Druid Life

Druid Life ran as an almost daily column here at The Pagan and The Pen, but is now a blog in it’s own right at www.druidlife.wordpress.com anyone wishing to re-use material from this column please email

brynnethnimue(at)gmail(dot) com

The reasons for my stepping away are in my final blog post, here.

Blog posts in this column

Paganism and Politics, Walking to freedom, Between security and uncertainty, Where love grows, Reason not the need, She’s asking for it, Doing Nothing, Love and Pain, Is depression a soul ailment?, One True Way (poem) Wands and Letting Go, Loss of Self, Snobbery and Prejudice, Personhood, Surviving is Winning

Relationship, Relationship and Responsibility, Equality in relationship, Crafting Relationship, Druidry and Relationship, Relatonship with self, Honourable relationship

Hands of the Moon, Nature Red in Tooth and Claw, For Your Own Good, You Shouldn’t feel That Way, Life in Context, Copper Age, Bronze Age, Full Time Pagan, Poverty as an art form, The art of improvement, A matter of choice, Gently Challenging, Spiritual Green Economics, Shaping Conflict, New Years, Love, life and new beginings, Care and Respect, Keep the home fires burning, Light Returning, Festive Traditions, The Pagan Conspiracy

Victorian Values, Wedding Vows, Optimism, Pessimism, Realism, Radical Religion, What we don’t see, Is Paganism Dangerous?, Speaking for Pagans, Words for Protest, Dogma, Druidry in Winter, Winning, Wrestling with Christmas, Feeling sad?, Eco Vandals (environment), Gender Politics for Pagans, Good art is entertaining, Warmth in Winter. Being a House Elf , Taking Stock, Why Normal is Dangerous, Art and Craft Politics, Who we choose, Intuition, Gratitude. Ambition, Violence in Stories, Wounding and Healing, Beyond a Joke, Props and Costumes, Grief

GLBT Pagan, Bonfire Night, Concepts of Deity, The love of justice (philosophy), Raising a Glass (toasting in ritual), Spooky Stories, Trick or Treat for Druids, Responsibility, Pagan Pumpkins, Creativity Fail, Mindful Living, Pride, Living Creatively, A Child’s Trust, The Way of Awen, Sleep MattersButterflies (science and philosophy), What Makes a Druid?, Help!, Poetic Justice, No Curses, Druid Charity Status. Creepy Occult Time, Druidry and the Church, Who am I?

Peace One Day, A context for peace, What Price Peace?, Peace Rituals, Peace at Work, Peace between faiths, Peace at your hearth, Inner Peace, What is Peace?, War and Peace, A Call for Peace,

Muses, Awen and Audience, Held By Nature, Seeing Portents, Flaws in fictional characters, Acknowledging the flaws, Skin Art, Relationship through doing, Man Power, Nightmares, This Land, Editing (advice for authors), Settings and Landscape, Life in Objects, Druidry and Difficulty, Tracing the Threads (making your own luck), Not Blogging Daily (personal). Making a Virtue of it, Making News, Working and Not Working, Blessings of Beauty, Cat Friends, Listening to the quiet, Celebrant Work, Honouring our Founder, Truth and Lies, Bread, Hills and Ancestors, No ritual

Bad Guys (in life and fiction), Stories in the Land, Working with Stories, Insomniac Ramblings, Today (personal, rambling), Thinking Positive (green lifestyle), Letting go (self determination, choices), Free Range Children, Predicting the Future (environmental), Soul Mates, Global Warming (and why that’s not a good thing to call it), Being Naive (a lifestyle choice). Why we need no ‘them’, Diversity, Spirit and Matter, Teaching, Learning, Body and Soul (rejecting dualism)

Michel Daw interview (stoicism). Speaking with virtue (bardic, ethical, lifestyle), Crafting Boundaries (self awareness, meditation), Boundaries (friendship, self awareness), Shades of Grey (ethics), Creative Community (Bard, lifestyle), Owl Spirits (personal, magical), Fear (philosophical), Duty (personal, philosophical), Blodeuwedd’s Song (poem and comentary). Life with Owls (personal, pagan), Princess (personal, philosophical). Coughing Up Bones (personal, philosophical), Seeking Wisdom (poem). Dawn Song (Bardic), All Things Sacred (philosphy), Creative Collaboration (and why it can work so well), Forgiveness, Religion and Insanity

Visions of Faerie (faeries and fiction), A Thicker Skin (humanity and the creative industries), Making Enemies (lifestyle, ethics), Celts and Exile (poetry and justice), Happiness and Sessions (bardic, living a good life), Celebrating the Solstice, An ode to officials (poem), Positive thoughts (personal magical), Seeing the opportunities (personal, philosophical), Life and Story (personal things), Light in the darkness (personal), Living Well (pagan lifestyle), Luxuries (what I have and where I could cut back)

Enlightened Self Interest  (lifestyle/ethics/environment), Bullying, Structure in poetry, Lost Bards (a druidic ritual group), Poetry in ritual, Writing Ogham Poetry, Lost Bards and Dreamers Art, Spirits of Hearth and Home, Writing Bad Poetry (playful bardic silliness), Looking for Meaning (philosophy), Spirits in ritual (working with spirits of place), Writing poetry, Dignity through work (philosophy), Grief, and not letting go (article), Spirits of Place (article)

Sweets to the Sweet (poem), Phil Rickman (and why he is so popular with pagans), Costume (tips for bards and ritual drama), Food Ethics, Honouring my Grandmother (personal, pagan), The Rush (seasonal, personal), Sex and the Occult (in fiction and life), Writing Sub-genres (ethics for authors), Misplaced (poem). Sex Magic – Great Rite (in life and in fiction), Conscious Choice (pagan lifestyle), Top Down or Bottoms Up? (political/ethical)


Art for the column – Bryn and Poppy by Tom Brown www.mothfestival.wordpress.com


Brynneth Nimue Brown writes erotica as Bryn Colvin, for www.loveyoudivine.com, and writes the webcomic www.itisacircle.com as Nimue Brown, working with her husband, illustrator Tom Brown. You can find her on facebook as Nimue Brown, and on twitter as Brynneth_Nimue she is also writes the flash for weekly fictional newspaper www.hopelessvendetta.wordpress.com – again, illustrated by Tom Brown, and currently resting, but the back issues are fun. You can catch up with her at www.brynneth.org.uk and http://groups.yahoo.com/group/brynsbookgroup.

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