Media Manipulation : How the Information We Receive is being Changed.

This article is not Pro-Trump or Anti-Hilary or vise-versa. Let me point that out right now. If you can’t look at this without favoritism for either side, then you won’t “get” what I’m saying. However, if you can, then you’ve already noticed what I’m trying to point out….and that should scare the hell out of you….


Information is being controlled. Bought and Paid for. It is no longer unbiased. Every Source has it’s own Agenda.



When I was a kid, my mother and stepfather used to buy, The Enquirer. For those who don’t know or remember, The Enquirer, was one of many printed gossip magazines. You still see them today sitting right there at the check out isles of nearly every grocery store out there.

The Enquirer, would have articles about anybody who was considered somebody and every single one of those somebodies were living the Hollywood dream. Now, my Mother claimed to know not one scandalous morsel printed in these magazines were real, or, so she said, repeatedly. Still, she’d buy them, obsessed with who was having an affair with who. Who was on a bender? Who fell off the wagon? Who was the illegitimate child made out of wedlock?.

Not one Media Station, Brand – Name Reporter, or News Source worth it’s salt, took magazines like, The Enquirer, seriously. Not one Actor or Actress, wanting to be taken seriously, proclaimed magazines like this was anything more than just plain trash.

I remember when Oprah first hit the scene and landed her own Talk Show. She would constantly shoot these Gossip-Mags down for reporting false stories about her. She despised them for invading her private life. She was constantly ranting about how they’d stretch and manipulate her Truths. I think they were always being sued by the likes of her and others until….

Whether we knew it or not, things started to change. Certain Actors and Actresses learned to use these Magazines to help their Careers. Things started to get “leaked” and even if they weren’t true, any Publicity became known as “Good Publicity”.  Once this sort of promotional scheme launched, we suddenly entered the virtual world where Privacy was the land of open borders. Suddenly, Sex Videos were supposedly stolen, naked Pictures sent between Lovers. The most private intimacies became black marketable treasures. That is, until the internet helped make that sort of thing available to everyone.

Next up, Realty TV. Low-Budget TV that created a whole new definition of Drama. We are still told things were real – but they weren’t and they aren’t. Yet, how many of us still watch it? How many live for Jersey Shore, The Housewives, Big Brother and whatever else? How many people of today’s Generation would have known who Donald Trump was if it were not for, The Apprentice?

Never-the-less, this whole new arena made a bunch of, Nobody-Knew-Your-Name-Before-People, get noticed. People started to become famous, literally famous, and for what? Not for talent or being able to recite Hamlet in a way that deserved a standing ovation. Not for a song that literally took us back to a moment in time, made us feel happy, or moved us to tears. Not for a Painting worthy of a Museum, or a Book, which literally possesses us within it’s fiction.

No. They became famous for being everything supposedly detested. For being bad, rude, or having uncontrollable, unpredictable and sometimes very dangerous behavior. They became a household name for butt implants, leaked sex tapes, drug addictions, ripping the hair off a woman’s head, spitting in someone’s face, or cutting the throat of another, over a man or woman—who, mind you was laying down with anyone or anything they could get their hands on. These, Who-Are-They’s, and Has-Beens, became the latest craze and sadly, horrifyingly, the only thing grabbing ratings or keeping anyone’s interest. So much so, everything else has followed it’s deceitful and manipulative lead.

Now days, Media and News Sources have become shamelessly like them. It’s all about the Ratings. CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC– the list goes on and on. Think you’re safe with local stations? Local News Stations report what the big boys do. I watched my local station follow the lead with CNN all through this last election. And this last election, well, if ever there has been proof, we certainly saw it without a doubt. Remember when people used to say, you can’t believe anything on the Internet? Presently, the same can be said for Mainstream Media of all kinds. And not only that, now we are seeing a rise in “Outlaw Sources” like Wiki-leaks, Anonymous, and so on. Don’t any of you find it strange that we all, including myself, flock to these sort of sites for information that the Mainstream Media covers up? Or are we being baited and trapped there, too? Who’s to say Julian Assange isn’t playing the game with his own Agenda and being paid very well for it? These rebel Media Sources could be the new Enquirers– only instead of being considered trash, we are caught up in the whole James Dean theme of it all…the reject the man and purge authority image. An image, a role, we have all been unknowingly led to play.

I’m not putting on a tin-foil hat and I am not suggesting that you do the same, but there is definitely a change happening and the destination — whether it’s good or bad– is completely unknown.

Again, take this last election…

We had emails coming at us proving or faking proof that the Election was basically stolen from Bernie Sanders. We had huge dumps of dishonesty, cheating, and purposeful deception slapped across our faces concerning voter fraud, people paid to start and stir up protests, riots, enact violence against the other side and so on. They even played the Sexual Predator hand, the dirty affair card, and, dare I say, some people paid or not paid, to scream RAPE. And they weren’t coy or sly about it, either. No, in this Election, everything was in-your-face-blunt.

I would watch one Candidate give a Speech and then no sooner did I watch the entire thing Live, an opposing News Source would change a word, falsely manipulate the context it was said in, or completely distort it.

Have you heard of slut-shaming? Try Race-shame or Candidate-Shaming. If you questioned important issues concerning one side, you were accused of being a Racist. If you supported a certain Candidate, you were accused of being uneducated or worse. If you supported a policy, then you were accused of hating a religion. Let’s not even broach what both sides were accused of concerning the topic of Immigration.

Then comes the Violence…. During and even now, people are burning other people’s property, physically beating other people or threatening assassination. Most of you scream, Freedom of Religion, and or, Peace, but then are easily triggered into Violence or Hate if someone stands on the opposite side. Just a word of advice, that doesn’t make you better nor does it justify your actions. It makes you just like those you are accusing–wrong.

For those of you who claim another is uneducated, how should we become enlightened? Every Media Source is tainted — mixing truth with lie.

Every Reporter, every Employer of that Reporter, every Actor or Actress, every piece of News has been tainted with a Biased Agenda or Opinion. Unbiased Journalism is now a Myth. Fiction. A Fairy-tale.

Someone once said, the reason Barbara Walters was such a remarkable Reporter was because she had the ability to keep her opinions out of it. She was able to remain unbiased no matter who sat across from her. Whether they were a Serial Killer or a Two-Timing Actor, Barbara could ask difficult but fair questions in hopes of bringing us the truth.

Now, whether we believe this of Barbara Walters or not, the general idea is no less seductive. Isn’t this what we want, what we expect our Mainstream Media to give us? Isn’t this what we hope our News is — nothing but actual Facts, complete and actual truth?

A Lawyer once argued, “Let them bring in their experts and we will bring in ours.” For every expert they had to say one thing, we can bring in one to say something else. An expert for every Side, one could say.

That’s what we are dealing with now and it’s everywhere. It’s in Media, in Hollywood, on the Radio, and, frightfully, in all World Governments. The Veil has been pulled back. We have a glimpse of what’s behind the curtains. The identity or, identities, of the Wizard has been revealed. Information, all information, has been polluted in order to create a cause and an effect out of us all. What do I mean exactly?

Remember the guy in High School who you thought was a friend but instead of talking you down, he egged you on, fired you up. “Who’s your girlfriend talking to? Did that guy just brush up against her arm? You just gonna walk away and ignore it? Man, I’d knock his head off. No way would I let that go. You gonna let him walk all over you like that?”

Do you think I’m exaggerating? Then let me put it to you like this…

We reject violence as a Society and it’s been this way for how long? We have Laws against Violence. Commit Arson — go to jail. Hit someone– go to jail. Knowing that, think about that, when the next time you turn on the News and CNN or another Station is showing clips of people burning down businesses or robbing TV’s while protests become violent in the streets and that reporter says…

“These Protests are certainly understandable. I love how people are voicing their unhappiness.” (I’ve heard Reporters say both of these things numerous times.)

Instead of saying, “These are Criminals and you are all committing crimes. No matter your reasons. No matter how you justify it. It is non-excusable.”

But they don’t, because they are fueling the chaos. They are that guy in High School whispering in your ear. Making something out of nothing or making it seem worse than what it already is. Instead of encouraging you towards better ways, more productive ways of handling the problem, they are pushing you to make it worse.

Those of you who are rioting — you’ve been manipulated to do so. Those of you who are attacking others, no matter how glorious or justified the cause — racism, bullying, those who stand against your lifestyle, an invasive religion or the false image fashioned of someone in the spotlight– you have been manipulated.

You, who think you are bringing about change to prevent or stop an obvious Evil, are really just a puppet being controlled by a Puppet Master. You can’t even be given proof that says otherwise because we are all so overcome with anger, hurt and hate that it just goes through one ear and out the other.

For example, and this is just an example, if you have been told that Trump said in a speech that anyone in the Military with PTSD is weak and unworthy.

If I showed you a Video of that Speech, the actual Video in full, where he was actually telling Men in the Military that, in different words, not everyone can handle the same type of stress, react in the same way to the same kind of horrors — while some learn to deal with it, some break and become broken. Those who do break need extra care to help heal. In the actual speech where Trump was talking about PTSD, he was truthfully trying to think of ways to help our Military who maybe struggling.

Perhaps your hate of him makes that go right over your head. The seed of doubt was already placed in your head by whatever Reporter spinning their own version. We love to believe the worst about those we already despise.

Because of the way you already feel, when you hear Trump’s words and how he told it, it doesn’t mean any other way than the way you’ve already been made to believe it.

Those who are manipulating us, know this. They know you are passionate about certain things and they know because of life experiences, you are sensitive concerning certain crimes, wrongs, and subjects. They are counting on this because without this, they can’t manipulate you. They are counting on us playing out the whole two wrongs — which as Momma said, never make a right. They are counting on you hating an entire Color because a few people of a certain Color did an awful wrong against you or an ancestor. And they have paid people, people who benefit greatly, whose only purpose is to keep that hate going.

You cant demand that people stop seeing you by your Color if you willingly segregate yourself by Color. How come we are still hung up on skin-tone and when did this become a Species or Race? Color is not a Race, people. It’s a Color. We don’t classify colors within’ our own Colors. We don’t say,” Hey, I’m a mocha cream, African American.”, “Hey, I’m a rosy Caucasian born from a mother who was more of a sandy, beige.”

Shouldn’t we be classified by our actual Race which is, (drum roll please), HUMAN?

But again, we easily play into the cards we’re being dwelt because we easily find our own personal reasons to justify it. And every which way, we are being led by fashion, by who and what is beautiful, this is acceptable and that isn’t, and so on.

And why do they want to manipulate us in the first place? Because…

Divided we Fall. If we are Fighting Among Ourselves, then we are not paying attention to what THEY’RE DOING.

We will never bring an end to the corruption or will ever focus on who is doing the corrupting, if we can’t stand together. We cant stand together if we are hating each other, dividing ourselves by Race, Gender, Country, Wealth, Education, Religion and Lifestyle.

Divided we Fall. Stop Being Manipulated.


Please note that these are the opinions of the Author of this Article and in no way reflect the point of view of everyone here at the Blog.


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