Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: January 10

It is on this day in Ancient Egypt that Isis found the murdered face of her husband Osiris.

Osiris was murdered by his brother Set or Seth, and 72 Conspirators, according to mythology. Once Set killed him, he divided his body up and hid it in different places. One of the hardest things Isis had to do was to hunt for her husbands corpse, locating all pieces, and putting him back together again. She did this but was unable to find his penis. Making one out of clay, she managed to bring Osiris back to life with her magic in order to impregnate herself with his son…heir to Egypt…Horus.


In Welsh history, today is sacred to a 9th-century bard Garaint, also known as the blue bard of Wales.

Immortalized by Chaucer who wrote about him 500 years later, Garaint became a mythic figure who was said to have died in the last battle of King Author.


Also on this day of Egypt….the god Min will return again to Koptos—that being the main point of his cult.

Min was once portrayed with an erect phallus with an outstretched arm inserted into a ‘V’ of a flail. He was a fertility God and unlike later gods and goddesses, his only importance is that…sexual fertility….as he can give men the power to father children.




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