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Pagan Holidays for December 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 2009

I am going offline (by the time this posts I will be lol) so sorry for posting so many at once.  These are the Pagan Holidays for the following days. I did not include the day’s information—just the holidays for that day. if you need information concerning what Tuesday, Wednesday and so forth means, then please check past Holiday posts. Thank you.

Wishing everyone a Happy Winter Solstice, Yule, & Christmas! See you when I get back on the 27th!

C.H. Scarlett

Tuesday, December 22

  • 6th day of Rome’s Saturnalia
  • Welsh—Today is Pryderi’s Birthday (Rhiannon’s son)
  • Celtic Tree Month of Ruis Ends

Wednesday, December 23

  • Irish—Secret of the Unknown Stone—a day of unpredictable potential & mystery—when nothing of the coming year can be seen or predicted.
  • Last Day of Rome’s Saturnalia
  • The only day In Celtic Culture where there is no Tree ruling
  • Acca Larentia –a Roman Observance is celebrated today as well.
  • Egypt honors Hathor
  • In Welsh tradition, this evening belongs to the Festival of Gwyl Nadolig Elder

Thursday, December 24

  • An extra day is added to Romes’ Saturnalia called Juvenalia. This was for children only and not adults.
  • Celtic Tree Month of Beth Begins

Friday, December 25



  • Christmas in many cultures around the world. This holiday is thought to be Christian but in all actuality, every symbol and or tradition can be traced to pagan roots.
  • Roman celebrate a day called “Dies Natalis Invicti Solis” which was the Birth of the Invincible Sun.
  • In many Teutonic Legends speak of two witches appearing on this day called Lutzelfrau & Perchta
  • Today is the birthday of Horus as prophesized and promised.

Saturday, December 26th

  • The Norse Yuletide
  • Today is the Hunting of the Wren
  • Egypt honors Neith
  • Goddess Month of Hestia Begins

Pagan Holidays for December 20th, 2009


Pagan Day for Sunday, December 20th, 2009

Sunday is all about the Sun God Hellios, Apollo, Ogmios and, Mithras or Phoebe: The Sun Goddess


Sunday is a good day to deal with matters or magic concerning:

Your creativity—or be creative. Maybe someone else? How about matters of hope or personal money issues? What of victory, anything agriculture, perhaps healing, or a career? Do you have or need ambition and or most importantly, self confidence?


Sunday represents the Sun and the element Fire.



1 More day until Winter Solstice

But gather around and listen because I am about to tell you how our tradition of decorating a Christmas tree started. Now remember, this month we learned that Santa came from the Norse belief—and we learned that gift giving or one of the first historical accounts of it being done was in Rome only a few days ago…

So where can we trace the Christmas tree to?

If you said Norse, you are correct. Now listen close because the Norse culture is about to spin some interesting enchantment around our day…

Today the Norse will have a festival for their Goddess named Modresnach. She is their Mother of Night and because of her, tonight when you lay your head down to rest, she will give you the gift of Dreams of Prophecy.

On this day, the Norse will decorate pine trees in honor of her. Why? Because the pine tree will symbolize the TREE OF LIFE.

So we can thank the Norse for our beautiful Yule Trees AND for Santa.

Also, don’t forget but today is the 4th day of Saturnalia

(This is a time of gift giving and of sexual freedoms, celebrations of all kinds, and revelry) This is also a time dedicated to the God Saturn.

C.H. Scarlett

Pagan Holidays for December 19th, 2009

Pagan Days for Saturday, December 19th, 2009

Saturday is the day of Seatere, Seater, Saturn, and Loki—trickster of the Norse Culture.


Saturday is a good day to deal with matters and or invoke magical spells concerning:

A Gift of some sort, and or maybe something to do with your property?

Are you moving your home? Is someone else moving their home? Do you have matters concerning the elderly and or maybe you need to work on self discipline?


Remember that Saturday belongs to Saturn and the Element of Earth.


Today in our Ancestors’ Calendar….

Today is the 3rd Day of Saturnalia in Rome

(This is the 3rd day of gift giving and a time of sexual freedoms, celebrations of all kinds and revelry) This is also a time dedicated to the God Saturn.

Also today in Rome, we will be honoring Saturn’s wife—Opalia!

See you tomorrow!!!!

C.H. Scarlett

Pagan Holidays for December 18th, 2009

Pagan Days for Friday, December 18th, 2009

Friday belongs to Frigga or Venus—Goddess of Love and Transformation.


Fridays are excellent days to deal with matters or magical spells & rituals concerning…

Family life, friendship, growth, harmony, love, romance, passion.


Planets & Elements

Venus and the element of Earth


6 Days Until Christmas

Today is a Celtic/Irish feast for their Goddess Epona.

It’s also the second day of the 7 day long festival in Rome called Saturnalia

Today, in the Egyptian calendar, the God Seth goes forth.