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Protect Sherwood Forest

People of Edwinstowe: Sherwood Forest needs you!
Tues 27 February — Sat 3 March 2018

Fracking firm INEOS wants to hunt for shale gas in Sherwood Forest – and its fracking plans threaten a swathe of central England. But INEOS’ invasion has awoken a sleeping legend – the legend of Robin Hood. Now he and his merry band of outlaws are riding out from Sherwood Forest to do battle with the fracking industry. Join Robin this Spring to say: no fracking in my ‘hood!

Friends of the Earth and local community group Frack Free Sherwood & Edwinstowe are organising a series of free lantern making workshops, fun family-friendly street theatre performances and a grand dress-up lantern parade.

Search ‘Robin Hood vs Fracking in Sherwood & Edwinstowe’ for more details.
Contact and

Free Lantern
Making Workshops:
Street Theatre:
Street Theatre, Facepainting,
Music and Games
Lantern Parade:
All ages, under 10s must be accompanied, materials provided. Limited spaces. Booking recommended on search for ‘Robin Hood Vs Fracking in Edwinstowe’. Private groups sessions available.

In partnership with:
Frack Free Sherwood
and Edwinstowe

Tues 27 February
Outside The Cave
10:00 18:00 19:00 20:00
South Forest Leisure Centre
18:00 19:00 20:00

Sat 3 March
Edwinstowe High Street
various times.

Sat 3 March
Edwinstowe High Street to the Major Oak. Optional Dress-up: Robin Hood costume, accessories or forest green.
Departs 18:00

Weds 28 February
Outside The Cave
10:00 18:00 19:00 20:00
South Forest Leisure Centre
18:00 19:00 20:00

Thurs 1 March
Outside The Cave
10:00 18:00 19:00 20:00
South Forest Leisure Centre
18:00 19:00 20:00

Fri 2 March
Outside The Cave
10:00 18:00 19:00 20:00
South Forest Leisure Centre
18:00 19:00 20:00

Sat 3 March
Outside The Cave
10:00 11:00

Sign the petition here – 

Calling Pagans of England and Wales

Pagans of England and Wales, the Pagan Federation is looking for nominations for Pagans who are making a difference in their communities.

Do you know someone who deserves recognition for the work they do? event organisers, moot leaders, celebrants of local rituals, teachers, healers – who do you feel should have their work celebrated?


This maybe a little different for this blog but I felt it important to share this here.

If you have a Facebook account then no doubt, you’ve seen a Friend’s Page littered with Posts they’ve shared to win something. Maybe its jewelry, clothes, a truck or a Modular/Mobile home. The post will sport tempting photos of the item. The caption will be easy to read and simple.

In order to enter to win, “Like” our Page, “Share” on your Timeline and then, “COMMENT” something like, “Done” or whatever.

These Pages will rake in thousands of “LIKES”, all because deep down, we all want to WIN something. Sometimes, we desperately NEED it.

Such is the case with a family member of mine who has worked her entire life two and sometimes three jobs. Her house is falling down around her, though. Filled with Mold. When she should be retiring and spending time kicked back with Grandkids, she is putting in more hours, going to work at 3 am and then off to clean houses once her fulltime job—plus overtime, is done. Why? She is trying to earn enough money (because she doesn’t want to take out a Loan) to hire someone to rip out her ceilings and roof, fix it and then redo the walls and floors of her house where the roof and mold has literally ruined everything. Now, my family member has never been one to believe in Fairytales. Obviously, a woman like that who has worked two to three jobs knows nothing in life comes free, but at night, when she is trying to wind down, cruising FB for pics of her Grandkids, and she stumbles upon one of these Mobile Home Contests, well, she can’t help but LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT—because wouldn’t that just make her life a little bit easier? And in knowing that, I have even played along, daydreaming, “What if I won this thing for her? Wouldn’t that just blow her mind?”

But does anyone win?

No one ever brags about the winners. Wouldn’t these so-called Companies do a Follow Up with pictures of Prizes being delivered or homes being put in? Interviews or Video Clips of the Winners getting their Prize? While even that can be staged, where are the trails and bragging rights done by the Companies who supposedly donate these items? If I was Casey’s Mobile Homes and I just gave some other Company a Mobile Home to launch off as a Prize, wouldn’t I want the recognition or advertising in order to send more business my way? So people can say, “Hey, Casey is a cool cat for giving away that prize!”

Nothing. You can track nothing.

This morning at 6 am, I signed onto Facebook to check my Newsfeed when low and behold, there was ANOTHER contest being shared by a Friend. Another Mobile home, or well, Modular.

Viral News

I commented. I asked, where are the previous Winners? Why no Follow up? Is this a SCAM? Maybe I should contact CNN, 60 Minutes or some other Media site to see if they will investigate these kinds of posts on Facebook.

My Comment was deleted. Not by me. By them. I should have known they were paying attention when every comment posted before mine, immediately after said:


I have requested Viral News’s address and phone number. And I did send out messages to Dr. Phil, 60 Minutes and other News Outlets asking if they would investigate a growing trend on Facebook. Will they? Who knows, but I am posting about it here and hopefully, others will to.

Looking under the Page’s REVIEWS, I find things like this:

(I protected the picture and names of people but have original in my Files.)


If you have a blog or online platform, please, share my post or create one of your own. Let’s start shutting these crooked places down.

Oh, and it seems I am prevented from Commenting further on their post or page. Priceless.

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