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Blood Noir Book Review

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Blood Noir

By Jesse Fox


Dark Roast Press


Genre: m/m, mystery, contemporary

1TarotRating: 4.5 cards


Alex Klein, professional photographer, leads a blessed life with a supportive family and longtime lover Harley Scott, a successful PI. However, everything is about to unravel. He found peace in the arms of Harley after suffering from night terrors most of his life. Now the night terrors are back and his new assignment in Seattle may be the cause.

While he struggles to control his fears, back in St. Louis, Harley unravels a secret that could destroy the life they’ve created together. Maggie Reynolds is a convicted murderer, former member of a violent gang that terrorized the West Coast in the 1980’s. She may also be Alex’s birth mother, finally free after 25 years in prison. Positive his lover is in danger Harley heads to Seattle to save him from a mysterious stalker not beyond using murder to get what she wants. Are Maggie and the stalker one and the same?

Sometimes no matter how many lies you weave the past will come back to bite you in the ass. An intricate web of blood and deception, over two decades in the making, has Alex beginning to question his entire identity. Can he free himself from his past before it claims everyone he loves?

The Review:

This is by far one of the best books I have ever read. Written with great insight, I literally could not put it down. Blood Noir is a solidly written story with depth, intensity and strength much akin to that of James Patterson and Dan Brown. The writing is gripping, mesmerizing, exciting and compelling. The story line is so realistic you’ll feel as if you have been grabbed by the collar and jerked into the middle of a mystery so terrifying you’ll hope you’re dreaming. The characters are written as if they are live, breathing human beings that might live next door, with an the ending will leave you breathless! Do not miss this book!

The ABRAXAS Series: Books 1-3 Book Review

Book Review by Magaly

The ABRAXAS Series: Books 1-3

Authors Name: Cinsearae Santiago

Author Website: http://www.bloodtouch.webs.com/

Book Titles: The Beginning, Definitions & Affaires De Coeur

Series (if any): Books 1-3 of The ABRAXAS Series

Release Date: 2008

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Dark Fantasy

Length: 180 pages

ISBN 978-1-4357-2847-9

Publisher: Lulu Press http://www.lulu.com/

Buy Link: http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/the-abraxas-series-books-1-3/2748950

Rating: 4 Cards

4 Tarot

The Book:

Christina Vargas is a 30-something newly sired vampire with power that is only matched by her kill-them-now-and-maybe-ask-questions-later attitude. She is thrown into a vampire culture that has little to do with the one in known legends. Christina starts as a lone erratic creature with no control over her instincts, but soon learns that discipline is needed in order to protect everything she believes in and everyone she now loves.

The Review:

Cinsearae Santiago delivers a dark, sexy and bloody tale that will leave most paranormal junkies absolutely hooked. The ABRAXAS Series is loaded with interesting characters that will surprise you at the turn of every page. Definitely, a slap in the face of those who have attempted to discredit small publishing houses, ebook publishers and/or self-published authors; Ms Santiago’s writing is original and professional. She presents a well written story that finds a happy medium between fantasy and mysticism. A “must read” for anyone who enjoys fiction that teaches while it entertains.

Book Review: Cat’s Curse by Kelly Heckart

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by Kelley Heckart

Author Name: Kelley Heckart

Author Website: www.kelleyheckart.com

Book Title: Cat’s Curse

Series: Dark Goddess Trilogy

Genre: Celtic historical romance/fantasy

Length: Novel length

Publisher: www.awe-struck.net

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Rating: 4 Cards

4 Tarot

The Book:

Cardea lives alone in the forest and stalks her prey by night, living on the blood of others. One night she finds herself on the business end of a sword held by the hand of the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen. Unable to take her mind off him, Cardea manages to appear wherever he is; yet the man seems uninterested in her.

Aedan mac Gabrain has been cursed. In fact, the witch, Cat Anna who stalks the forests as a black cat, cursed his whole family. Aedan’s brother didn’t believe the curse, and now he’s also a black cat. All Aedan has to do is find the witch and force her to reverse the curse. Of course there’s one little problem. The most beautiful woman he’s ever seen appears everywhere he goes and keeping his hands off of her is getting more difficult with each passing moment. But if he touches her he knows he’ll be joining his brother as a black cat.

The Review:

This is a solidly written tale that is romantic and charming. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and was totally caught up in the magic and romance. Ms. Heckart has written an entertaining tale that combines both history and fantasy in a way that will enchant the reader. Definitely put this one in your “I’m gonna read it next” pile!