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Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays for February 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th

February 11th

On this day, in the year 1858, the haunting image of Our Lady at Lourdes suddenly appeared in a grotto keeping the shrine of the Goddess for many, many centuries. After the apparition and even before, the spring there has been a place people have gathered to gain healing and or special prayer.


In many ancient cultures, today was actually the Lunar New Year or New Year’s day.


In Abydos Egypt, today will be the Feast of Osiris. (Urban Paganism)


February 12th

Today marks the holy day of Artemis, also known as Diana. (Urban Paganism)


In some Ancient cultures, today was actually their sacred Imbolc.


Today symbolizes the good devouring the darkness as the Runic-Half Month of Sigel begins.



February 13th

For the next eight days, Parentalia—a huge festival in Rome, will be running. This Festival is for the dead as the spirits of our parents are honored throughout the week. The Romans connected this festival with the Manes—who were dead, and immortal, but not gods. Now in the spirit of Urban Paganism—in many Roman cities there existed a vast, huge pit covered up by one huge stone. Inside this pit, was the path into the Underworld—the path of the Manes.


Old Leap Years Day—in many ancient calendars.


Today in Egypt, there is another feast of Osiris, only this time the feast will be held in Busiris.


Welsh Culture gives us a festival called Gwyl o Don a Cerunnos—held for the Goddess mother Don and the honored God of the forest Cerunnos. The Festival will begin at sundown and will not end until sundown on February 21.


February 14th



In Rome, today is sacred to Juno Februa—their Goddess of Looooooooooooooove! Before dreaming, a girl should decorate her pillow with five bay leafs—this will let her dream of her lover. Others should wear a yellow crocus which is believed to attract their true love.


The Norse will be celebrating Valisblot –a feast for Vali—during which the light triumphs over darkness. Vali was the son of Odin and Rind.




Ancient Calendar: June 13, 2010

In Ancient History, the Irish would have been kicking off this Sunday with a feast for their Goddess Epona. Epona’s roots are Celtic, as she was a patron of everything concerning horses including their fertility.

The Greeks will be running a close competition with the Irish as they would have been throwing their own festival in honor of Athena.

Rome will not go quietly into the day without something from their culture….so keeping up with the Greeks, they offer up a festival for Minerva, which also happens to be their version of Athena.

And my favorite…Egypt *swoons over their customs* would have been having a ceremony of Hathor the Beloved.

We wished Hera good-bye yesterday and bid welcome to Rosea on this day for she represents the new Goddess Month beginning.


C.H. Scarlett


Pagan Holidays for March 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 2010

I am going to do the holidays from March 8 (Moon-day) to March 14th (Sun-day) this week. That way Pagans or whoever can plan ahead if you are wanting to do something special.

Now, grab your stuff and let’s step back in time and see what our Ancient Pagan Ancestors were doing!!!!

Monday March 8

The Greeks are having their Festival for their Goddess Artemis today. Artemis is honored today for protecting animals and or crops.

And in Welsh -land today is Welsh Witch Day–when women who were of magic walked among the common folk being able to do so without finding themselves recognized or harmed.

Tuesday March 9

Get ready because so far the Greeks are kicking the week off with huge celebrations. Today, they are at it again, only this time women were honoring Aphrodite and Adonis.

Wednesday March 10

Rome will not be undone by the Greeks lol…so today they are raising one of their most ANCIENT deities up high and having a feast of Anna Perenna. This grand celebration would be held inside a crop of fruit trees. For every wine you raise and drink in honor of the Goddess, you shall then be blessed one year of wondrous life. So needless to say, men and women were raising as many cups of wine as they could….and probably NO ONE was walking home.

Thursday March 11

Ah so the Greeks in this week long competition will honor their Heracles today while matching the Romans who will also honor their Hercules.

Friday March 12

I think the Greeks and the Romans are all passed out and recuperating. So moving them over, because the Egyptian Sekhmet is moving in because on this day, long, long ago, she almost destroyed the entire world. Yep, someone or something ticked her off. Know who it was? A group of men plotting to destroy Ra. Yep, so Ra sent his daughter out to destroy these mortals. Sekhmet did so, but like any enraged and angry daughter, she went a little overboard, getting lost in her blood thirst by slaughtering every mortal in her path. In order to calm her down, Ra distracted her with red beer—which Sekhmet confused for blood…in guzzling it all, she ended up getting drunk and passing right out. Once she woke up, her temper was cooled.

Now, while Egypt remembers how they once bit the dust, the Babylonians will be having a feast for their Marduk who slew his own mother, Tiamat.

Saturday March 13

Burgsonndeg—welcoming Spring and the rebirth of the sun. Pagans will be lighting the bonfires at Twilight.

Sunday March 14

Egypt will be honoring the Goddess Uadjet. Does anyone remember the spitting cobra which helped to conceal and hide Isis when she was pregnant with Horus? Well, that was the Goddess Uadjet taking form. Pharaohs wore her image proudly for her same protection.

Meanwhile, Rome takes the lead again as the Ancile –(a shield of protection given to Rome by the Gods) are carried by their Priests through the streets. Sacred to MARS, and at the end of the parading, a great feast was held called Mamurius Veturius—who made eleven of the shields to protect the Ancile—the one made by the Gods.

Today the Runic Half Month of Beorc shall begin.

See you all next week,

C.H. Scarlett