A Deed Without A Name

Australis Incognita

I’ve got a small stock pile of books on my desk. Presently, Lee Morgan’s A Deed Without A Name: Unearthing the Legacy of Traditional Witchcraft constitutes half the pile. I’ve just purchased a few more copies that will make their way north as gifts to friends who I think, simply, needs must read it.

And who should not? I’ve hesitated to put up a review because it’s going to be biased. Really, really biased. Because Lee Morgan is fabulous, and I feel qualified to say so, I’ve known Lee a really long time. Lee is my teacher, my friend, and I tend to suffer from a large level of emotional investment in my loved one’s projects and activities. Which I think is completely justifiable. But now that’s clear, and out of the way, I’ll put on my reasonable, measured voice and start referring to the author by her last…

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