I was listening to Radio 4 “Open Book” yesterday afternoon and heard some very worrying news. Apparently, in the US and maybe here in britain too, no debut novel will be looked at if the writer doesn’t have an MA in Creative Writing! Ye gods! Formulaic writing here we come. This is a dreadful idea, you don’t learn to write by doing as someone else tells you, however you may learn to write so that an accountant likes it. OMG …

Another worrying suggestion came through the programme too … you won’t be looked at if you’re over 40!

Publishers are going to lose it if they try to restrict  things in this way. If you’re a writer I suggest you really consider self-publishing, the small presses. I find Lulu very good, gets you into Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bowdlers. the rest is up to us writers to tell good stories :-).

Elen Sentier

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  1. What? Dang – there goes my career! I think publishers are shooting themselves in the foot, I really do. Can’t we sue them for sexism – no ageism? Is there such a thing as educationalism?


  2. No disrespect intended, but piffle. I don’t believe it. Although I’m heading toward a Master’s in English with a Creative Writing emphasis, there is no way that is going to happen in free press countries, USA, Britain or otherwise. Both our countries allow tabloid rags to print with abandoned despite the damage they do to people’s reputation and lives…so essentially someone writing trash needs an MFA? Just don’t believe it. So write away Elen and everyone else who wants to create with the written word.

    ACLU civil rights attorneys will gather in ravenous packs if ANY publisher in the US tried that shite.

    What I can see happening is the credentials need to exist if you are working on a non fiction book regarding a certain subject matter, especially since we’ve had alleged experts who have totally lied in the books or articles they have written.

    I’m relegating this rumor to the Orwellian shelf. 😉


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  3. I wouldn’t be surprised to find a few of the aging, giant dinosaurs trying that kind of stupid… but there are a LOT of publishers out there, there’s still hundreds of small, independant houses, many of them working in niches rather than trying to be all things to all people. Very few sucessful writers break through before 40, most are older, for a start. Life is a far better teacher of potential authors than any degree could hope to be. Nothing wrong with degrees, they’re an experience too, but they can’t teach you everything.

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