Gun rights and idiots don’t mix

This article in my local paper caught my attention: Ariz. lawmaker says pointing gun at reporter was inadvertent. This is the reason that some people are opposed to concealed weapons permits given to ordinary citizens.

According to the article, Republican Senator Lori Klein of Anthem (Phoenix) is taking heat for pointing her raspberry-pink semi-automatic pistol (when did a lethal weapon become a fashion accessory?) at a reporter while demonstrating its laser sight during a recent interview. And this is not the first time that Klein has make headlines in connection with her personal weapon. How many times does this woman have to act irresponsible with her weapon before her license is revoked? Will it be the time she ‘inadvertently’ injures or kills someone? What is really bothersome is that this woman is a lawmaker and should know better.

Subsequent online commentary generally said Klein ignored a basic tenet of gun safety: Don’t point a weapon at somebody unless you’re willing or intending to shoot.

Ms. Klein should not be allowed to carry a concealed weapon and there needs to be a better way to weed out the idiots that try to buy guns. A basic background check won’t reveal if the person is a moron. Maybe a multiple choice question like this would help: If someone asks you to take out your gun, what do you do? a. Take out the gun and point it at them, b. Tell them to F off, or c. Kindly tell them no.

This is another example of why everything we buy has to have a warning label telling people to either not put the object in their mouth or in their butt—because some idiot actually put that item in their mouth or butt. The problem with a gun is that, not only is the idiot in danger of harming him/herself, but the rest of the population is in danger too.

Natural selection hasn’t done a great job of thinning the herd of morons so we have to learn to live with them, but it makes me uneasy knowing that an idiot could be carrying a concealed weapon.


Kelley Heckart

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2 thoughts on “Gun rights and idiots don’t mix”

  1. I read about her and the incident. If anyone thinks she’s doing it inadvertently, think again. She’s using reporters to make the point that if someone tries to kill her like a certain other representative, she’s going to kill them right back.

    Erin Sinclair


  2. I agree with your point that there are way too many idiots out there with guns, and that particular person is one. However, I live in a state where we are all armed. In my town I don’t worry about crime, we have so little it’s nearly non-existent. I can go to town and leave my truck running and not worry about it being stolen. I leave my doors unlocked, even if I’m going to be gone for a few days, I know I won’t come home to find anything gone. The reason is because of guns, if you try to rob someone here, chances are you will leave in a body bag. Yes, I have weapons, yes I carry concealed but when I point it at you, it’s because I am going to kill you, not show you how cute my grips are.

    Rie McGaha


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