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The Importance of Vacation

Since it’s summer, this is a great time to talk about vacations. Vacations are important because a change of pace keeps us fresh and focused. They wipe the slate clean and let us approach daily stressors with new eyes and renewed determination. Many forego a vacation because they think it’s too expensive or out of reach. However it’s not actually expensive if you utilize local resources for shorter getaways.

highland_state_recreationWhether we can go on a vacation or not, we take steps to stay close to nature, which is where we find divinity. My younger twin and I practice yoga together most days. When the weather is nice, we’ll take our mats outside. Sometimes we use them, and sometimes we just enjoy the feel of the grass on our bare feet. Though we started this to help her with dive, it is a deeply spiritual practice that helps connect us to the earth. Meditating outside can be a small, daily vacation.

Camping and hiking are two other ways to take small vacations. We highland state rec2live near state recreational land. It offers many trails, and we can take the dog with us. We can spend an hour or a few days there. State and National parks are great ways to connect with nature, especially the ones that are cheap or free. That means they’re not tourist traps, and you will be able to get away from civilization to relax and recharge.

This summer, carve out regular time to connect with the earth. You’ll treasure the internal peace that comes with this act.

I Prefer the Term “Child-Free”

I’ve never wanted children. Even when I was a little girl, I disliked other kids. Playing with dolls was only fun because I got to style their fashions and create lives for them. Its one of the same reasons I grew up to love the game SIMS – I could create fully grown people and tell them exactly how to live their lives, complete control. Playing God, one could say.  But as a kid, the part of playing with a baby doll, changing pretend diapers full of pretend urine, singing it to sleep, carrying it around – to be honest, it grossed me out. I couldn’t understand why anybody would find that an enjoyable pastime. And as I got older, the idea of having children translated exactly the same.

For some reason, it is still somewhat unacceptable for a woman to choose to live a “childfree existence.” Females who choose this way of life are sometimes thought to be cold-hearted, selfish, or ‘not in touch with the self.’  When people would ask how many kids I wanted I would say, “None, if I’m lucky.” And suddenly I was transported to 1952, met with widening eyes and confused looks followed by endless comments and questions: “Why don’t you want to be a mom?” or  “Of course you want kids,” or the inevitable and condescending “Oh, you’ll want them when you get married.” (Right, because all it takes is the right man to convince me I don’t know who I am or what I want. But that’s a whole other blog.) I got so many negative reactions about not wanting kids that for awhile, I really thought there was something wrong with me. Girls were supposed to long for children, right?  Wasn’t my womb supposed to clinch every time I saw a woman pushing a stroller? Weren’t my daydreams supposed to be of finding the perfect husband/father and spending my days raising his munchkins?

Um, no.

My days were spent in dreams of celebrity and world domination, sunning myself in Capri, climbing pyramids in Egypt. Sometimes I’d throw in a husband, or a lover, but most times comfortably and blessedly alone. There was never the patter of little feet in my thirty-room mansion in the Hollywood Hills, or my flat in London.

As I grew older and started my lifestyle of “professional witch” I came to realize that I was a mother in many other ways. My work as an energy therapist and spiritual counselor required me to hold hands, instill discipline, and kiss the boo-boo’s to make it better. My friendships are full of listening and offering advice, supporting those I love with the proper encouragement. My environmental activities put me in the role of Mother Nature, taking care of the earth and making sure (at least in my corner of the world) that it survives and thrives. I saw that despite the fact it isn’t meant for me to have children, everything about me is mothering. A caretaker, a rock to be leaned on – simply because I am a woman, and that is what women do in every aspect of their lives, regardless of whether they are dealing with their own children or the world’s.

Some women are meant to mother children, which is the most important and difficult job on the planet. Others are meant to mother the world, which can be just as trying and just as rewarding. But the fact is we are all parents, in one way or another. And whatever we decide to give life to, to love, nourish, and provide for, is a valid personal choice.

The Controversy Surrounding Avatar

The controversy surrounding the movie, Avatar, has ruffled my feathers. The Vatican is boycotting it because of the ‘nature worshipping natives’ on the planet Pandora. Yeah, we wouldn’t want people to see how a society can live in peace with each other and with nature now would we? So, what is so terrible about nature worshipping that has the Vatican’s collective underwear all in a bunch? In my opinion, they lose their control over people. To me, large, organized religions like Catholicism, Christianity, etc. have one thing in common—they control people in order to make themselves more powerful. If everyone decided they wanted to worship nature and more than one god, there would be no Vatican. I apologize if I offend anyone with my comments. I respect all beliefs, but what bothers me is intolerance. I would be just as upset if a pagan group boycotted a book or movie simply because it had Christian themes.

I enjoyed Avatar. Mainly because I saw it in the new IMAX 3D technology and it was awesome. I felt like I was actually in the movie and experiencing everything the characters’ experienced. Pandora was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen onscreen. I highly recommend seeing the movie this way. The plot was so-so. There were no surprises, but it was a nice story. Most people are complaining about the theme of the arrogant white man saving the indigent natives. It could be compared to the theme in Dances with Wolves (which I really liked btw). And yeah, there was some of that, but I got a completely different message from this movie. It does not matter what body you wear. What’s inside is what counts. If you see the movie, you will understand what I am talking about.

I think one of the problems with the world today, is we live against nature, destroying the earth and each other. I am even guilty of not doing all I can to protect the planet. And I have my moments of anger where I am ashamed to admit, I wouldn’t mind seeing certain countries hit by a bomb. That is a terrible way to think. I have never felt such rage before. But that is the kind of society we live in now, one of disharmony. And it is sad.

Once, long ago, there were grand ancient societies that lived in harmony with the earth. These were matriarchal civilizations that worshipped an Earth Mother (just like in Avatar). Everything changed when patriarchal invaders that worshipped a warlike Sky God decided they wanted to change all of that. Now all we have is war and destruction. Maybe there should be more movies like Avatar that remind us of a better way of life.

Kelley Heckart

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