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We decided to make the first of the month, every month, Excerpt Day!

The Pagan and the Pen has a lot of authors writing for us. We have artists, musicians, poets and loads of other wonderful professions. The first of the month will be their day to give you something free from the talented things that they do.

If they have a book or books out, then this will be their day to post an excerpt (a sample chapter, or partial, or tidbit) from that book. (Something which hasn’t been posted a million other places.) They can include a book trailer (I love those) and whatever other cool thing–(maybe a contest so you can win a free book, etc?) HINT HINT AUTHORS!!!

For those who work in theater, music, art…this is also their chance to chalk up some freebies (video, samples, sneak peeks, news) and drag us all into their world.


Now this will only happen on the first of every month, so keep watch!


And thanks to all those who contribute ahead of time.

And thanks to all the readers who keep coming back for more!



C.H. Scarlett


What’s Coming in February Announcements

January was a busy month here at The Pagan & the Pen. Thanks to our writers who worked really hard bringing us on-Theme and off-Theme articles! And a HUGE thank you  to our readers who stopped by, commented, dropped a Tweet, and or read them.

If you want to know who will be blogging in February, about the 5th, I will have it listed here: Who’s Blogging When? Calendar

So what’s going on for February?



The Pagan & the Pen will be adding ‘Pagan’ Non-Fiction writers to it’s team. That means if you ARE a Pagan and write non-fiction of ANY kind….and would like to join us, then we would LOVE to have you.  Please contact C.H. Scarlett at :

belovedisis (at) directv (dot) net



Don’t forget to grab 2010 February Desktop Wallpaper Calendar



If you follow us on Twitter, then you know I sent out a tweet asking our Followers (whom we proudly follow back) to send in their requests of Themes for upcoming months. Which means, if you haven’t done so already, you can DIRECT MESSAGE us anytime or drop a comment here tossing us an idea of what YOU want to read.

We usually do ‘ first come first serve.’ However, when I sent the tweet, in a quick two seconds flat, we received a unique request from soulsprite asking that we base a theme on Urban Paganism. (Everyone else who sent in requests, don’t worry, we will be doing yours too!)


So for February, think…. ‘Pagan in the City.’ 


Since so many Pagans do not live in country areas, but rather apartment buildings, neighborhoods, and where being a Pagan may not be easy to keep from wandering eyes, we hope to dedicate this month to the issues you may have to deal with under these circumstances.


We also have two new people joining us this month!


Marie Dees– a fabulous Pagan Author that we are excited about!




Megan—I don’t have this lady’s bio up yet but Megan is a spiritual feminist and will be posting things on Women Empowerment, Women Issues and so forth!


We say good-bye to Kelley Heckart in being our

January: Pagan Artist of the Month: Kelley Heckart

But alas, we still have her as an author for Pagan & Pen. *winks*


We welcome, however, a new Artist:


Our Pagan Artist for February is : Neil Geddes Ward !!!!!!!


Bryn Colvin was NICE enough to do the interview and I truly think she got down to who he is. So check it out!


Some of our authors have announcements this month:


Red Tides of Desire – lesbian erotica with pagan undertones – releases at www.loveyoudivine.com on the 12th of February


Rie McGaha is still trucking but you can catch her here on the 4th, and Valentine’s Day.


Christopher C. Newman will have a new book going to print called: The Scandalous Tale of Agnes Biggenbotten". Eternal Press (date unknown)


Our very first Pagan Artist of the Month Tom Brown has opened The Moth Festival here on WordPress. Tom is not an author for P&P, but since he is one of our favorite artists, we continue to stalk him, and what he’s doing! *wink*


The Pagan & the Pen still needs more reviewers! Our book lists are growing and so are our followers. If you are interested, please check out Request a Review and drop us an email.



Ok, that’s it so far!!!!! Thank you again for everyone who enjoys the articles and says so,….and to everyone who has spread the word. Now fingers crossed that we will keep you entertained this month!!!!!

C.H. Scarlett

Announcements for January 2010

Wow, we have a TON of announcements for this month and lots of things coming your way.

We have a NEW page called : Who’s Blogging When? Calendar

This will let you know Who’s Blogging On What Day Each Month!



First, our theme for this month is Women Empowerment & Issues! We hope to bring you articles concerning Women & Healing, Women & the Goddess, Women Issues such as abuse, empowerment, self esteem, and more!

This month is all about raising our sisters up as high as we can no matter what path or faith they follow! A New Year is coming so we want those who are of our Goddess’ image ready, strong, and taking on the world!


Don’t Miss New Posts!

Free Stuff: January 2010 Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

Paganism: The Month of January


We have a new Pagan Artist of the Month!!!!!

First I’d like to say good-bye to Tom Brown who was our first *sighs*. You never forget your first do you? Well trust me, you haven’t seen the last of him if we have anything to do with it. I am sure *fingers crossed* Tom will let me show off his talent some more because he is such a good sport.

This month, however, we have one of our own that will shine. Her name is Kelley Heckart and not only is she an author but also an artist. So check out her interview and her kind of creations HERE.

Want to spread the word about Kelley? Here’s a short link so you can: http://wp.me/pwrVG-pJ

We appreciate any and all who help get the word out for our Artists and Writers. It helps them a GREAT deal.



Who’s Releasing What?

Our Authors have a bunch of New Releases coming out in 2010. These are not ALL of their releases but they are the ones we know about thus far!


Adrianna Brennan

Coming 2010:

  • Dawn of the Seraphs – Immortal Fire anthology
  • Blood of the Dark Moon
  • My Big Fat Greek Pagan Lesbian Wedding



C.H. Scarlett

Coming in 2010

  • Bound by Blood: The Sacrifice (Book Two Of the Bound by Blood Series)– Dark Roast Press
  • The Web & the Willow— XOXO Publishing
  • Wyntress Nyght’s Supernatural Crack: Exes & Hexes— Noble Romance Publishing



Christopher Newman

Coming in 2010

  • Love Bites Back–Freya’s Bower
  • The Scandalous Tale of Agnes Biggenbotten— Eternal Press



Nix Winter

Coming in 2010

  • Immortal Fire
  • London Christmas
  • Kai Stubborn
  • Cain and Shelly



Rie McGaha

Coming in 2010

  • Ancient Blood (the sequel to Blood Line) –Noble Romance Publishing
  • Ghosts of Valentine’s Day –Noble Romance Publishing (hasn’t been confirmed yet)
  • Caleb-My Soul To Keep Trilogy ( The sequel to Calen)—Noble Romance Publishing
  • Comes An Outlaw — XOXO Publishing
  • Closure–Champagne Books
  • One Good Man–Moon Gypsy
  • Written In Stone–Damnation Press



Jesse Fox

Coming in 2010

  • AP Investigations—Dark Roast Press



Kelley Heckart

Coming in 2010

  • Beltaine’s Song (Book Two of the Dark Goddess Trilogy)—Awe- Struck



Bryn Colvin, Nix Winters, Adrianne Brennan

Coming in 2010

  • Immortal Fire anthology –Love You Devine Publishing



Free Promo Op For All Authors, All Genres!

If you’re an author with a past or upcoming release and would like a little free publicity then  please contact Rie McGaha at riemcgaha@gmail.com for info.



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Let us know!

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And Some Reminders!!!!!!

Don’t forget that we have the Pagan Holidays or also known as the Pagan Days. These are posted every day (mind you I might miss a day or two depending on life craziness) but they are packed full of information that I am sure Pagans and Non-Pagans will find of interest. if you like myths, lore, or are a history buff wishing to know what the ancients were doing…well check them out!

Don’t forget about our Pagan Months either!


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Announcements: Changes Concerning Review Requests

Just letting everyone know a few changes we have made.


We have a new email address for those wanting a review. Please see Request A Review for the new addy. Yep, Yahell just wasn’t cutting it.

While we are still reviewing Fiction only—we have also opened up our doors to Poetry as well. One of our Part-time Reviewers Brew-Hilda has admitted her infatuation for the struggling path of the poet. She wants us to warn you however, she is and can be a tough critic.  But since she has a great love for this art, and realizes that it is very difficult for a poet to be noticed, then she is willing to help.