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Pagan Holiday for April 7, 2010


Today is the 4th day of Megalesia in Rome–honoring Cybele, their Mother of All Gods.

For more information concerning Cybele, check out: Wikipedia.


Also known as Kybele and Magna Mater and the Mother of the Gods, the worship of this goddess spread throughout the Roman Empire. Originally Phrygian, she was a goddess of caverns, of the Earth in its primitive state; worshipped on mountain tops. She ruled over wild beasts, and was also a bee goddess. Her festival came first on the Roman calender. Along with her consort, the vegetation god Attis, Cybele was worshipped in wild, emotional, bloody, orgiastic, cathartic ceremonies. Read More

Pagan Holiday for April 6, 2010

folkvangar_etherealmagicVeronica Atanacio

Today was the third day for the festival of Megalesia in Rome!!!! Remember, this day honors their Mother of All Gods, Cybele.

Greece was having a very private Observance for their Goddess Aphrodite. Did you know that her name actually means ‘born of foam’? Normally everyone relates Aphrodite to being the Goddess of love, which she was, but few recognize the fact that she also governs sky and wind and was known as the Goddess of Storms. Legend has her stepping from the seas and onto the grand shores of Cythera.

Most also connect Aphrodite to carnal lust when really she stood for wedded love and being content.