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Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: December 4: Pallas Athena

Greeks had a Goddess who stood for wisdom and represented the Arts. Two things which was very important to their culture. A daughter of the Great and almighty Zeus, Athena was her name.  Considered to be Daddy’s favorite girl, Athena didn’t have your everyday, typical birth. Instead of being born of a woman, since Zeus swallowed up her mother, Athena was instead, born from the splitting open of Zeus’s skull. No worries, Zeus survived.

In classical Greece, a festival called, Pallas Athena, would have been held honoring the Goddess.

Ancient Calendar: June 13, 2010

In Ancient History, the Irish would have been kicking off this Sunday with a feast for their Goddess Epona. Epona’s roots are Celtic, as she was a patron of everything concerning horses including their fertility.

The Greeks will be running a close competition with the Irish as they would have been throwing their own festival in honor of Athena.

Rome will not go quietly into the day without something from their culture….so keeping up with the Greeks, they offer up a festival for Minerva, which also happens to be their version of Athena.

And my favorite…Egypt *swoons over their customs* would have been having a ceremony of Hathor the Beloved.

We wished Hera good-bye yesterday and bid welcome to Rosea on this day for she represents the new Goddess Month beginning.


C.H. Scarlett


Ancient Calendar: May 19th, 2010

____broken_wings_by_LuneBleu[1]Another fav of my art ‘drooling’ collection by Ana Cruz

Wednesday May 19th is all about Callynteria, Egyptian Mystery, and Hathor!


Athens (Greece) would have been hopping on this day in Ancient History because it was all about  rituals, rites, cleaning, washing, cleansing, and Athena!

The day was called Callynteria, And on this day, a Feast of Adorning would be held in honor of a classical Goddess named Athena. However, this one was not all about partying it down (in which Greeks were known to do). No, it was about going to the Erecththeum, which happened to be the Sacred Sanctuary of Athena, and putting on the cleaning gloves.  Not only did the Sanctuary itself have to be scrubbed from top to bottom, but the Goddess’ statue had to be purified, and her clothes removed and washed.

Only members of the Praxiegidae family could foresee to these duties, rites, and rituals of atonement, along with the Plyntrides–priestesses –women–of the Goddess Athena.

On Plynteria–the actual day of cleaning the statue, no Greek would dare to muck about with business of any matter, either. It was considered very unlucky to do so.


Now peeking into Ancient Egypt, we have some other interesting things going down. All of which, happens to do with their Goddess Hathor. According to Egyptian Calendar, Hathor returned to the Land of Punt on this day in Ancient History, which broke the hearts of many other Goddesses and caused them indescribable amounts of sadness.

Now, as for the mystery…that would exist with the Land of Punt because to this day, the place baffles the mind of what’s real and what’s surreal. Once mentioned as a trading expedition by  Queen Hatshepsut, there was plenty of record kept proving that it was a real life location, rather than something simply existing in the world of the Gods & Goddesses. Some evidence suggests that it may have been located in present day Somalia, but whatever it was concerning Hathor (if it was something different) and or if this location was correct….remains a mystery.


A little announcement. Yes, Ancient Calendar is the same as Pagan Holidays. I just thought this title might be a bit more accurate. We also have our own page, located Ancient Calendar.




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