Gardening with the Moon

Gardening with the Moon

A Monthly Column by Elen Sentier

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Column: Gardening with the Moon

Moon Planting Calendar 2011




Gardening with the Moon

Gardening with the Moon is a fortnightly column about Biodynamic gardening. It’s for everyone, a simple, cheap and easy to use form of organic gardening that I call “Organics with Oomph!” I hope you find the column useful and enjoyable.

“Planting with the Moon” is quite well known but, in biodynamics, we use more than the phases of the moon. Biodynamics is using a set of eight preparations (the BD preps) made from vegetable/herbal, animal and mineral compounds to enhance the soil and the plants. I’ll be talking about how to use (and make) the 8 biodynamic preparations from the mineral, vegetable and animals kingdoms of nature to help enhance the soil, plants and compost, and how to work with the Moon, the Stars and the Earth, the cycles of the year and of life. This column is about how to do that for yourself with tips, hints and suggestions from my own long experience of doing it.

About Elen Sentier

Being a shaman defines my life and my relationship to everything – rocks, trees, insects, birds, animals, fishes, humans and the Earth herself, even my car :-). I think of my work as a gardener as being the guardian of the sacred space in which I live. Working with nature is such fun, I learn so much from listening to the land, the plants and the creatures who live here.

Biodynamics fits well with shamanism. Both are about our relationship to Nature and the Earth. Biodynamics is about gardening and growing food – without chemicals but with all the help offered by the other kingdoms of nature … our Elder Sisters and Brothers as the shaman thinks of it. Biodynamics helps with this.

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On-line Star Calendar

List of Biodynamic Associations around the world …

Country Contact
UK (Eire is included in the BDAA for the UK)
USA – Josephine Porter Institute  

USA – Biodynamic Farming & Gardening Association

New Zealand
South Africa
Demeter International the certificating organisation
Consideraa discussion and compilation of research on biodynamics

If I’ve missed any please let me know. All of these will know how you can …

  • Get a Star Calendar
  • Get the Preparations




7 thoughts on “Gardening with the Moon”

  1. I love listening to the land, the plants and the creatures who live here. Nature’s beauty is all around us. We need to take the time to smell the roses.


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