Biocentric Anthropocentrist

Druid in Training

Years ago I attempted to reconcile anthropocentrism and biocentrism. Absolute contradiction, but it had to be tried. It went something like this:
A purely biocentric perspective is impossible for a human being. I am anthropocentric because I am human. I wake up human, I go to sleep human and everything I do in between is done as a human. I have an anthropocentric life because that’s the form my ‘biocentricity’ has taken, in much the same way a tree will be ‘dendrocentric’.
My ‘anthropocentricity’ is a perspective I cannot deny without destroying my very existence. It is ‘unnatural’ for an organism to desire its own extinction or that of its species. That goes against our survival instinct, and is life-denying, not life-affirming, so definitely not biocentric either.
Just because my life is ‘anthropocentric’, I am under no illusion that the rest of the universe should be – it isn’t. That…

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