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Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: November 25th: New Celtic tree Month, Women’s Day, Knocking the Knickers off of Persephone


The Celtic Tree Month of Ruis Begins

For more about this Tree Month check out this AWESOME site I found that has the most information I have ever seen concerning these Celtic Tree Months.

A pat on the back to them and that information.


Women’s Merry Making Day

This took place in most parts of Europe long ago. Some suspect that it was once an Observance & celebration for Women’s Mysteries especially concerning Persephone.

(Since some Greek Deities and their secrets, rituals, and knowledge could only be preformed by women, known by women, and so forth.)

However, what I have noticed moving forward from Ancient Civilizations into the Middle Ages or Medieval times, the same sacred days that were once honored ,take on new form as something else. Now there was good reason for this. Sometimes and in most part it was done to protect the Pagan Traditions long celebrated.

This is one of them, sort of, and the day itself was really nothing to brag about . The only thing women got on this day…was the right to do less labor. And I say less because even though the point was to give them the entire day off…*gee thanks*lol…in most cases, less is what they got if that.


Speaking of….

and further back in time…today is the Greek Festival of…(can you guess)


Now you know the Greeks were romping it up and throwing down on this day! But the Greeks were not the only ones, no. Rome also adapted Persephone and made this day all about her as well. Only instead of calling her by her Greek name, they called her Proserpina.

By Natalie Harter

 Persephone was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter.

If you read the holidays yesterday when I spoke of Isis and Osiris’ love story, well here is another classic tale that is often forgotten. And as a young girl, I’ll admit, I used to get all hazy-eyed over this one. Why?

Because ….

Persephone happens to be the P.H.A.T (pretty hot and tempting) Goddess on the block that every guy-god wants. Only she can’t get no lovin’ from any of the guy-gods who sends her gifts because her too-damn-strict-momma keeps tellin’ them boys no and sendin’ them presents back!

So it’s startin’ to look like poor Persephone will be a lonely little maid forever..


Hades—*knock our knickers off* bad boy– does what bad boys do best—break all the damn rules!

Now Hades happens to be the dark, forbidden, and ever-so-sexy-your-momma-warned-you-about-hottie in this story. And this bad boy falls in love with Persephone, decides he wants her *oh yeah* and then kidnaps the little miss because of it.

In short, her mother, Demeter is  flippin’ completely out because her daughter is missing, and after raising so much noise, the God of the Sun Helios finally gives up what Hades did.

So the pissed off momma sends a guy-god named Hermes to snatch her baby girl back.  With fingers crossed, Demeter waits…in fact she waits for so long and grieves so bad that the brakes are thrown on the seasons.

(Now you know that is making this rough and crazy for the world of humans and I can’t imagine Zeus being happy either)

Anyway, if you’re thinking Hermes is going to swoop in, rescue Persephone like the knight in shining armor, kick yourself now because that doesn’t happen. For once, the dark, forbidden, and ever-so-sexy-your-momma-warned-you-about-hottie Hades wins (to my delight) and plans ahead for all the family drama to come.

You see, while his beloved Persephone is with him in the ever-so-fab-Underworld, he gets her to eat an enchanted pomegranate. And the seeds of this fabulous fruit is what kicks it all into motion and forces the Fates to back Hades and give him what he wants so that the other Gods can’t to a damn thing about it….well sort of. 

When it all comes down to it, Hades does have to give up his Persephone but not forever. You see, Persephone may have to go back to her mother but only for a few months out of the year and because of those fabulous seeds, he has the rights to do it.


So when Persephone returns to the Land of the Living…so comes Spring. And when she goes back to the Underworld to have her socks rocked off by Hades, so comes winter for us.

Now do you see why this would make a girl swoon?

If not and you want to read more, then check out…

This link here





Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: June 12th: The Goddess of Horses, Egyptian Truth, and the Destruction of Hera’s Name

Horses had great importance during ancient times. A horse was the equivalent to our car, in some cases, a plow, or means to transport goods. Horses could even be sold– this would bring a family income, or traded for the things a family needed to survive. So it’s no surprise that the Welsh would begin a feast today, in which they called Gwyl o Epona. Basically, this revolved around the Celtic Goddess Epona who was the very diety to see when it came to horses or the fertility of those very important creatures. At sundown, the feast would begin.

Rhiannon is another of Epona’s names, though, she has several others. Too many to list here.

Egypt would have a Festival honoring Mut today. Just in case you need a quick recap on who Mut is, think, “Mother”. She was often drawn as the Goddess as a “trinity”. Mut was often shown with three heads.

  • One, the Virgin Maat representing, Truth.
  • Second, Hathor, mother of the world, representing the Two Lands.
  • Third, Nekhbet, who represented the Crone.


Mut was said to be the Mother of all the Egyptian Gods. Later, Isis was given that title while other writings explained that Isis was born from her mother, Mut, along with Osiris. Her symbol or hieroglyph was that of three cauldrons which stood for, triple womb.

Interestingly enough, in Greece, Zeus was honored and in such a curious way. I say curious, because of what Celtic Tree Month it happens to be right now and an article I wrote of it only days ago concerning the Oak Tree. To honor Zeus, Greeks would wear oak leaves. I cant help but wonder if this is linked somehow. One culture slipping it’s mark onto another?

Adding more to that mystery, the Goddess Month of Hera comes to an end this day. Now, if you keep up with your Goddesses, then maybe, just maybe you know why I find this so interesting. Hera is another perfect example of a Goddess who men came to ruin as time went on. A great and powerful Goddess, one beloved of the people, was soon tarnished with writings depicting her as a jealous, vindictive hot head. The original Hera was not written this way but that’s another article for another time.

Ancient Calendar: Festivals, Gods, Goddesses–Oh My!: July 7, 2010

We have bunches of stuff going on today—which happens to be a FABULOUS WEDNESDAY, or so I’m hoping it will be for everyone reading this.

For anyone interested…

Wednesday is the day of Woden.

Woden is the God of knowledge, enlightenment, wisdom, & war.

Some believe Woden is also Odin—God of the Norse.

Matters & Magical Workings For Wednesday

Today is a good day to deal with matters or rituals and spells concerning anything business. Or perhaps some sort of communication. Maybe debt—something we all have these days, or what about  fear and or possibly loss? Matters or magic concerning money, or work, some type of travel. And then there’s education.

Planets and Elements

Mercury and the element Air



Now, let’s get down to the A.C., shall we? Because on this day in Ancient History, our ancestors were checking off a lot.

Remember last week when we spoke of a two day festival that Rome would be having….where a slave saved the day with her brilliant idea? (The link to that post will be at the bottom of this article in case you want to revamp the brain cells.)

Anyway, in short, the story went, that Rome was defeated by Gaul, and the victors had big plans for the defeated. In fact, Gaul demanded that all of the women of Rome be given over to them to do WHAT we can just imagine or wouldn’t want to. About to obey this order, a Roman slave stepped up to the plate named Tutula. And she offered a better suggestion. Instead of sending the Noble ladies of Rome off to their enemies, why not dress up the slave girls to look like Noble women and SEND THEM. And the Romans did, but not without further plots and plans.

Once inside the camp of Gaul, the slave women did their thing by making the soldiers happy and very, very drunk. Once they were passed out, Tutula gave the signal to the Romanc soldiers hiding off in the darkness. They attacked and became the victor.

So because of THAT night, because of what Tutula did, today would have been known as Nonæ Caprotinæ–the second of two festivals had. Tonight’s festival would be honoring the Goddess Juno. However, the Romans would have also had another festival on this day that was important to Harvests, called Consulia, honoring the god of the earth, Consus.

Interestingly enough, and making a lot of sense, Consus’ alter which stood at the Circus Maximus was kept covered with earth all year long except for the three days. After uncovering it today, they would have had great fun–chariot races, a Roman festival of Handmaids, or otherwise known as the maid’s day out, and many other celebrations to make the people of Rome very, very happy and to honor a God which Rome depended on for food, etc.

Also in Roman calendar, today would have been the Nones of July.


On other notes, the Celtic tree month of Duir ends today. (Check back tomorrow to find out which tree month begins!)


Ancient Calendar: Earth’s Orbit, Rome Throws Down, & Some Egyptian Ma’at: July 5, 2010



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Ancient Calendar: June 10th, 2010

Today in Ancient History, our Ancestors would have celebrated Anahita & Duir.

Little is known about the Goddess Anahita and where she originated from but we do know she ended up a Persian and her name meant ‘unstained’. Making a grand appearance in the the last part of Avesta,(Zoroastrian Texts) in 200BC she was known as the immaculate virgin mother of the Mithras. Her temple existed in Kangavar.

The Celtic Tree Month of Duir starts today. (Remember, many still mark their calendars.) Duir was the oak tree, in which the Druids held higher than all others. This month was also special to them because it includes the Summer Solstice.


Want more? Ancient Calendar.




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Ancient Calendar: June 9, 2010

On this day in Ancient History, we have two things going on…

Sigurdsblót & Huath

In Norse history, the son of Sigmund was named Sigurd. Sigmund died in a battle with Odin. His son. though, took his shattered sword used in that battle and killed Fafnir, the Dragon. After drinking the Dragon’s blood, he then inherited the power of wisdom. Now, even though Odin and Sigmund were enemies, Odin himself came to Siggurd many times in different disguises attempting to guide his destiny onward. The Norse would have remembered him on this day and given a Festival in his honor.

The Celtic Tree Month of Huath Ends today.


Want more? Ancient Calendar.




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