Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: January 12th

Leave it to the Romans to have a God for everything—including the household. Today is called the Festival of Compitalia in honor of the Gods named Lares. Strangely enough, these ‘Gods’ were actually spirits of the dead (dead ancestors, family members) who remain in the home of the family bringing blessings and protecting them. At one time it was customary to leave a plate for them in the morning and even today, we see this habit practiced by many in our times (not limited to morning meals though).


If you were one of the women who ditched the spinning wheel for Yule, then today you can pick it up again. Today is Distaff’s Day (taken after the Norse holiday I posted last week)

Speaking of the Norse, today they make sacred to Frigg who is a wife of Odin. Frigg happens to be the Goddess of the sky and even more interesting—knows our future. So if you have any divine questions concerning humanity and our fate—today would be a good day to light a candle and ask them.

Frigg also represents and stands for women and child bearing, as well as marriage. She is known for being very clever as well…being able to persuade Odin into deciding things in her favor.



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