Welcome to the “Column” section of, The Pagan and the Pen. While we often post Articles throughout the Month, randomly, we also have Columns that are written by Authors, either Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Monthly with Extras.

Each Column has a Cover Page with a description of what you can expect, when articles are posted and Categories the Articles are posted under.

If a Column is daily, then expect something every day. If it is weekly, then an article will go up, weekly. While you can guess what Monthly means, Monthly with Extras, means an Article goes up once a Month but if the Author is inspired to, you may get others throughout that Month. Below is a list of the Columns, what schedule they run on and a link to their Cover Page.

Please keep checking back as new ones go up often.


Daily Columns

Weekly Columns

Bi-Weekly Columns

Monthly Columns

Monthly w/Extras



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