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9 thoughts on “Reviews & Interviews”

  1. Hi – am interested in becoming a reviewer for you:-) I edit the quarterly e-zine for TABI and have also reviewed for Predictions

    Please get in touch with me for further information.

    Alison Cross


  2. Hi. I am interested in becoming a reviewer. I enjoy stories (short or long) of any genre (including fiction, self-help and non-fiction), but especially love romance and erotica. I write both fiction and non-fiction, and read anything I can get my hands on. 😀


  3. Hey There,

    I’m really glad I found your site. I would love to have my book reviewed. It’s a modest effort, but I think that, at least, parts of it are excellent. It’s called “Slaves of Gwaehr: Erotica & Other Curiosities.” Thanks for your kind endeavors!



  4. Not sure how to post, just found your site and was smitten. I write a variety of style/things.
    This one is called Samhain is Past

    Sage and saffron long cleared the air,
    But it is the other essentials that call to me,
    When others wouldn’t dare.

    Sandalroot and dragonsblood and sweet patchouli;
    So many fragrances are speaking to me.

    Some musk makes itself known
    And floating on the air some poppy is blown.

    Within my sacred circle, in a secure ring of salt
    I call on the four watch towers and it is them whom I exalt.

    Winter Solstice has come and gone,
    T’will be Imbolc before very long.

    But, these standard holidays don’t speak so much to me.
    Like the Tuatha De Danann I long for what used to be;

    Call them Sidhe of call them fae,
    theirs was a better, more spiritual way.

    Musical notes we cannot comprehend
    Filled the air before they came to their end.

    Now, tortured souls, so much like me;
    Long for times that used to be.

    We flitter and flit, stalk and pace;
    And long to be parted from the human race.

    Speak to me, dearest Danu;
    Help me find my way back to you.

    Though my soul be not pure and ways not so divine,
    I am the strong arm with which you entwine.

    I am he who makes the black blood flow,
    I am the warrior from fires down below.
    ©2011 J.L. Day


  5. Hi i would love to be your Australia reviewer we dont have anyone thier for
    Australia fans would love the chance at the job thank you yours K.Fleming


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