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Cosmic Dancer recommends

Pagan book recommendations from Cosmic Dancer.

John Awen: Summerlands Pagan Death and Rebirth 2016

A very good book. Death as the author says is a taboo subject in today’s world, but the author manages to make it easier to talk about through this book. Making death seem not as morbid and dark as some would have you believe. It is something that will come to us all and this book makes it a little easier to understand and to not be as scared about, Well worth a read.

More about the book here – http://www.greenmagicpublishing.com/Products/Details/234


John Awen: Journey to the Summerlands. 2015

This is a brilliant short book that helps you understand the passing on from this world to the next, having had some bad news myself this book offers some comfort, as though the author was there chatting to me, and his description of being on a train and each stage of life is like getting off at a station, then as we pass to the next stage, getting back on the train, is brilliant, cannot recommend this enough.

More about the book here – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Journey-Summerlands-John-Awen/dp/1512212520


Anna Franklin: Hearth Witch

5 stars in no way near enough for this book. I was gifted this, and I found it so hard to put down, it’s not often you find a book like this  that gives such detail, easy to understand follow, whether you are new to this path or have been on this a while, it’s an invaluable  reference book to have in your collection, the recipes are just great, and before I knew it I was out gathering things to try for myself, a highly recommended read, I cannot wait to collect the other books Anna has written.

More about the book here – http://annafranklin.webplus.net/page29.html


Deborah J Martin: Herbs  Medicinal Magical Marvellous

This is just the type of book I’m looking for, not only does it list the herbs, but also gives the Latin name too, then it goes on to say what you can use each one for, medicinal and therapeutic what element that represent, and whether male or female, for someone who wants to make fresh incense this is a great book to use alongside your workings. Such a shame I cannot give it more than five stars.

(Editor’s note, Cosmic Dancer also reviews on Amazon, where of course stars are finite….)

More about the book here – http://www.moon-books.net/books/herbs-medicinal-magical-marvelous

Cosmic Dancer reviews the Druids

A Legacy of Druids, by Ellen Evert Hopman

A fascinating book that will lead to discussions, a lot of the posts by Druids I don’t agree with (as a Druid myself), but is that not the point of this type of book? To read it and then discuss the points with other readers? I did struggle with the American contributors as I struggled getting to grips with making it more of an organised religion with people being ordained and such but that’s my opinion. I think this is a book that if discussed at local moots would lead to a good night of debate and conversation. A book well worth a read even if it’s just to see if what the contributors were hoping for years ago has come to pass(and some have).All in all I enjoyed it and whether I agree with the pieces or not I respect all those that contributed to it. I do recommend it.


Spirituality without Structure, By Nimue Brown

Even though it is only a small book, it contains such a wealth of information and insight that it makes you question yourself, which as a Druid is always a good thing. When you question your belief you stop taking it for granted. I also found myself agreeing with a lot of the content and finding that my belief is not a million miles away from hers.
If you are thinking of leaving the mainstream religions or have left and are in a bit of a panic then this book is for you (it also mentions cake).



Let’s Talk About Elements and the Pagan Wheel, by Siusaidh Ceanadach

It is mainly aimed at children , but I do feel that adults will enjoy it just as much. Each section has some questions and challenges set for children. A must read for all children, who wish to learn more, I’m sure they will come back to it time and time again.




The Handbook of Urban Druidry, by Brendan Howlin

As an Urban Druid myself I can agree with most of the things that he says in this book. For some Druids the thought of doing “Druidry” in an urban environment can be a bit hard to get their head round, as most are more used to a forest or woodland setting, but this book helps you come to terms and find a way to be a Druid no matter where you are. Lessons and observations are laid out very well and it is not a complicated book that you could get lost in. I did find it useful and it was good to know that another feels the same way about the cityscapes as I do. All in all a good read for those just starting on this path or maybe just want to look at their town and live in the same environment as the author.


New Reviews Are Up!

The Pagan and the Pen Book Reviews is now posting on the 5th and 20th of each month. Reviews posted for May 5, 2010 are:

Reviewer Top Pick: Her Master’s Gift by Dena Celeste

Bogonoun’s Wonderful Songbird by John B. Rosenman

Firefly by Madison Night

Do As I Say by Penn Halligan

Letting Go by Michele Zurlo

Yule Fire by Lena Austin


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Book Reviews for the 20th

Announcement: There were so many that I wasn’t going to do a separate post for all. However, we do have a new site for reviews because now we have so many. In fact, reviews maybe posted more than just once a month.


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Book Review: Samhain’s Embrace by Jesse Fox


Title: Samhain’s Embrace

Author: Jesse Fox

Author Site

Buy Link

Publisher: Dark Roast Press

Genre: Erotic Fiction, Gay

Length – # OF PAGES: 69

Other: * M/M * Voyeurism

Pagan Author & Pagan Elements: Yes/Yes

Card Rating: – 5


The Reviewers choice & Top pick

PP Top Pick 2

Reviewed by: Jes L’Heureux

About The Book: What is loss to the human heart?

A spirit of nature, misunderstood and forgotten by modern man, when drawn out on the one night he roams the darkness freely, seeks to understand the meaning of loss and ease a young man’s pain.

Bran Conleth is a man broken by the ultimate loss – death. Desperate to summon his deceased lover he chooses the one night when the veil between the land of the living and the land of the dead is at its thinnest. Instead of his lover, he calls forth the embodiment of the night – Samhain.

Together they share one incredible journey that will teach Samhain about human loss and Bran that there is life after death.

The Review:

Dealing with the grief of his lost lover Bran takes to doing an ancient ritual, which will bring back Dmitri. The story unfolds with the unveiling of the past for Bran and his loss, as well as going though the ritual as it takes place. Alongside we get the impressions and thoughts of the almost forgotten deity of Samhain, and his place in the cycle. Jesse Fox creates this beautiful tapestry that weaves the past and present with magic and tradition. The story is like a dance going though the stages of grief that we experience when we lose a loved one. Bran learns to live with the joy, instead of holding close the pain of the one event that pulled them apart.

“This … is just one chapter. Now you must turn the page and see what awaits you in the next chapter” p.34,

The above quote perfectly expresses how this story unfolds.

I found the flow of the story was natural, and didn’t feel as though I were being thrashed by scene changes, or “oh yeah” moments. The descriptions of each character, the scenery, and atmosphere were rendered so vividly I could feel and see what was occurring. I felt that dealing with, and acceptance of the loss, was an important theme to this book. To have it pulled together with the idea and celebration of Samhain, the end of summer, the end of the cycle was a wonderful way to mesh the story. As we have all felt loss in our lives, the reminder that they live on and that we can find solace in another’s embrace, or in our faiths, is a great relief.

Big on the recommend scale, especially for those who are looking for something with a bit more pagan in its pages.

Pagan Elements:

There are definitely some Pagan elements; the first half of the story is about the preparation and the ritual itself. This entire story is about the nature deity Samhain and each of the embodiments of the different pagan celebrations.

Cover (Rated 1-10):

8 – I found the cover to be interesting in that I had to take a double take to make out what the image is, as I read the story I found the cover to be very suiting to the book as well.


Disclaimer: Due to FTC regulations, any book reviewed on this site was sent for free by the author to The Pagan & the Pen. We are not paid to give reviews by Author or Publisher. Once review has been made, said books are deleted.

Book Review: The Killer Within by Jason Kahn


Title: The Killer Within

Author: Jason Kahn

Author Website: www.jrkahn.com

Publisher: Damnation Books, LLC

Publisher Website: www.damnationbooks.com

Genre: Suspense/Mystery

Pages: 25

Reviewed by: Strega

4 Tarot Cards


When Metro City’s number one crime fam­ily develops a drug that turns ordinary people into mindless assassins, detective Frank Arnold makes it his mission to bring them down. But things take a turn for the worse when the syndi­cate targets someone in the police department to carry out their next hit. Everyone’s under suspi­cion, including Frank himself as he tries desper­ately to crack the case before his time runs out, permanently.


This short read was action packed from page one to the ending. I’m a mystery/suspense buff anyway, so this one had me from the title. The story is exciting, believable and well written, all though I found a few minor editing issues, but nothing that distracted from the story at all. My biggest complaint with this story is the length. I wanted more! There is much more to Frank Arnold and in this story, we only get little glimpses of who the man really is and what his life is about. I hope Mr. Kahn is at his computer writing the next installment of Frank’s life because inquiring minds want to know! This would make a fine novel and I look forward to reading whatever the author has in store next.

Book Review: Purr-fect Seduction by H.C. Brown


Title: Purr-fect Seduction PRIDE BROTHER SERIES BOOK ONE

Author: H.C. Brown

Author Site

Buy Link

Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing, LLC

Genre: paranormal romance

Length – # OF PAGES: 91

Other: M/F * M/F/M * Spanking * Voyeurism

Pagan Author & Pagan Elements: No/Yes

Card Rating: — 4

Reviewed by: Gabrielle

About The Book: Jill Morfranna, a sassy redhead from New York, is enjoying a photo shoot in the Scottish Highlands

when she stumbles into an alternate realm. Trapped in a frightening world of strange creatures,

her life turns upside down when a sinfully handsome shape-shifter kidnaps her. Will she win Dare

of Knight Watch’s heart or will he trade her for his sister at the next slave auction?

The Review:

While Jill Morfranna is on a trip to the Highlands she comes across a wondrous castle that she begins to photographs. While getting a better view of the castle she stands atop the magical rocks of Morfran and inadvertently travels into another realm. There she meets Dare a gorgeous man with a great physique but he isn’t just any man, he is a shape-shifting prince. Dare is in search of his sister and intends to trade Jill for her at the slave auction. Can Jill win his trust and escape the auction block to find her way home or is she lost forever in this forgotten realm?

H.C. Brown weaves an engaging and intriguing tale of a beautiful world and its occupants. Well written and fast paced this story had me from the very beginning. Jill is a great heroine. She is smart and brave and even feels like most of us do in the real world about our bodies. Dare is one hot alpha male who is not afraid to show his softness and his love for those he truly cares about. The relationship that builds between the two is a great read and Jill’s first sighting of Dare is one hot scene. Each and every character makes an impression on the reader from the hateful Ram’s to the wonderful alpha males. It is rare that all the characters in a story call to the reader’s attention making them want to know more about them as the ones in this book do. After meeting all of the men and woman in this book I cannot wait to see who’s story comes next and what adventures they will take.

Pagan Elements: magic and fairies, Druids and magic stones

Cover (Rated 1-10): 8 nice cover that includes all the elements of the book, man, castle, and cat.


Disclaimer: Due to FTC regulations, any book reviewed on this site was sent for free by the author to The Pagan & the Pen. We are not paid to give reviews by Author or Publisher. Once review has been made, said books are deleted.