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March 5, 2010-Dear Spirit-Focus is on careers in a tight economy and the Tulsa Psychic Fair

Hello to all Pagan and Pen readers…Erin Sinclair here with two new questions and an article about the Tulsa Psychic Fair.

First query is from a man who has run a successful business for some time now, but started over from scratch a year and a half ago after a huge corporate shake-up within his firm.  Now he’s narrowed down his focus to one specific type of practice and asks about how to harness new energy for its success.

“Dear Spirit, I’m a 40 something man who ran a successful business for years.  Just recently (18 months to be exact) I changed my company’s focus.  Everything is new…new building, new direction, new staff and so forth. I don’t know if I believe in all the hocus pocus of divination as I am a Christian man, but I do believe the human mind to be a powerful instrument and capable of astounding feats of functionality.  An employee of mine who practices feng shui suggested I write to you, so here it goes.   What energies are around this new venture and how do I harness them for success?  Thank you, RLR, Long Island, NY”

RLR, thank you for your question.  It seems that everyone is concerned about career growth especially in this economy.  You mention you’re a Christian and a man of science in the same sentence.  I find this intriguing as I sincerely believe that science and spirituality go hand in hand, each lifting and supporting the other.  When there is balance in this approach I find one experiences the wonders of the universe with an inherent sense of responsibility toward discovery and the innate “magic” such a search can bring to the seeker.  With that stated, your cards pulled as follows:  The ‘9’ card-upright Mastery (The Chariot); your first initial-upright King of Swords; your second initial-upright Queen of Swords; and your third intial-upright The Close (Death). 

The Mastery card tells me without doubt you have made the correct decision in changing the direction and focus of your business.  As it vibrates to the number ‘7’, a number representative of marching to the beat of your own drum as well as victory after a struggle, this was not an easy task for you, but ultimately, after a hard fight, triumph was yours.  You do not indicate exactly what happen for you to make such dramatic changes to your company, however, my sense is (due to the influence of the Sword cards pulled) you found your former circumstances completely unacceptable to your continued growth.  Literally and figuratively, you cut the wheat from the chaff so to speak and terminated business contacts not conducive to your expansion, eliminated employees who were more hangers-on than helpers, even changing your business address to put a new face on the new direction you decided boded well for future success.  The Mastery card is indicative of having faith in oneself, so do not allow your enthusiasm for your new approach to lag, you have the power around you now to gather in the energy and focus it into a powerful force to use toward your success.  This card also indicates you are a person who likes being in the driver’s seat and to exert control over any given situation.  Your motivation comes from your questioning mind and your well-developed will power.  Keep on driving, your vehicle is well equipped and will provide for you.  However, the team that is pulling you toward your goals and aspirations can only be controlled through will power.  This is a dangerous place to be in, for you are working with fellow human beings to support your dreams of a golden future.  Be sure to give them the respect and kudos they deserve for the quality employees you believe them to be.  If you micro-manage every single aspect of your business, you could very well create blocking energy that will ultimately manifest in negativity and that is not the key to growth.  The King and Queen of Swords strongly indicate to me that they represent you and a trusted employee who has been with you for a long time.  You are a no-nonsense man who wants what he wants and wants it NOW.  The Queen feels overwhelmingly like a female manager who knows how to work with your temperament, your desires, your wants and business needs.  She is as mentally acute as you are, so count yourself lucky you have this individual in your corner for The Queen of Swords is no one to trifle with…be good to her and she will reward you in kind with stellar skills and protection when you need it most as she thinks just like you do.  Mistreat or undervalue her and you could very well find yourself in an audit with the IRS, as an angry queen is a dangerous creature, LOL!  The third card, The Close, is telling me there are HUGE changes ahead for your company.  Because it is upright, this feels exciting, daunting, but overall a good thing.  At this juncture, keep your mind open to possibility and be flexible.  Your new enterprise still needs trimming and whittling in order to become the smooth, efficient machine you want it to be.  I realize you’ve recently moved, but there is a strong possibility of moving once again.  I take this to indicate your new venture becomes so successful you are able, for example, to buy your own office building instead of leasing space in one.  Good luck in your future adventure!

Our next querent states she has recently taken the chance to branch out into the field of self-employment.  She would like to know if this was a wise decision, as it is in the field of real estate in California.  I give her kudos for attempting to become self-employed, most especially in a field that has been so battered by the housing downturn.

“Dear Spirit, I’ve been struggling to find employment in my field as a mortgage processor for almost two years now and have been unsuccessful.  It has been one long bad dream of ego-bruising, most especially when I know what a great employee I am.  I’ve recently become a realtor and have already secured my first sale with many more coming.  I’m excited for the first time in a long time in this new adventure and would like to know how my future looks now that I’ve made this choice.  Much appreciation for your response!  HAW, Lake Forest, CA.”

Dear HAW, Man, when I first read this I felt this blanket of “sorrow” cover me.  It must have been so difficult and so scary being in your situation.  I, too, was the victim of a blown real estate market.  I’m still hurting over what happened to my former home, but things change and the best one can do is roll with the punches.   I thought long about the spread I pulled for you and I felt two things.  The first, a sense of loss on many levels, the second, a sensation of many beings stating in one voice…it’s about time!  My thought on the latter is you are in a great career field for your lifestyle as it will give you much needed independence and flexibility.  My strong impression is despite the market you will do well, you just need to give it time and don’t bite off more than you can chew.  The cards seem to reflect this as your ‘9’ card is the upright Six of Swords, your first initial is the upright Seven of Pentacles, your second initial is the reversed Page of Pentacles and your third initial is the upright Ten of Rods.  The Six of Swords tells me you are moving from a bad situation to a good one, from more challenging to more peaceful times.  Spirit is definitely guiding you at this time, your mind and soul are one and listening to one another clearly.  You are finally seeing things as they really are and not the way you would like them to be.  In other words, you tried going corporate because that was what you were supposed to do.  One day you decided to do what you wanted to do.  Good for you!  The Six of Swords is also known as the healing card.  You are now on the way to healing from the burdensome mental stress you’ve been under.  Breathe and look forward to new beginnings.  Intriguingly enough, the ‘6’ vibration is all about karmic sowing, so plant your garden and tend it with care, abundance will be yours.  The Seven of Pentacles (I’m sensing a theme here, lots of ‘7’ energy in these readings, victories after a struggle).  This is representative of a period of waiting, of not knowing how a matter will manifest itself.  You will need to be patient in this new venture for it will take time to build a clientele, connections, plus you are contending with the current market.  Be careful financially (again, remember, karmic sowing).  Now, bear in mind that doesn’t mean that you will not receive the rewards of what you have worked for, just realize success will come with patience and responsibility.  This card is here to remind you not to make any major financial decisions at this time, keep your hard-earned dollars close and don’t spend frivolously.  The reversed Page of Pentacles is telling me you may have trouble with bureaucracy in some way, whether it be with your licensure or paperwork regarding a sale.  Just make sure every ‘t’ is crossed and ‘i’ is dotted and all is as it needs to be.  The final card gives me pause because my first reaction to it is you tend to take on too much.  Perhaps you feel the need to be in control to give you a sense of security, perhaps you don’t know how to say ‘no’ for fear of hurting someone’s feelings.  The Ten of Rods upright is indicative of self-oppression or withholding communication for fear of how it will be received.  There’s always a way to communicate, sometimes you just have to be blunt.  There’s a time for diplomacy and there’s a time for in your face honesty.  Use your best judgment.  While it is true you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, sometimes it’s just not worth all the flies, I say.  It is also indicative of taking on too many things at once.  I’m sensing this is a consistent sort of behavior for you.  Give yourself a break and start re-orienting life around your needs and with others demands on you.  The word ‘no’ is not a bad word at the appropriate time.  The fact that the Ten of Rods is the outcome card in your spread shows that you will persevere in spite of difficulties, burdens or financial problems.  You will succeed as a realtor, you will resolve and complete all issues your long-term unemployment brought into your life and your new venture will ease much of the previous tension you have been dealing with for so long!  I send you positive energy for this new path you are on, HAW!

That’s all for the readings this month everyone!  Now, I’d like to tell you about a neat little psychic fair I attended in my new home state of Oklahoma.  It was held at the Sheraton Select in Tulsa on February 27 and 28, 2010.  I’ve been to a few psychic fairs and as fairs go it was rather small, but fun.  At this particular event, there were jewelry makers, stone sellers, bookstore owners, tarot readers, artists.  There were a couple of organic herbal marketers as well as an organic make-up business woman.  There were some cool spirit artists.  There was one woman who played with digital photography mixed into acrylic paintings.  A rainbow spectrum of color played out on every piece.  It was a unique approach to painting that I enjoyed.  There was a Kirlian photographer there who captured auras.  The results were fascinating.  Everyone appeared to have billowing mists of color flowing around them, some whose hues were pronounced and intense, others’ colors muted and soft, like a gentle spring rain.  She even took photos of participants’ companion pets.  The animal energy looked “happy”, big bubbling clouds of lavenders and pinks, blues and white.  I have to say though, the best part for me was the billet readings by Cyndy Green.  She was amazing.  For those of you not familiar with billet readings, the basic gist of the event is you write a close ended question or two on a 3X5 piece of paper.  You can ask your guides, masters, teachers, those loved ones who have crossed over to assist you in answering your questions.  Fold it over, hold it between your palms and concentrate on the questions.  In Cyndy’s case, she tapes her eyes shut, then blindfolds herself.  She begins to sing to music that puts her in a meditative trance.  All of the billets are collected and brought to her in a covered box.  She starts picking up the billets and rubs them in her hands, on her crown and 3rd eye chakra.  Her spirit guide, Tidbit, assists her as well as the guides and spirits who people have called upon to answer their questions.  They step into the room and provide her the answers querents’ seek.  THIS WOMAN IS AMAZING, rightly announcing names, facts, descriptions of those who had crossed over and were now in the room.  I wrote two questions down.  One was closed ended and specific…will I be attending college by the summer of 2010, followed by an open-ended question…spirit what do I need to know at this time to help guide me on my path?  Cyndy did not come to me directly, but spirit works in strange and wonderful ways.  I was told via other participants’ readings every single thing I needed to know in very specific detail.  One young woman was informed the only one keeping her from going to school was her, that it was time to return and her decision to return to school was based on the false belief funds were not available.  She was informed to just go for it because the money would be there for her to attend.  The receiver sheepishly nodded her head but didn’t seem as impressed by the message as I did.  I felt strongly that message was intended for me.  The next querent was advised that a spirit who tends to animal spirits wanted to let her know that “all the babies were fine, doggie heaven is great and he’s being well-tended.”  My 9 1/2 year old beagle Charlie passed away last month after a brief but severe illness.  I was absolutely heartbroken and inconsolable for a week, so much so, that my boss let me go home because he felt sorry for me as I tried to hide my tears from him.  The guilt I have been feeling that I could have done more for him was huge.  I felt as if I betrayed him and all the unconditional love he had give me over the years.  Then this nice lady, said “the babies are all okay”.  I received an electric shock of the familiar.  I call my dogs “babies” all the time, i.e., come on my babies time for dinner, come on babies let’s go inside.  Coincidence?  Could be, but then she stated “everything has a time to live and a time to die, it is nature and the way of things. Do not feel guilty at his passing, it was simply his time and all is well with him. He is happy, healthy and running through green fields.  My sorrow lifted.  Charlie loved to run.  He was a beautiful, sleek dog whose favorite thing to do when he was a pup was to run and run.  I have no doubt now he is surrounded by love in his new home, just as he was when he was in my home.  The next message I received was with regard to my relationship with my children.  She stated no matter what is said, no matter how they come at you, stand your ground in love.  Never waiver from that and words and deeds will cause no harm.  When they recognize they are loved and you are coming to them in love, they’ll accept that love and all will be well.  There were a couple of other messages, a little too personal to state here, but I just have to say I left feeling assuaged and uplifted by the energy that came to me during the experience.  I am a practicing medium/psychic, there were so many spirits in the room that day, in so many different shapes, sizes and spectral colors, the whole room seem to vibrate with the energy.  Here’s her website for those who are curious- http://www.cyndysangelmessages.com/ . 

Until next month folks!  Remember, never forget to give yourself the opportunity to explore the unlimited possibilities of the universe!


Erin Sinclair, “For love that’s out of this world!”-www.erinsinclairauthor.com

Dear Spirit, January 15, 2010, To Marry or Not to Marry, Again; The Urge to Write

Hello, fellow readers, Erin Sinclair here with two new questions for the ever curious and ever questing. First, a woman who has been married multiple times debates upon the choice once more. Second, a writer is feeling the inspiring urge to write, but isn’t sure if it is creative juices or the new year bringing forth the desire to begin anew.

“Dear Spirit, I’m a 38 year old woman who has been married three times. I have now found what I believe to be my perfect mate. In every way we are compatible. Although he’s never asked and I haven’t considered it with this man, still I wonder if he would be as good a husband as he is a boyfriend. Needless to say I’m thrice bitten and thrice shy at this point, but still…tell me Spirit what forces are around me regarding my thoughts. Yours in faith, CMW, Seattle, WA”

Wow, three times, huh? Three is the number of the Great Mother and most definitely a charm in my opinion, but the first thing I sense is a profound feeling of lonesomeness. It does not feel as if you are afraid of being alone, but there is a sensation of a piece missing and the husbands were somehow supposed to “fit”. Disappointingly, they did not. With that stated, the cards pulled as follows–the 9 card reveals the Three of Cauldrons, upright; your first initial pulled the Seven of Rods, upright; your middle initial pulled is The Empress, upright and the last initial turns out to be the Ace of Rods, reversed.

Threes represent the gifts, challenges and opportunities of the Empress (herself also a 3 and present in this spread). This is telling me your mate is not only a treasure to cherish, but is also bringing along opportunity and learning potential. There is much you did NOT learn about yourself in experiencing multiple marriages for such a relatively young woman. Before you become entranced by the sound of wedding bells, stop and take a moment to consider where you are at in your life. Do you really think it is wise to consider a fourth marriage without giving yourself a chance to learn who you are as well as your new partner, first? The number 3 represents the idea of the union of opposites, for example, a child produced in the union of a man and woman, a natural consideration and a vibration I feel is pulling you toward the idea of marrying once again. The Three of Cauldrons (Cups) represents celebration, therefore the possibility of delving into a 4th marriage could exist. It’s not a solid idea, but it is definitely one your considering. Beware one of the messages of the Three of Cauldrons, however. It also represents the ACT of being in love meaning you fall in love with the idea of  love and not necessarily your partner. Enjoy this sensation while you can as there is more to come, good and bad, or at least your perceptions of those concepts. I’m sensing with this card, you both tend to be very social. I’m strongly suggesting you enjoy this active, busy, fun time in your relationship and let it evolve into what it will be. Marriage is a major step and right now, the energy about you does not lend itself to the serious nature of considering spending the rest of your life with a partner.  The next card drawn, the Seven of Rods, is telling me you are definitely taking off the rose colored glasses and are now viewing the relationship in its reality instead of its fantasy. The number seven is a mystical number, associated with wisdom, morality, divine justice and fate. You are in this relationship to learn, give yourself a break from old patterns and take it one step at a time. Your soul is developing to a higher level, let it do so. The Seven of Rods is definitely the card of taking a stand. You are being pushed by circumstances right now that are making you question this relationship and its potential long term future. That’s okay, perhaps this is what you needed to explore, the ability to set clear boundaries. Instead of hoping for the best and falling in love with the potential of your mate, fall in love with the person in the NOW. If anything, you will do them a great service by viewing them as they present themselves to you, warts and all, thereby showing them real love, not dreamy love. The second card, The Empress upright is a sign of wonderful abundance around you at the moment. ENJOY IT AND BE THANKFUL. This card is telling me you are learning to be unconditional in your love, there is much growth and prosperity around you, your desires become a reality, but be careful what you wish for, as you will receive it. Your final card, the reversed Ace of Rods tells me you are at the beginning of something, it wants to bud, but is being circumvented or stunted. I strongly feel this is old patterns of behavior from you to the new person in your life. Are you subconsciously pigeonholing this new partner by comparing that person to old loves? I feel you find a relationship starts out shooting stars and fireworks, but such brilliant displays of energy fizzle out in the rain of reality. You feel you are putting your energy and effort into another relationship that isn’t going to be satisfying ultimately. I feel this is because you want the relationship to be a certain way instead of allowing it to come into its own, a relationship that is unique to you and your new partner. Do not set yourself up for failure, keep this partnership in the now and enjoy every moment you have together. If marriage is in the cards, and the Three of Cups coupled with The Empress tells me it most definitely is, give it permission to come to fruition with time. For now, live, laugh and love for there is wonderful energy around you giving you the ability to greet each day with joy and hope for a fulfilling future.

Our next reader, a writer sends this creative query–“Recently I have been ‘feeling’ a flux of creative writing power and awesome story ideas – a warm, glowing flow of energy, seeming to generate from a well deep within, breaking free  like I have never experienced before. Is this something special ‘for me’ that I should take to heart? Or is it just the universal cosmic optimisim of a new year around the corner that seems to affect everyone? Writing under, GA, Warren, MI”

My first reaction to the spread I have pulled for you, GA, indicates immediately that it is both, so I state time to start writing. All of the cards pulled upright, which is an unequivocal yes from Spirit. The cards pulled as follows–the 9 card reveals the Queen of Swords, upright. Your first initial pulls Mastery (The Chariot), upright. The second initial (another 9 card) indicates the Three of Pentacles and the final card, the Nine of Pentacles.

The Queen of Swords intrigues me, as it is a card of a strong willed and very independent personality. This personality has the quality of mind that considers fairly and demands authenticity. All pretense must be abandoned. I must say that I feel strongly there is definitely a non-fiction book or two in your future. The Queen of Swords represents a mind that is well-educated and/or well-read with a quick perceptive intelligence given to understand things beyond the ordinary person’s ability to comprehend. One of the thoughts that jumped out clearly to me when considering this spread was this…have you considered research non-fiction in the paranormal or supernatural? Something with a less esoteric bent perhaps and a more scientific leaning? Your first initial reveals Mastery, a powerful indicator for you to move forward in your writing. Mastery, in other decks also known as The Chariot, represents one who wants to explore (within as well as without) to scout, to go over to the other side. You have the ability to see both sides of the coin, a unique and valuable trait to have in a researcher. You tend to want to challenge, to go beyond the boundaries and frontiers of the known world. I say harness this marvelous ability and utilize your writing capabilities to discover new aspects of whatever subject matter you choose to put to pen. When Mastery appears in a spread, it indicates victory, but only after a struggle. I believe that struggle may come in the form of needing to be organized, timely, and detailed in your approach to your writing aspirations. Once you commit to what it takes to be a successful writer, you will be without question. You are in a race to reach your destiny, just remember it’s a race against yourself. That’s more of a challenge than we realize, but one that can be overcome with an open mind and open heart to the opportunities awaiting you. The Three of Pentacles reinforces this as it represents persistence, tenacity and setting clear priorities and commitments. It is an indication there is some situation you are determined to move forward with and see through no matter how difficult. You have what it takes to be successful, so go for it. Your final card is the Nine of Pentacles. All cards vibrating to the number 9 relate to developing introspective insight, personal integrity and the completion of lessons. It is interesting to me this card appears as the last intial because my strong sense is this urge to write is the culmination of a cycle for you. The 9 symbolizes completion of projects. You are being urged to write because what you wish to write about is important to you and needs to come into the light of day from the quiet darkness of your mind. Whatever you ultimately choose to write will do well financially for its genre, but doing well is in the eye of the beholder. With that stated, there is a sense of financial independence around you. Either you have good support on the physical plane for your writing goals (i.e., family, finances, helpful agent, supportive publisher) or you, yourself, make a comfortable living in your “day” job, thereby giving you the freedom to write. Either way, the timing is good and so is the energy, so I say absolutely step into your writing with confidence on all levels this is something you are meant to do.

That’s all this time around, dear readers, until next time…happy reading!

Erin Sinclair (“For love that’s out of this world!”) www.erinsinclairauthor.com

Dear Spirit, December 25, 2009-All About the Critters

Merry Christmas, folks in the broadest and truest sense of the word! I was making a little merry, hence the lateness of the post, but as they say, better late than never, right :-D! This week’s posts are about furry members of two reader’s families. The first was with regard to the health of a beloved dog, the other an interesting question regarding the actual spirit of a feline familiar. Let’s see what the cards have to say.

“My older dog has been “off his feed” lately and not acting his usual self. Is he winding down or is this an indicator of something more serious? He’s eleven years old. His first initial begins with the letter ‘C’.” CB, Los Angeles, CA

CB, this is going to read strange, but spirit is prompting me to say age is not an indicator of a dog’s desire to remain with its human companion, the life lessons they learn together are the motivation. With that stated the cards pulled as follows, the 9 card–The Moon, upright; the first initial–Page of Cauldrons, upright, the second initial (in this instance I used another 9 card)–Seven of Rods, upright; and the final initial (again, a 9 card)–Four of Pentacles, upright.

The Moon tells me immediately things are unseen and reasons are not clear as to what is happening with your furry family member. In a reading however, this card tends to symbolize the law of cycles and phases. Eleven years old is old for most dogs (based on the standard 7 years in a dog’s life for every 1 in a human’s, but that is not appropos for all breeds or sizes of dogs either, let alone large or small mixed breeds, if indeed your dog is mixed). With that stated, I feel he’s winding down and deciding what his next move is, companion to you, or move on. You do not elaborate on his symptoms, but the phrase “off his feed” tells me it’s time for a trip to the vet to make sure his health is in order first and foremost. If he comes out with a clean bill of health, it is time to accept the fact that puppy and adult phases are over and he’s moved into his own version of the Crone stage. I’m sensing he feels the need to rest more and just enjoy life from an observer’s standpoint as opposed to a participant. I say respect that and make him comfortable. He can love you as much from your lap as walking by your side. The Page of Cauldrons tells me that if you take him to the vet you will receive good news with regard to his overall health as this card is also indicative of healing taking place. So I stress for sure take your friend to a vet to tend to his needs right away. The Seven of Rods further reinforces this message as the vibration of the number 7 always indicates victory after a struggle. Your animal companion is definitely under the weather in my opinion and it’s time to get him the help he needs. He still has fight left in him, but needs the appropriate tools to do so. In general also, the wands relate to the body’s temperature i.e., as in fever, perhaps some sort of bacteria has invaded his system. It also represents digestion and the burning of caloric energy. My educated guess/intuition is telling me because he’s older he’s dietary needs have changed. No more people food, no more treats, especially if he’s not as active as he used to be. I’m also feeling he may have eaten a human food (i.e., onions, grapes, chocolate, etc.) that dogs cannot digest properly or was contaminated and is now paying for it big time. The Four of Pentacles further reinforces that he IS definitely dealing with intestinal issues as the Four of Pentacles reflects waste disposal, intestines, how the body breaks down and metabolizes food. You feel like a loving pet owner who spoils his buddy rotten and that includes indulging his appetites for human food. NO MORE. He can’t take it any longer and is being deprived of the nutrients he needs to function as a dog and as an older dog. So, it’s time to shower him with affection instead of hot dogs. Get to a vet, one that you can trust. I sincerely feel he will be all right once you get him on the proper nutritional path. Take care! Erin Sinclair

Now for a cat owner who believes her new kitten sees the spirit of her recent feline companion who crossed over.

“Dear Spirit, This is going to sound so crazy, but I have a new kitten whom I adore. My new familiar has been acting very strange. What I mean by that is she is doing all the “things” my fourteen year old cat use to do, including sleeping in the same spot. She plays as if she is playing with another cat, expressing the same kind of body language cats use with each other, meowing at corners and at my closet door, where my old cat use to sleep in her bed and where she passed away. I know I’m missing my old cat who had been with me since I was 9 years old, but I feel her behavior is so odd and so uncannily like my old cat, I wanted to see what you thought. Her name is Tabitha.” Thank you, Catgirl, NY, NY

Catgirl, I’m sorry about your loss. I know how I would feel, were I in your shoes. My animals are as important to me as my children, I’m sure the pain is palpable at times. Know that your pet is in a good place, no longer in pain. I feel there was an issue with its blood, hence its passing. You did the right thing in letting your former cat go. She was holding on because of your sorrow at losing her. Once you gave her permission to leave however, she was so thankful she could move on, the cross over was an eventless situation for her, although I’m sure not for you.

With that stated the cards pulled as follows. The 9 card, The Sun, upright. The first intial–Six of Swords, upright; the second intial (a 9 card)–King of Swords, upright and the third intial–Seven of Pentacles, upright.

The Sun tells me after darkness there is light. I’m not sure how you came to be the new mama of your kitty friend, but the receiving of her was as if the Sun came out from behind dark clouds. Your sorrow at the loss of your other cat was truly deep. I feel you put much into your feline companion because you didn’t have human friendships cultivated (I’m referencing the Seven of Pentacles, more on that in a moment). I know that sounds odd and not a direct response to your query, but Spirit is indicating to me you tend to be overwhelmed by human relationships and much prefer solitude and the companionship of animals. While most of us can relate to that on some level, your self-isolation is far more harmful than it is good to you and it’s time for a change. With that stated the Six of Swords upright tells me you are moving from a bad situation to a good one, from more difficult to more peaceful times. This little kitten has received a lot of unconditional love and attention from you, but it is now time for you to see things as they truly are and not as you would want them to be. I have no doubt your kitten is smelling your former pet all around your home. I also have no doubt that spirit animals exist. Whether or not your kitten is truly sensing or seeing your older cat I can’t honestly say, although The Moon imagery does often remind me of spirit energy, so your old kitty may very well be stopping by to check in on you. I do believe your kitten is exhibiting behaviors common to all cats and perhaps in your mourning you are labeling standard behavior of cats from your kitten as those of your former cat. I think it is time to truly say goodbye to your old cat, for the Six of Swords does represent healing from mental stress therefore in saying your final goodbyes, you will be able to appreciate your new companion and give it the individuality it deserves. The King of Swords is represented by the Air sign of Libra. In all things, balance. Find your peace and center in the passing of your loved one. Nature hates a vaccum, as such it replaced your void with a new kitten and it is time to appreciate it for the companion it can be for you. Do not compare it to your old friend as they are individuals of the same species, not the other way around and it is just causing you unnecessary pain, I believe.  The third intial, Seven of Pentacles is an interesting card for you with regard to your question. It represents a period of waiting, of not knowing how a matter will manifest itself. I feel you are entirely too caught up in your relationship with your animal companion and you are neglecting your other needs on the physical plane. It is time to start paying attention to other aspects of your life and enjoy your animal as one aspect of it, not the be all and end all of it. Once you broaden your horizons, your ache of loss will lessen with time and you can truly enjoy your new “familiar” the way she is meant to be enjoyed…a wonderful NEW addition to your household.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for a question regarding a potential new career option and a question regarding whether a reader should or shouldn’t get married.

Erin Sinclair

Dear Spirit, Friday, December 11, 2009

Hi folks, it’s that time again…I received an interesting e-mail from a reader I found intriguing enough to devote this column to this time around.  She’s a 50 year old woman who has decided to return to school, as she was informed by her company that within two years she would be out of a job.  She supplied more detail in her email than I’ve listed here so I’ve just listed the highlights. I found her courage and pluckiness refreshing. Let’s see what Spirit has to say…

“I am returning to college at the age of 50.  I’m completely switching gears from my former union mechanic job.  I’d like to know what energies are out there surrounding this new adventure.” Thank you for the help! KAS, Tulsa, OK.

Well, KAS, what wonderful courage you have and good for you. Your destiny is yours to make of it what you will and I say go for it!  With that stated, the cards pulled as follows–the 9 card, reversed Ten of Swords, 1st initial-upright Eight of Rods, 2nd initial-upright Justice, and your 3rd initial-upright Strength.

My first reaction to these cards is that despite initial worries and fears, everything is going to be fine for you. The Ten of Swords reversed is about endings with regard to your situation. Your company isn’t lying to you when they advised you would not be employed too much longer with them. Your position with your company is coming to an end and it will not end quietly. There will more than likely be strong protests by your labor union to protect the jobs of you and your fellow co-workers but my strong feeling is that if there is no equipment available for mechanics to work on there is no job. For you, however, what I sense is this is actually a cycle changing. Opportunity and new beginnings abound for you and very smart woman that you obviously are, have recognized them and have taken the first steps to open the door to such blessings.

The upright Eight of Rods tells me it’s all about karmic harvest at this juncture for you. This card is an indicator to be up and doing, striking, as it were, while the iron is hot. If you haven’t done so already, determine which college you want to go to, become admitted to it, figure out the degree you wish to pursue, sign up for classes and go for it. The Eight of Rods also represents your abilities to express yourself creatively once you have found your focus. In other words, the skies the limit with your imagination, use it to aid you in finding the career of your dreams, taking the time to do what you want to do as opposed to doing what you have to do for a living. It also represents a time of urgent energy, a frenzy of activity. I’m sensing you are moving and hustling to make sure all your t’s are crossed and i’s dotted to prepare yourself for your new challenge…career change and educational goals.

The Justice card upright represents a balance of forces, mental accuity, thought processes. It teaches us to discriminate, to make decisions without emotions involved. You have recognized a potential problem looming in your life. You think you have found a way to resolve the issue. There is no hemming and hawing about making the decision to go school, no sentimentality to your old job or a sense of loyalty to stick it out to the end. You are doing what it takes to prepare yourself for an eventuality and your rational mind realizes no amount of “bribing” by your employer will keep you from your course. This is a testing and challenging period for you. If you channel the enormous energy available to you now into this venture you will accomplish more in this cycle than in any other previous one you’ve gone through. The Justice card vibrates to the number 11, a master number. Keep in mind master numbers offer master success and right now especially, you have the dynamic energy to do what it takes to succeed in your intentions.

The final card is the upright Strength card. You have the ability at this time to channel your massive energies to alter any given situation. I have no doubt with this combination of cards pulled you will not only succeed at going back to school, but the degree program you enter into will ultimately offer you the career success you seek. Another thing I am sensing with this particular spread is that financial resources will be readily available to you to go to school, so have no fear, step boldly into this plan of yours, it will work and work well for you!  Good fortune to you in all that you do, KAS!

That’s all for this week, dear readers. Stay tuned for two readings about two different pet owners and their queries about their furry family members! Until then, Good Solstice to you all!


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