The Druid Garden

Celtic Druidry

‘The Druid Garden’, a phrase not too commonly heard of but nonetheless has been brought to life by longtime Druid writer and horticulturist Luke Eastwood. This is certainly a very relevant topic in the modern Celtic paganism and Druidry communities and one that is commonly discussed but yet not completely addressed or expanded upon. It somewhat goes without saying that most people in the community are both involved in environmentalism as well as gardening on some scale. The way that Eastwood weaves and combines so many relevant and important topics, really allows for a completely immersive and inspiring yet practical guide on both topics. This is an invaluable book for anyone that is interested in both modern Druidry as well as gardening and specifically, gardening to save the environment and one’s self through organic methods and permaculture.

Yarrow was likely used by the Druids

Firstly, Eastwood gives a wonderful timeline…

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