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Discussion: Jordon Maxwell & Video

Recently someone gave me a link to this Video:

His name is Jordon Maxwell and the things he talks about, I find absolutely fascinating.

First, he talks a lot about the bible, particularly King James. Now don’t run Pagans or ‘non’ because I think you will find this very interesting.

Jordon explains that the King James Bible is VERY wrong. He compares it to an earlier bible—because we shouldn’t forget that the KJB was written by King James—not God, not people who were channeling God, not by those who heard or dreamed of God.

The earlier bible that Jordon brings up discusses certain phrases or sentences verses the King James. For instance, Genesis—1:1

King James Reads: In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth.


The earlier original text reads: In the beginning of creation the ELOHIM created heaven and earth.

Who are the ELOHIM or what is it?

El is simply a word for deity.

OHIM—is plural

That means the sentence says…

In the beginning of creation, the GODS created heaven and earth.


Now this video is VERY long but it is well worth the watch. Jordon pulls his theories from MANY sources, even the occult. (He names each one.)

He even works with Sitchen’s theories but note, not the reptilian factor. It is very interesting to listen to his opinions concerning the ELOHIM, or the Gods, and the role they play in our life. As well as his perception of how 2012 or other end time prophecies will be. He does NOT believe that these are doomsday or the end of everything prophecies. He does tell us his belief of the Gods returning.

So I am sharing this video since he has such an eclectic mix of things. I thoroughly enjoyed the video and plan on looking for the books he suggests.


If anyone watches, please feel free to discuss here because I am dying to lol.

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