH IN A WAY MOST COMFORTING TO YOU AND PLEASE ACTIVELY PURSUE THE ASSISTANCE YOU NEED THROUGH ALL LEGAL CHANNELS TO HELP YOU.   In other words, if life becomes too overwhelming and you feel paralyzed with indecision, please, please contact a local professional agency to help you.   I will at all times though, offer good energies and good intentions in the hope you can find a healthy solution to you current issue.



    Erin Sinclair

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