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Corn King’s Song

Corn King, come and dance
Over fields and meadows and away.
Beckon to Sun and beckon to Self,
Crowned with the harvest
And sacred to Earth.

Lead us in the eternal circle
To honour Our Mother
Who gives and receives.
With steady step through golden autumn
Set yourself free.

Turn one last time
And sing us your song,
Echoing far through open fields,
Before your steps turn to Our Mother
And your light to darkness yields.

© jsmorgane (Oct 2010)

Gaia Dancing

I just found THIS, excellent! And so much what we do in Wye’s Woman.

Dancing, tapping the skin of the Earth with your feet, rubbing your skin on hers, feeling her rhythms flow up through you … so much connection :-).

Dancing is the language of the goddess …

Sit … listen … hear … dance …

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