Killing wolves again

I thought the country was on the right track in the mid-1990s when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released 66 wolves in Yellowstone and central Idaho. Finally, the wolf had returned from extinction. But in April of 2011 Congress removed wolves in Montana and Idaho from the protection of the Endangered Species Act. It didn’t take long for hunters to start killing wolves.

Personally, this is heartbreaking for me to see a beautiful, intelligent animal murdered for no good reason other than for the enjoyment of killing. The opposition to wolves has made false claims like wolves carry a tapeworm that can be transmitted to dogs and humans or that the Canadian wolves that were brought in are a different species and will kill elk, deer, livestock, even humans, for sport. I have never heard of a human killed by a wolf except for in fables. Wolves are elusive creatures and prefer to stay away from humans. They will normally run from people.

Wolves have been painted as demons and witches in myths, fables and in books like Cotton Mather’s On Witchcraft. What I don’t understand is why. It might be because wolves killed some livestock and competed with humans for food, but I can’t see that happening today. The ranchers complaining about wolves attacking their livestock ranch on federal land. Big game hunters don’t want wolves reducing the big game population. Boo hoo. I don’t feel sorry for hunters that hunt for sport. Find another hobby that doesn’t involve killing something just for fun.

If anyone has any doubts about wolves and how they live, I suggest visiting the Sawtooth Wolf Pack website, Living with Wolves, and watching the videos on the Sawtooth Wolf Pack on youtube. See how wonderful these animals live, how they are loving, loyal and intelligent, far from the vicious beasts they are portrayed as by those that oppose wolves. After having wolves welcomed back from extinction only to see them vilified and killed off again, is tragic. We have truly de-evolved as humans.

Note: I want to dedicate this post to my Grandma Betty who passed away recently. She shared my love of wolves.

Kelley Heckart, Historical fantasy romance author

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3 thoughts on “Killing wolves again”

  1. This breaks my heart as well. It’s so senseless, and outrageous that we are stepping aside to let such beautiful creatures be taken back to the brink of extinction.


  2. I am from a family of Hunters but this is just a waste to me. We grew up with the rule “Eat what you kill” and if you couldn’t or wouldn’t then there is no point in killing it.
    Few years back…in secret…our government chose to bring wolves into our area and relase them. This was to solve the problem coyote which had over populated and also the government brought in to solve a fox problem before that.

    Sadly I know they will eventually hunt wolves ….which kills me.


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