GWM – Garden binge …

I was so lucky this weekend, Jo and Roy and Jennie came round to help move a mountain. Over the past couple of years prunings – like whole trees! – and clearings have built and built and built into a mountainf stuff at the end of the garden. It needed moving, the wood that is good for the fire chopped up, the brush burned for woodash, and the earth that’s actually been made from the “stuff” barrowed to the many flower beds who need it.

It happened!

We did it. The heap for burning is all built, I hope to set fire to it tomorrow when the winds are supposed to die down for the day. Half the earth has been moved to beds, the other half has still to be done, I hope to get it done this week.

The resulting space is fantastic. There’s a beautiful young oak tree – a gift from a dear friend with a fantastic garden in Porlock – at the near corner of the space. You can see it now, no longer hidden by its background. I have space for another polytunnel – and it arrived (in kit form) this afternoon. we have space for 4 more big compost bins that we desperately need and working space for composting. And easy access to the field for more burning space … and walkikng out to the woods across the way.

I’m just soooo thrilled.

Elen Sentier

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