Ancient Calendar & pagan holidays:September 14th: A Day to Honor the Hazel Tree & Foretelling of a Harvest Moon Eclipse

It is said that the Hazel tree holds great power. So much so, a time was noted on the Calendar claiming when it was most productive to tap into the magic of that tree. Today is that day, a time to harvest the nuts and what the Hazel has to offer.

Known in the Middle Ages as the “Day of the Holy Nut”, people believed that the branches, bark and whatever else of the tree could do miraculous things like, but not limited to, warding off the evil intensions of another (especially one of power) or to heal.  There were a few rules, though, like avoiding the nuts of the tree which were not ripe and everything pretty much revolved around the nuts itself.

Later, this day was called, The Devil’s Nutting Day. The “Devil” got stapled to everything Pagan sooner or later.

Still, the Hazel Tree will forever be known as a tree of great magic and wisdom.

May your day be so blessed! Until tomorrow…..

WAIT! Before I forget!!!!!


Speaking of tomorrow or, well, Friday, it is a Harvest Moon day AND we will be having a Harvest Moon Eclipse, due around 12:45 PM, I think Eastern? Here is the Old Farmer’s Almanac link and a TIME, WHERE and WHEN to help you figure out your area.


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