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Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: January 22, 23, 24




Today is Friday January 22nd and it’s a busy one for the Goddesses of Inspiration—also known as the Muses. Most do not know this but the Muses were actually a collection of nine daughters born of Zeus and Mnemosyne.

Calliope—in charge of song

Thalia—in charge of comedy

Melpomene—in charge of tragedy

Terpsichore— in charge of dancing

Erato—in charge of erotic poetry

Polymnia—in charge of songs of serious issues.

Urania—in charge of astronomy.


Also on this day, in Ancient wondrous Egypt, we will make the way for Khum—the god of creation. (a lot of CREATING going on today isn’t it?)


And for all those who mark your Calendars for the Goddess Months–grab the sharpie, because today the Goddess Month of Hesta Ends.



January 23


We are going to kick things off in Egypt because today is a HUGE festival for Hathor—their Goddess of Love and Happiness. Hathor is also famous for being the keeper of the Eye of Ra and more importantly, the Goddess of the sky.

At one time in Egypt’s ancient bliss, the Priests of Hathor would begins things by pouring cow’s milk into the natural flowing Nile.

Many people don’t know this but the name Hathor actually means ‘The House of Horus.’ There were actually seven Hathors, but the main one we are honoring today is Isis who represents this Goddess and the mother of Horus.


Now while the Egyptians are doing their thing…at SUNDOWN over in Welsh territory, they will be doing theirs. When the sun leaves the sky, that will mark the beginning of Braciaca Dydd, also known as the Day of Braciaca who happens to be the sacred Goddess of Agriculture and more importantly…brewing.



Go pick the sharpie back up and run to the calendar—

The Goddess Month of Bridge Begins on this day!




January 24


Well if we have learned anything by doing and reading these Pagan Holidays, its that the Romans and the Greeks love a damn good time. They will make a celebration and holiday for anything! Any excuse for fabulous dancing, partying and drinking of the wine.

Today is going to be no different. In Rome, there is a NINE day celebration which starts TODAY. That’s right, nine days of nothing other than damn good times! It’s called Sementivae and it honors the Goddess named Terra, whom happens to be the patron of soil. But don’t think its all about her, no….let’s add Ceres to the mix who happens to be the grain Goddess and then lest not forget Proserpine, Goddess of seeds. So if you haven’t guessed it….these nine days will be all about spring, crops, and honoring the Goddesses that have the power to bring the Romans good harvest.


Now, if you are not interested in what’s going down in Rome then today, I have another one for you. There are some Occult traditions which recognize something called Bevil Blizard, Who is he and why does he get an observance?

Well according to some, he was the last necromancer of Winchcombe and it was on this day of 94 years in 1838 that he passed away. What most forget however, on this day, its also celebrating a brand spanking new season of Cornish Tinner‘s & Seafarer Day’s—sailing and mining in that captivating place called Cornwall. That’s right, Bevil passed on an Ancient Labor Day.


Now if you aren’t all that into what the Welsh are doing, then you can always pop back over to Egypt…golden glitz and sandy sunsets. Today is extra special becomes it marks the Coming of Thoth.

Thoth is famous for the Emerald Tablets, for being the God of writing, astronomy, music, art, time & magic, and for assisting Isis a great deal during the whole Osiris ordeal. Thoth is said to protect Osiris and he also assists the dead.



Pagan Holidays for March 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 2010

Is everyone ready to step back in time again and see what our Pagan Ancestors were doing???? Let’s see who outdoes who….Rome or Greece, even though we have so many others this week who will be throwing in their finest of rituals, festivals, observances and celebrations. So let’s go….

Monday (moon-day), March 22

The day of the Moon

Rome is going to kick us off this month with their Cult of Attis, who happens to be the lover of their Goddess Cybele. The Cult would walk through the fine streets of Rome, carrying pine tress which have fallen…mourning Attis’ demise.

The French will be giving thought to their alchemist Nicolas Flamel who died on this day in 1417.

Tuesday (Honor-day)  March 23

The day of Honor

Rome is going to kick off Tuesday as well, as their Priests honor Mars and Saturn by performing The Dance of Salii. The dance was said to force the Spirits of Winter into leaving the city, in order to provoke the growing of crops. And let’s not forget about the God Mars, for whom the dance brought forth in order to encourage men to sign up for Rome’s army. The Salii consisted of twelve people, all from noble families. The 13th person was a Magister, who led the dancing and singing.

And here comes the Norse, having their fabulous festival of Summer Finding which was all about the light (Spring & Summer) prevailing, or taking dominance over the darkness (Winter). This was their observance to honor the Great Goddess of Ostara!

Even North-Western England will not be silent this Tuesday as once, all raised for an observance for their God Cocidus, who happened to be a deity of the forest and over hunting. For historical notes, an alter for Cocidus had been discovered in a place called Ebchester.

And in Egypt, we would have a wonderful festival for the timeless Goddess Isis on this day!

Wednesday, (Wisdom-day)  March 24

The day of Wisdom

The Great Brittan Goddess Albion is sacred on this day, even though Albion is said to go back much further (2nd CE) than when Great Britain used her fabulous image on their coins.

The Norse will be giving this day to their God Heimdall who guards the light and Bifrost Bridge–(the path which joins heaven and earth).

Thursday( strength-day), March 25

The day of strength

Rome will be having a grand celebration today called the Festival of Hilaria in honor of their Goddess Cybele.

The English will be having the Lady Day. On this day, they say the Good Goddess shall take the God of Spring to her bed.

In many parts of Britain during medieval times, today was once considered the first of the New Year. They made it sacred to Nuada— who was the God of poetry, magic, medicine, beauty, childbirth, and the oceans. His names were also Nudd and Ludd, and his sword, Fragarach, was considered to be one of four sacred and wonderful treasures of Tuatha de Danaan.

In Egypt, the Day of the Shining Ones of Heaven, was honored today.

Friday (love-day), March 26

The day of Love

Welsh will be having a celebration called Mabon ap Modron, who happens to be their fertility god. (Another Spring fling)

Today Persia will be having a festival of the birth of Zarathustra or Zoroaster, their King of Bactia. He was credited for inventing magic, and for enlightening the world with his theories of worshipping a god without the use of visual idols. At this date (our current one) archeologists believe that Zoroaster was actually two different men, a Babylonia astronomer who lived around the time of 2460 BCE and an actual Persian King living around the time of 590 BCE. However it should be said that the teachings of Zoroaster are still held high in many parts of Europe and the Middle East.

Saturday (Reckoning-day), March 27

The day of reckoning

Rome will kick off the weekend, the same way they did the week with their public celebrations of Liberalia or their God of wine and nature, Liber. Then, the public affairs will move to more private rituals called Bacchanalia.

Even though Bacchanalia was outlawed by the Senate in 186 BCE, historical records show that it was an orgy of mythical extent. Don;t worry though, even though the Senate up and made a law against it, the participants of Rome didn’t seem to listen lol.

In the Egyptian‘s calendar, today was Smell the Breeze day. Now what does that say to you? Slow down and smell the roses!

Sunday (Sun-day), March 28

The day of the Sun

Greece will finish off the week by celebrating the Birth of Artemis, their Goddess of the Moon.

But the Roman’s will have the final say as well, having their festival called the Sacrifice at the Tombs as they honor all those who have departed this realm for another.

I don’t think people in Rome will get anything done at all this week, do you?

Wishing Pagans and non-Pagans a blessed and productive week…


Pagan Holidays for February 22, 23, 24, 2010

Taking a step back through the doorway of the past—I spy with my little eye—something ancient and interesting….


February 22, 2010

The Romans will be throwing down a festival for their Goddess Concordia on this day—URBAN PAGANS alert!—for we all know the Romans celebrated not in the green forests but within the walls of their concrete empire. The first shrine or temple built for Concordia (who represented healthy relationships, getting along and so forth) was, according to the earliest record, resurrected in 367 BCE. Interestingly enough, her temple became the place where the Roman Senate met and held meetings.


Today Hermes Trismegistus—a huge member of the occult (around the time of Ancient Egypt’s Library of Alexandra—writing many texts concerning Egyptian magic and alchemy—was discovered in his tomb on this day.


February 23, 2010

Rome will be having yet ANOTHER festival of Terminalia—honoring the God of Boundaries named Terminus. If you want to partake in our time—the ritual consists of blessing boundaries with wine and honey. Back then, people marked their boundaries with stones—so on this day a huge feast would be held, neighbors would come together adoring the stones with garland and a sacrifice (of non-blood) would be held.


February 24, 2010

The Greeks never go long without celebrating something and today will be no different. In fact, its going to revolve around one of their favorite of all Gods—Dionysus—a celebration of wine.

The celebration will go something like this…

One the first day (today) the barrels or caskets of wine would be opened and tasted.

On the second day, wine would be served with a public meal. This kind of also represented a wedding feast to…since they would celebrate Basilissa and Dionysus being married.

And last but not least, on the third day, another meal honoring Hermes —the one who guides all departed souls—would be held.



Hope you have a grand Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday!!!!!

See you on Thursday for another round of Pagan Holidays.

Pagan Holidays for December 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 2009

I am going offline (by the time this posts I will be lol) so sorry for posting so many at once.  These are the Pagan Holidays for the following days. I did not include the day’s information—just the holidays for that day. if you need information concerning what Tuesday, Wednesday and so forth means, then please check past Holiday posts. Thank you.

Wishing everyone a Happy Winter Solstice, Yule, & Christmas! See you when I get back on the 27th!

C.H. Scarlett

Tuesday, December 22

  • 6th day of Rome’s Saturnalia
  • Welsh—Today is Pryderi’s Birthday (Rhiannon’s son)
  • Celtic Tree Month of Ruis Ends

Wednesday, December 23

  • Irish—Secret of the Unknown Stone—a day of unpredictable potential & mystery—when nothing of the coming year can be seen or predicted.
  • Last Day of Rome’s Saturnalia
  • The only day In Celtic Culture where there is no Tree ruling
  • Acca Larentia –a Roman Observance is celebrated today as well.
  • Egypt honors Hathor
  • In Welsh tradition, this evening belongs to the Festival of Gwyl Nadolig Elder

Thursday, December 24

  • An extra day is added to Romes’ Saturnalia called Juvenalia. This was for children only and not adults.
  • Celtic Tree Month of Beth Begins

Friday, December 25



  • Christmas in many cultures around the world. This holiday is thought to be Christian but in all actuality, every symbol and or tradition can be traced to pagan roots.
  • Roman celebrate a day called “Dies Natalis Invicti Solis” which was the Birth of the Invincible Sun.
  • In many Teutonic Legends speak of two witches appearing on this day called Lutzelfrau & Perchta
  • Today is the birthday of Horus as prophesized and promised.

Saturday, December 26th

  • The Norse Yuletide
  • Today is the Hunting of the Wren
  • Egypt honors Neith
  • Goddess Month of Hestia Begins