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Announcements: What’s coming in December for our Readers!

I decided that on the 1st of every month, I’d do an announcement of what’s coming in December for The Pagan & the Pen Readers. Now I can’t possibly list everything that we will have in December since much of what we do is spur of the moment type stuff…but if its already planned, well I will be sure to scream about it here.

December Themes!!!!!!!


Bryn Colvin suggested a theme for this month so that we wouldn’t be predictable with the usual cheer and Christmas whatever…

So the theme for this month is….

A Paranormal December!

We will still have various information and articles concerning Yule, and whatever else our Authors decide to announce or post, but some of our fabulous Pagans wielding a Pen will be posting things on the Paranormal–whether it be their own personal experiences, or information pertaining to the field and phenomena itself!

Don’t forget to grab your

Free Christmas Calendar for the Kids!


Win a Free Copy of Bound by Blood: The Awakening by C.H. Scarlett

Remember all Book reviews will be posted on the 20th of each month. We also have new reviewers too.

Erin Sinclair kicked off her Dear Spirit this past week so go check out the Dear Spirit page, grab her email, and send her a couple of questions.

If you have sent questions and are uncertain if she got them, then shout out at me.

She was having troubles with email when we launched it, grabbed her a new email, and away she went.

Again…this is FREE! You’re not going to send questions and then get some email saying, oh, by the way, give me a gazillion dollars for your reading lol. No, we don’t work that way here. If your questions are picked and answered, if you are thrilled, if you want to do something for Erin, then check out her books. Believe me, to a writer that’s the best thing in the world.


We also launched out very first Pagan Artist of the Month

Pagan Artist of the Month

Well that’s it for now…I THINK. As I said, anymore surprises we think of, will be posted on the spur of a moment!

Below, the following pages have been updated.

About Us

Our Authors

Books & Trailers

We also have our very own Video showing off some of our Authors:

Our Authors

You can find it on that page.

Some new things to our blog—

Dear Spirit

Pagan Months, Days, & Holidays

Free Christmas Calendar for the Kids!

Every year I make these for my kids and every year, I offer it up to the rest of the web. The idea of this is to either put it on your desktop, OR, as I do, print it out and hang it on the wall for your children. I make one for each of my kids and then every night before bed, they get to take a crayon and mark out the days until Christmas.

Now you know as soon as you put up the tree or a child catches wind that this is the month of Santa, they will bug you and bug you…” MOM WHEN IS XMAS???” lol Well this helps you with that. Your children get to figure it out for themselves. lol


This is something Free and easy to do. If you do not have children, well save it and email it to a friend that does. Or pass it onto your grandchildren or someone who has grandchildren, nieces, nephews, neighbors, whoever.

Christmas is all about memories, and for me this is all about making those memories with my kids. And as you can see by Santa in the calendar, he is having a good laugh at some of his …well…own memories.


So if you choose to save this…enjoy!



The Calendar does not go past the 25th of December because, well, this is all about the kids and getting them to CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!! lol


If you would like to have this Calendar, CLICK HERE to get it full size. Don’t worry…the link is taking you to my Photo bucket album. Once you get there, just right click and save as.

New 5 Star Review for Bound by Blood: The Awakening

Today Jesse Fox emailed me saying, “Have you seen this yet?” Nope, I haven’t. Having a crazy day already, I clicked the link, crossed my toes, shut my eyes, and held my breath. Good or bad, this was a surprise. As for how I feel…just can’t find the words. I just know that it made my century. So thanks Jesse for giving me a shout and to Amy for a well thought out review!



C.H Scarlett has portrayed an impeccably flawless and exceptionally intricate work of fiction. The plot, characterizations and world building is brilliantly prepared and thought-out. While reading this story, BOUND by BLOOD, I experienced the intense, overpowering, passion hidden within its pages and even sensing the author’s zealous desire for her talent of writing. The penetrating attractions between the characters were overwhelmingly heartfelt. I will be looking forward to reading further books by C.H. Scarlett and will positively be recommending this story to any reader  who is interested in Paranormal, Fantasy and Erotic Fiction genres.

5 Stars


To read more

Courting Morpheus


I know this isn’t one of my usual days, but as it’s listed as a free day and I’m practically exploding…here goes. Forgive the giddy! 😉

It’s been three years since the Courting Morpheus anthology was conceived, two since it was supposed to be in print and has been through two publishers. Finally, Courting Morpheus is being published!

Featuring stories by Geoffrey Girard, Camille Alexa, and Louise Bohmer, a novelette by Rowan Gant Investigations series author M.R. Sellars and introduction by Alethea Kontis, Courting Morpheus is a collection of 13 stories centered on the writing/artistic community in the town of New Bedlam.

Insomnia plagues the townspeople, and the monsters they usually contain within the pages of their books are now loose on the streets. Morpheus, the god of dreams, takes his revenge on those that make their living from their nightmares.

“Courting Morpheus is a creepy anthology filled with a lot of strange new voices shouting from the graveyard. It tears through genre walls and mingles horror, humor, and spec fic into a chimerical collection of chills..”
Jonathan Maberry –multiple Bram Stoker Award winning author of Patient Zero and Zombie CSU: The Forensics of the Living Dead

“A small town full of horror writers where nightmares come to life? What a concept! And Counting Morpheus delivers. From ‘What You Know’ to ‘The Word Inside,’ this is some impressive collection. New Bedlam is one place you don’t want to call home.”
Nate Kenyon, author of Bloodstone and The Reach.

Limited edition hardcovers are available for pre-order only at the Belfire Press website; no more than 250 copies will be produced, and it will only be available until January 5th. Shipping is included in price. For more details, please visit:

Jodi Lee is publisher and editor in chief of Belfire Press and The New Bedlam Project. Her writing has appeared in several recent anthologies as well as magazines on and offline for the past decade. Having shelved her first novel for the time being, she is currently working on two (or three) novels set in the fictional town of New Bedlam.

Announcements: Changes Concerning Review Requests

Just letting everyone know a few changes we have made.


We have a new email address for those wanting a review. Please see Request A Review for the new addy. Yep, Yahell just wasn’t cutting it.

While we are still reviewing Fiction only—we have also opened up our doors to Poetry as well. One of our Part-time Reviewers Brew-Hilda has admitted her infatuation for the struggling path of the poet. She wants us to warn you however, she is and can be a tough critic.  But since she has a great love for this art, and realizes that it is very difficult for a poet to be noticed, then she is willing to help.