A little rant on “pagan tealights”


Ok, so I guess pagans… we are connected to the natural world in a spiritual sense and find inspiration and communion within the enspirited landscape? It follows really that we don’t litter, we reuse and recycle and all the rest, we honour life and probably in a semi-animist sense we recognise not all that lives is apparently or obviously living. It’s a shame when that gets set aside for the theatre of being spiritual.

Uley Longbarrow, or Hetty Peglar’s Tump

Hetty Peglar’s Tump, or Uley Longbarrow, is just as old and just as genuine as Stonehenge. It’s about 5,500 years old and also as old as its last rebuild. Ancient monuments often turn out to be like the tale of the grandfather’s axe. “It’s very, very old, but it had a new shaft a while back, and the blade has been remade a couple of times… but it’s still my…

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