Weiner Fest—What is wrong with our politicians?

Just when everyone had almost recovered from the shock of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s infidelity, another politician commits a sexual indiscretion, this time via Twitter.

Congressman Anthony Weiner is the latest to join the large and growing club of politicians that have committed perverted, unethical, childish acts. There have been so many of these lately that I don’t even care about them anymore. So, why am I writing about it? I picked this for my topic because a lot of people do care. They are angry and fed up with men who are supposed to be respected by the American people, but do stupid, immoral things that are anything but respectful.

And how can I pass up the opportunity to write about a Weiner sending out pictures of his wiener? He just happens to have an ill-fated name that is perfect for jokes about sexual indiscretion. One sign held by a protestor calling for his resignation read: Circumcise Congress-Cut the Weiner. Weiner’s incident also proves how dangerous Twitter can be in the wrong hands. If only he had sent the picture via direct message to the person he intended to send it to, instead of sending it to everyone that follows him, he probably wouldn’t have been caught. Yet.

What’s wrong with these grown men that makes them act like teenage boys? These politicians are representing us and should set a good example. It’s hard to respect a man, especially a married man, that sends half-naked pictures of himself and then lies about it. And it’s not just the politicians that act like this. There are plenty of grown men in high-ranking positions that have affairs, email dirty jokes or pictures of their junk.

Should politicians that get caught doing unethical acts be removed? Maybe there should be rules put in place for this kind of behavior—suspension without pay or a fine. If fines were put in place, counting the number of politicians committing sexual indiscretions, bad behavior could help pay down our debt. They could call it the Politician Behaving Badly rule.

The latest news since I started writing this post is that Weiner has resigned. Now maybe we can focus on what’s really important. That is, until the next politician is caught up in the vast wave of politicians gone wild.

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