Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: January 1


There is a TON of stuff happening in the Ancient World today!

Kalends of January!!!!

Not only are we (in our time) celebrating New Year’s Day but so are the Greeks who hold this day sacred to Zeus and Hera. Now while New years day is all about them, in Rome, it’s all about Jupiter & Janus. Yep, party in both Greece & Rome today which will probably leave us hung over for the rest of the year knowing them.

For more on Jupiter and Janus—for whom the month of January was named after, check out our post : Paganism: The Month of January

Now by passing Greece for a second, did you know that today is also sacred to Fortuna—the Roman Goddess of Women, Fertility, & fortune? That’s right…today in Rome, offerings will be made to Fortuna and isn’t that fitting since the theme for The Pagan & the Pen this month is all about Women? So let me lay my offering down now so that Fortuna will bless us with an enlightening and empowering month for our sacred female readers.

Now while they are partying down in Greece, and you KNOW they are, this month—what we know as January—was known to them as Gamelia. All sorts of things happened today from celebrating marriages, getting married, honoring a death or a past love one to games, sports, and whatever else. Whatever went down today in Greece was especially blessed on this day. SO it was a great day to plan a wedding or even give birth.

Now to make it all even more magical….the Greeks will also hold an observance for Moirae—the three Fates. How interesting that all three FATES would be included on this day…a day that marks the beginning of a New Year.

So we honor Clotho, whom spins the threads of our lives, and Lachesis, whom gives apportions to the time we have on Earth, and Atropos, whom chooses the moment to cut the thread of life.

It makes me think of the article I wrote recently during our Paranormal Month of December called :

Shadow Spider, Astral Spider Lore


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