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Pagan Holidays for April 18, 2010

Another week begins or ends, depending on how one views Sunday or the day of the Sun.

In Numerology, today is the number 8. 8 is an extremely powerful number. It is linked to the material world, destiny and infinity. It is associated with the planet Saturn, the sign of Capricorn and dark colors such as charcoal gray and black.

Today is the seventh day of Cerealia, the Roman festival for Ceres.

And today, the Goddess Month of Maia begins. She is the Greek version of the Goddess of the Earth. Maia not only mothered Hermes, but also gave birth to the seven Pleiades, which were the seven daughters of Atlas. Also known as the famous constellation.

Now, legend has it that these seven daughters, or seven nymphs were being pursued by Orion. The Hunter God wouldn’t let up either, which is why the seven daughters of Maia ran to Zeus for help. Well help he did, turning them into the stars and placing them high into the heavens for all to see but never touch. Interestingly enough, Pleiades rises in the Spring announcing the coming of Summer months and then says good-bye to all come Autumn signally the harvest.

C.H. Scarlett