Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: January 8


There is a TON going on today in Ancient times. Who knew January 8th could be such a busy day in history.

Ok, let’s get down to it, one culture at a time, shall we?

*The Norse will be honoring their Goddess Freya. Now Freya is well loved among the Norse because not only is she the Goddess of love, and the Queen of the Valkeyries, but she also represents something even more important those those Warriors giving their lives in battle—endless rebirth.

*Now here’s something of interest and something you don’t here quite often in Pagan circles—a GERMAN goddess. Today would be the observance for Germany’s Goddess named Holda. Holda is a patron for children, household, fertility, women, domestic matters, spinning of cloth but ALSO goddess of the hunt.  Detailed legends of Holda described her as riding a large black horse with long hair flowing behind her as she would sound off her horn to begin the hunt. There used to be an expression saying, “To be taken by Holda.” which was used in medieval Germany when describing a girl or woman with long black hair.

Now what’s even more interesting is, today is called Distaff Day, an observance that sprang from Holda and spread to many parts of Europe. Distaff’ stood for the spinning wheel and more importantly, the part which held the fleece that would be spun and spun and spun into yarn.


*The Romans made this day sacred to their Goddess Justitia who stood for Justice.

*The Greeks will honor midwives on this day. Women who were of childbearing age would give gifts to those younger and of maidens.

* Last but certainly not least, today marks the Old Druidic New Year… happy new year to them and to those of you who walk that path.