Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: September 7th: A Priestess of Weaving & Warfare


Most believe all things began with Ra in Egyptian Lore. Not so. Long before Ra and the many familiar names thereafter, was an earlier, more Ancient line of divinity beginning with that of Neith.

Neith was the mother of Ra and on this day in Egyptian myth, she was said to go forth to Atum. Atum, being the father of the very first lineage of gods, a creator, who rose forth out of the nothingness of the world.

If nothing else, Neith serves as an example that women are both nurturing and destructive – depending on what the situation calls for. In later mythology and current Religions, a woman was painted as something that should be weak and nearly mute. She should see to the needs of her husband, keeping to the home and hearth and the children she bore. She was even removed from Religion, unless serving that of god and man. In the beginning, though, this was not always so…as far as a woman is concerned.

Neith was a spirit of the water and while she was known for the more gentler habits of women, she also stood for warfare.