River Magic: Cover Reveal and Pre-Order!

Tada! Isn’t she beautiful? I’m delighted with what the Shadow Spark Publishing team created. They even wove some actual river magic into the cover using images of the St. Lawrence River over some mysterious silver scales. 

River Magic: A Rituals of Rock BayNovel by M. A. Phillips

Budding clairvoyant Lacey Moran seeks to understand her dreams and find her life’s purpose along the St. Lawrence River. If only her visions of silver arms and Cian O’Connor’s blue eyes were easier to understand! The pieces begin coming together when she encounters a mermaid in the river, joins a group of Druids, and opens herself to romance with an old friend.

Can Lacey overcome her doubts, or is she in over her head?

River Magic is an adult magical realism novel set in the beautiful 1000 Islands region of Upstate NY, featuring contemporary Pagans and a friends-to-lovers romance.

You can pre-order

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