Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: December 6 : Santa, An Aspect of Odin & Guardian of the Two Lands of Egypt


Today is the Festival of Nicholas—an aspect of the Norse God Odin.

A die-cut ephemera scrap from circa 1880s. --- Image by © Blue Lantern Studio/Corbis

Now listen close, because Nicholas heads up the Hunt, rides across the heavens in a flying chariot pulled by Reindeer.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, the Ancient version of the Norse Nicholas became our Santa.

Nicholas comes to us from the Norse culture. He is an aspect of the God Odin.

*sighs* It might be a Pagan Christmas after all.

Today is also an observance for Bastet, Egyptian Goddess who guards over the ‘two’ lands—upper and lower Egypt. Remember, Egypt was once a whole land until the throne was ripped out from under Set and given to Osiris. A huge argument took place which ended in the decision to divide Egypt into the ‘two’ lands—one for Set and one for Osiris. Whichever one brought their land to prosperity, inherited all of Egypt.

Of course, I always thought that the ‘two’ lands could have also represented the Land of the Living and the Land of the Dead, since Osiris did gain leadership of the Underworld—that world being just as important to Egyptians as the living one.

But we all have our theories.



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