Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: January 9th

Today is the FORMAL celebration the Roman God Janus. Now if you read this month’s Paganism and January post, then you know Rome named this month after Janus himself. But who was he?

Well there’s the hard but easy part because like most deities, their legends and lore grow and change overtime. However, some of the earliest stories concerning this God say that he is the oldest of all and that he brought forth the sun by throwing open the Gates of Heaven each and every day. Because of this, he became the God of all passageways and doors. In fact, whenever Romans built a door, they carved dedications into it to Janus.

When drawn, just like on the Roman coin, Janus was shown as having two faces. One that looked into the future and one that looked into the past.




2 thoughts on “Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: January 9th”

  1. Janus’ two faces also indicate the duality of doorways- they let you see out, and they let others see in. So it is a ‘see and being seen’ kind of thing. There is a hexagram in the I Ching that covers this too.


    1. THANK YOU tgroom57. I am always thankful when someone adds to what any of us have written down. It takes a bit to post here, I realize, so when someone makes a comment it means the world to us especially if its to broaden the information we are listing.
      So again, thank you so much!


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