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Kitchen Witchcraft Spells and Charms review

By Cosmic Dancer

This is the 15th book I have got from this wonderful author…and I’m quite established at my practice. This book is just brilliant to just dip in and out of, I read it cover to cover when I got it. It covers an array of spells and charms from prosperity to confidence, banishing and healing. It’s perfect for the beginner as well as the more experienced witch. The fab thing about these spells and charms is, that most of the things needed you may have in your home anyway, so no great expense to pay out, and if you have read some of Rachel’s other books you will know if you don’t have something, you can use other things, such as your finger if you don’t have a wand. A brilliant book and well worth a place on your bookcase.

Kitchen Witchcraft: Spells & Charms is a the first in a series of books which delves into the world of the Kitchen Witch. Each book breaks down the whys and wherefores of the subject and includes practical guides and exercises. Other titles include Garden Magic, Altars & Rituals and The Elements.

The Naked Witch

Reviewed by Cosmic Dancer

Well from opening the first page and  reading the first chapter, I was hooked,.  You are drawn to Lizzie  whether you like it or not,  with her sweet nature and using her witchy ways in a way that I can really relate to.  From the start with the way  Lizzie is described I picked up that she was a witch, despite the title of the book.  It’s wonderfully written and takes you on a journey with Lizzie as a single parent, and her family’s ups and downs , which most people will have in real life… its as though you  can see yourself there watching.  It did jump about a bit in places  but i just couldn’t put it down…  well  worth a read and a  place on any bookshelf.

Here’s the synopsis for The Naked Witch, by Wendy Steele,

Lizzie Martin lives in Romford with her fourteen year old daughter, Rowan. She enjoys her job as a receptionist and typist at an old established, family run company. She clothes herself from charity shops in vibrant, joyful colours with matching headbands she makes herself. Colour is Lizzie’s armour and she uses it to hold at bay the emotional angst of her ex-husband, Josh, whose girlfriend is barely out of her teens, her mother who has the sensitivity of a crocodile, and the big bad world from which she tries to protect her daughter.

But today Edward Brown – her new boss – has asked Lizzie to ‘bare all’, and become more corporate. For Lizzie, swapping paisley for pin stripe is like asking a parrot to wear pea hen.

Meanwhile, as Edward Brown retakes his position as head of the law firm, Lizzie has to choose between her job and her integrity, cope with an unexpected stay in hospital, continue seeking the truth about her father’s death and juggle two new men in her life.

There is hope though.

At the bottom of the garden is a little wooden shed that Lizzie calls Sanctuary. Within its warm and welcoming walls, Lizzie surrounds herself with magic…

Book Review: The Fallen Fae by Connie Wood

Title: The Fallen Fae
Author:  Connie Wood
Author Site

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Publisher:  Freya’s Bower
Genre: Erotic Fantasy/Angels and Demons
Length: 55 pp 
Other:  M/F
Pagan & Pagan Elements: yes/yes
Card Rating:  4 Tarots
Reviewed by: Kim Clune
About The Book:

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Book Reviews: The Enchanted Flute by Nichelle Gregory


Title: The Enchanted Flute
Author: Nichelle Gregory
Author Site
Buy Link
  Noble Romance Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Erotica
Length – 21  pages
Other: M/F
Pagan & Pagan Elements: I don’t know/yes
Rating:  — 3 Tarots
Reviewed by: Monica S.
About The Book:


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Book Review: Christma Sin: A Juliette Christmas Epistle by Ed Williams

Title: Christma Sin: A Juliette Christmas Epistle
Author:  Ed Williams 
Author Site
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Publisher:  Champagne Books
Genre: Mainstream Fiction/Humor
Length – 150
Other: light M/F [Multiple Partners] no graphic sex
Pagan & Pagan Elements: n/n
Card Rating: 2.5
Reviewed by: Jes L’Heureux

To read the review on this book, please Click Here. Our review section of Pagan and Pen got to be so big, we had to give them their own blog!

Book Review: In the Spirit by C.R. Moss


Title: In The Spirit

Author: C.R. Moss

Author Site

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Publisher: eXtacy Books

Genre: Erotic Fiction, Ménage, Paranormal, Romance

Length – # OF PAGES: 82

Other: * M/F * Multiple Partners * Voyeurism

Pagan & Pagan Elements: Yes/Yes

Card Rating: — 3

Reviewed by: Jes L’Heureux

About The Book:

Can love heal Death’s soul?

Tresa Grauenvoll had the perfect life.  Beautiful, intelligent, engaged to Jurgen Elman, lord of a vast estate, she couldn’t have wished for more.  Then two weeks before her wedding, Tresa is accused of the ultimate betrayal–treason. Sentenced to die by the love of her life, she’s hanged for crimes she did not commit. As her life ebbs away, supernatural intervention transforms her from country gentry to Grim Reaper, exiles her to a foreign land and forces her to harvest souls.  For centuries she has waited for the man who condemned her to cross paths with her once again so she can exact her revenge.

Immortal Ned Odognagap and his girlfriend, Katie, are witnesses for Artim and Jenna’s Halloween wedding and conversion ceremony that will change Jenna from human to immortal. It’s the perfect time of year for the events since the veil between worlds is thinnest and those who have passed can join the festivities.

Ned has one problem, though. Tresa, the woman he knew and loved when he was called Jurgen, has returned with a vengeance. Can Ned withstand Tresa’s torment long enough, without driving Katie insane in the process, to find out and explain what happened that fateful day and tell Tresa he loves her still? Or will he and Katie succumb to death’s ire?

The Review:

In the Spirit is the sequel to C.R. Moss’s Holiday Spirits which I did not have the pleasure of reading, but this is a story that stands alone and doesn’t require reading the first in its series. The story sets out about the Grim Reaper Tresa, who in her past was scorned by her lover and fiancé Jurgen, who sentenced her to die for crimes she did not commit. And as they say of a woman scorned, she always held the hate and anger of her thwarted life and love. Now the story progresses and it’s hundreds of years since that day and Tresa comes across the immortal Ned, who she is drawn to only to realize that he is her long ago lover, Jurgen.

This was a cute story in the little tortuous things that Tresa did to Ned/Jurgen throughout the story. Moss was able to keep the story alive with the little nuances of feelings and scent memory. I enjoyed the ebb and flow as the story wove from the past to the present, slowly advising the reader about the whole story of what has occurred with these two.

The writing was what I have come to now expect with C.R. Moss, in that it was clear and captured the reader’s interest in wanting to learn more and read more. This is a nice quick read for anyone who is looking for an escape on a weekend afternoon.

Pagan Elements: ~

In terms of Pagan elements, there is discussion in regards to Germanic Gods and Goddesses, the concept of immortality and rites and rituals on Samhain.

Cover (Rated 1-10):

7 – The cover page is well rendered, and definitely pretty to look at. What draws me to it is the contrast of the title to the overall colour scheme alongside the rendered figures, their eyes are well eye-catching.


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Book Review: Yule by Dorothy Morrison


Note: Review originally published in 2000. Personal notations are from that period, and not current. I just had to include this today!

Yule: A Celebration of Light and Warmth
By Dorothy Morrison

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
Number of Pages: 198
ISBN: 1-56718-496-0
Copyright: Dorothy Morrison 2000
Release: Fall 2000

I literally itched to get this book from the moment it was offered to me. Dorothy Morrison has made a large impact on the pagan community with her warmth and heart, and I feel honored to recommend this book.

And that I do, highly! Particularly at this time of year – a season to prepare and give gifts, to celebrate the birth of the Sun, to celebrate our families, our friends, our lives. I think I gained five pounds just reading and imagining the recipes – I envisioned Ms. Morrison’s “Ambrosia” (pg 128) melting in my mouth; “Gingerbread Cookies” (pg 127) and “Wassail” (pg 144) for all at my family gathering this holiday season.

This of course leads to thoughts of presents for various family members. Almost all of my family is unbearably difficult to buy for – so I simplify and give them all pictures of the girls. For those who invariably require something a little more (like my much younger brothers, who aren’t much older than my girls) I try to find something to suit their personalities.

This year, each of them is getting gifts made by my little family, following directions in “Yule.” My mother (again, the most difficult person to buy for) will get a Potpourri Lamp as described on page 101, with slight modifications. This will be from myself, as the girls have laid claim on decorating other candle-holders. My brothers will receive the “Coffee Spoons” found on page 149. My grandparents will be getting a modified version of the Stocking Identifiers on page 64, to be used as ornaments on their little tree.

Here’s a sample of Ms. Morrison’s work, from page 51:

The Dawning of Solstice
T’was the dawning of Solstice
The shortest day of the year
And we cheered on the Mother
For Her delivery was near
And as we watched the pink streaks
That flashed bright in the sky
We knew he was coming
In the flash of an eye
Then the Mother groaned once
And an orange streak appeared
Then yellow, then white
And we all laughed and cheered
Then the first ray of sunshine
Bathed us all with its light
And we knew that the Sun
Had been born of the Night
And He rose in the sky – Just a tiny bright ball –
To warm our hearts and our planet…
Happy Solstice to all!
~ Adapted by Dorothy Morrison from the 1823 poem “A Visit From St.Nicholas” By Clement C. Moore

Y’all have a little time before it’s too late for this year’s Yule celebrations. If you are at a creative loss for ideas, or just wish to try something new – I cannot stress enough – THIS BOOK COVERS IT! From the origins of the multitude of celebrations, to crafts and activities, to a countdown calendar – Ms.Morrison’s Yule is a perfect resource to help you welcome the Sun!

I bet it would make a great gift, too. 😉

Jodi Lee is publisher and editor in chief of Belfire Press and The New Bedlam Project. Her writing has appeared in several recent anthologies as well as magazines on and offline for the past decade. Having shelved her first novel for the time being, she is currently working on two (or three) novels set in the fictional town of New Bedlam.

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