Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: August 26th: Finnish Creator of the Universe, Burner of Years, Day of Jubilation

In Ancient Egypt, today is a “Day of Jubilation in the Heart of Ra. “ Ra was a very important part of Egyptian Culture. He battled the unknown during the hours of darkness protecting the world of light. He symbolized the Sun.

The Finnish is a culture we hear very little about. They would have had a Festival in honor of their Goddess IImatar today. She was the one who created the universe. 

Now, over in Yorkshire of West Witton, Pagans were known to do a ritual either on this day or somewhere about that involved making a straw figure. They called the effigy Owd Bartle and proudly showed it off throughout town in a sort of celebration. After stopping at all the Pubs, they would take the straw figure to a place called Grassgill Lane. In a ritual, they would stabbed and then set Owd Bartle aflame on a huge bonfire.

What did this symbolize? Something beautiful, actually. A fresh start. Renewal. When they burned the deity, it represented the burning of the years, wiping the slate completely clean. Putting the past in the past or putting to bed the previous seasons. It’s something we could all use a little or a lot of….yes?

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