Featured artist – Katherine Soutar

Katherine 3Katherine Soutar is an artist who has been well known in Pagan circles for some time, for her gorgeous unicorns and dancing cats. She has recently created an extraordinary set of covers for a county by county series of books on the folktales of the British Isles.

Katherine Soutar’s work for the History press is a unique collaboration between illustrator, storytellers and publisher. She reads the entire manuscript of each folk tales book and crafts the perfect cover image based on its content and her own extensive research.

Katherine 2She has supplied the cover artwork for every title in the Folktales series, now at over 70 books and still counting, she is also responsible for the covers for the newly commissioned Ghost tales series.

Katherine Soutar (Caddick) lives in Shropshire with husband Bill Caddick who is a songwriter and musician and son Tam, an aspiring writer. She is a member of the Association of Illustrators and has been working in collaboration with storytellers and musicians turning their words into images for many years.

Katherine 1She also works in an academy school part time, introducing students to warm glass techniques, animation, illustration and printing

‘Transforming words into pictures is what I love to do most’

Katherine said, “I have recently started to think about some of the universal stories that appear in many different cultures across the globe and ways that I could explore the connections between us that we so often miss whilst we are focusing on our differences, I would like to produce some work that expresses this and see this as a project I could perhaps work with international storytellers on. Watch this space.”

Katherine 4You can read a Folklore Thursday interview with Katherine here – http://folklorethursday.com/creative-corner/interview-katherine-soutar

Facebook: Katherine Soutar Caddick Artist

Twitter: @kate_dancingcat

website: katherinesoutarillustration.com

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