Priestess of the Forest

Priestess of the Forest is back in print!

Ellen Evert Hopman’s Priestess of the Forest – a Druid Journey is the first volume in a trilogy. The second book in the series is The Druid Isle and the third volume is Priestess of the Fire Temple – a Druid’s Tale. Hopman has been a practicing Druid since 1984 and is currently Arch Druid of Tribe of the Oak ( an international Druidic teaching Order. She is the author of a number of Celtic herbals including Tree Medicine Tree Magic, The Sacred Herbs of Spring, The Sacred Herbs of Samhain, Secret Medicines from Your Garden and other volumes. She has authored several books of interviews with modern Pagans, Druids and Witches including Being a Pagan, The Real Witches of New England, and A Legacy of Druids. Hopman lives in New England. Find her books and blog at

“Weaving together Druidic practices, daily Celtic life, and Pagan culture, this Bardic teaching tale is rich in ancient wisdom, rituals, prayers, herbal lore and culture. Includes an Old Irish glossary and pronunciation guide” Both paper and eBook versions are available.



Ellen Evert Hopman, Herbalist and Author * Bookstore and blog *,   Study Druidism at The Tribe of the Oak

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