Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: August 27th: A Big Day In Ancient Egypt

Happy Birthday Isis! Ancient Egyptians would have made this her day of birth or at least, had a celebration honoring the day she was born.

Isis was a very important part of Egyptians culture and to date, is one of the oldest Goddesses known to survive Culture, Age and Time. Her name is still invoked and honored today by the many labels living under Paganism.

Also in Ancient Egypt, Bastet had her Procession marked in their Calendar on this day. Bastet protected women who were expecting and also, like her father Ra, was a deity of the Sun. She was untamed with a full and loving heart but while she was known for her willingness to do good and give, she was also known for being very capable of striking down evil and punishing them. She loves Cats and was drawn with a cat-head.  In fact, in Ancient Egypt, if you brought harm to a Cat, you could be killed for it… and you wouldn’t want to tick off Bastet, would you?

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